Banks,Middle East and Iran as Greece

Iran oil production

Rank Field Name Formation Initial Oil in Place
(Billion Barrels) Initial Recoverable Reserves
(Billion Barrels) Production

Thousand barrels per day
1 Ahwaz Asmari & Bangestan 65.5 25.5 945
2 Marun Asmari 46.7 21.9 520
3 Aghajari Asmari & Bangestan 30.2 17.4 200
4 Gachsaran Asmari & Bangestan 52.9 16.2 560
5 Karanj Asmari & Bangestan 11.2 5,7 200

Field’s Name Thousand
barrels per day Thousand
cubic meters per day
Ahwaz (Asmari Formation) 700 110
Gachsaran 560 89
Marun 520 83
Bangestan 245 39.0
AghaJari 200 32
Karanj-Parsi 200 32
Rag-e-Safid 180 29
BibiHakimeh 130 21
Darquin 100 16
Pazanan 70 11
Dorood 130 21
Salman 130 21
Abuzar 125 19.9
Sirri A&E 95 15.1
Soroush/Nowruz 60 9.5




Let’s clarify a number of things about Iran. The take-away points will be listed here at the beginning. Afterward we will discuss how they are actually occurring.

[1] Neither Israel nor the West care about Iran’s nuclear program. This is a merely window dressing; an excuse to squeeze Iran. If Iran totally abandoned its nuclear program, then the West would change its anti-Iran propaganda from “world threat” to R2P (responsibility-to-protect).

That is, the West would pay terrorists to enter Iran, the Iranian government would fight them off, and the West would then continue squeezing Iran because of “humanitarian concerns.” It was the same in Libya, and now Syria. The Western media would call Iranian terrorist activity the “Persian Spring” and a “pro-democracy movement,” with terrorists being “human rights activists.”

[2] The West does all this because Iran has oil, plus a state-owned central bank. Worse, Iran is willing to sell oil directly to its customers, rather than sell it through a foreign commodities market via private foreign banks. This cuts Jews and GCC oil sheiks out of the picture.

Iran has its own oil speculators in the Kish Island bourse, but the Iranian government uses the bourse to get the best possible deals for Iran. Jews and GCC oil sheiks use Western bourses (markets) to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.

Hence the only way Iran’s government could ease Western pressure is to utterly submit to international bankers and speculators, and allow Iran to be reduced to another Greece. One percent of Iranians would become filthy rich, and 99 percent would be plunged into a nightmare of poverty.

Iran is only one front in the West’s global plans. Grab the oil and resources, privatize everything (especially the banks), spread the debt plague, and reduce most of humanity to sweatshop slaves.

Since Iran resists this, Iran must have total regime change. Again, nuclear power is irrelevant.

[3] Iran remains a theocracy because its government uses religion to defend the masses, who do not understand “The bankers want to enslave you.” However they DO understand, “Allah forbids it,” and “You can’t have electricity in your homes because they say we can’t have nuclear power.”

The West likewise uses religion, but offensively, namely the holo-hoax and “Iranian nuclear threat.” If Iran abandons its nuclear program, then the West will change its religious dogma to the holo-hoax and “humanitarian concerns.” In the West, 98.5 percent of the masses believe this dogma. Of the remaining 1.5 percent, 1 percent are rich elitists, and .5 percent are the total among average Westerners who have a brain. The .5 percent is a generous estimate, since in the USA it means that 1.57 million peasants have a clue.

[4] Neither the USA nor its Israeli masters have any intention of directly attacking Iran, since Iran could effortlessly close the Strait of Hormuz with just a few missiles. This would allow Jewish and GCC oil speculators to push fuel prices so high that the West would crash. Likewise Iran dares not close the Straight unless Iran is attacked, for to do so would bring an instant full-scale war. Therefore it’s a military stalemate.

[5] The BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are not Iran’s “allies.”

Iran’s only true allies are Syria plus the handful of ALBA nations in South America (e.g. Hugo Chavez). And Hezbollah.

[6] Israel and the West support the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK) as free lance assassins and saboteurs, paying them to eliminate people in Iran such as banking officials (plus the occasional nuclear scientist to keep up pretenses). Simultaneously the MEK is formally listed as a terrorist group so the MEK can be kept under strict control.

The MEK are Marxists. If they ever took power in Iran, they would have to ally with international bankers, thereby becoming hyper-capitalists. This would cause the MEK to disintegrate, resulting in chaos, which the bankers do not want. Therefore the MEK remains a death-squad-in-limbo. It is the only designated terrorist group that Washington bureaucrats can legally and openly accept bribes from.

[7] Now that Libya’s oil has been seized, Syria must have regime change in order to further isolate Iran. Also, Syria’c central bank and oil company are STATE OWNED, which is forbidden.


China uses Western pressure to get lower prices for Iranian oil, plus better terms, such as contracts in which China doesn’t have to pay for up to a year.

India does same (More about India below).

In January, China International United Petroleum & Chemical Co. (aka Unipec) delayed signing a new contract with Iran in order to get lower prices. Unipec cut its 2012 term contract purchases by 15 percent from 2011, and instead bought oil from Russia, Australia, West Africa, and especially the GCC oil sheiks, who lowered their price to China so China could squeeze Iran. Further, China threatened to raise prices for gasoline shipments to Iran, whose aging refineries struggle to produce enough fuel.

In this way, China forced Iran to agree to discount its oil to China by $20 / barrel. At 550,000 barrels a day sold to China, this cost Iran $11 million per day. Now that China has forced Iran to submit, China is again buying from Iran.

As a result of this pressure, Ahmadinejad has been forced to reduce government subsidies for food staples, thereby causing food prices to rise, and the masses to be squeezed. (The IMF is praising this.) Western sanctions have almost totally cut off imports of essentials like palm oil (used for cooking), allowing producers Indonesia and Malaysia to quadruple their prices. Iran is now franticly stockpiling wheat.

[None of this affects our Israeli masters, who are immune from all sanctions. Israel continues to export seeds, fertilizers, irrigation pipes, etc to Iran, while Iran continues to sell the Israelis pistachios, cashew nuts, and marble to Israel. Israel also buys Iranian oil through various Jewish middlemen.]

Ahmadinejad is trying to ease the pain by giving cash payments of $45 per month to families, but the Western sanctions have forced Iran to devalue the rial currency, such that $45 worth of rials today only buys what $27 bought last year. This makes it easier for Iran to sell exports, but it doubles the price of imports like grain. Iranian currency traders would like to exploit this by hoarding dollars, but the Iranian government forbids this. (Penalties can include execution.)

Some Iranians (i.e. the upper middle class) are stupid and selfish. They blame everything on Ahmadinejad, saying his foreign policy is causing all the problems.

This is why the West beams its propaganda to Iran. Throughout the world, no matter how cynical the masses seem about the media, they continue to believe the media. Propaganda works.

TURKEY sides with the West in threatening Syria, because this lets Turkey avoid US sanctions, and also lets Turkey force Iran to take less for its oil. But Turkey cannot push too hard, since Turkey gets almost half its oil from Iran. Nor can the West push too hard on Turkey, since Turkey pays for Iranian oil via Halk Bankasi, which is STATE OWNED.

Hence the Turkish government issues ambivalent chatter about Syria.

INDIA is also exploiting the Western pressure. 22 % of Iranian oil exports goes to China, and 13 percent to India.

India’s STATE-OWNED company of Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd uses the STATE OWNED UCO Bank to send money directly to Iran’s STATE-OWNED central bank. Last year Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd bought 328,000 barrels a day from Iran.

Again, the Jewish and GCC Arab bankers and speculators are cut out of the picture. This is not permissible.

Therefore Obama is now threatening India with sanctions. This is an empty threat, since India is too powerful, and too big a U.S. trading partner to threaten.

In reality the USA is talking to key politicians in India, saying…

“If you will buy oil only from markets controlled by Jews and GCC oil sheiks, driving up prices in India, and fucking the Indian masses, and if you will send all payments for oil strictly to private banks controlled by Jews and GCC oil sheiks, and if you will agree to not send grain to Iran as payment for oil — then we will compensate you personally. Give us the numbers of your Swiss bank accounts– and by the way, which of you wants to become India’s prime minister?”

If India’s key politicians don’t agree to these bribes, then the West will cut off all Indian banks that send money to Iran’s central bank for oil.

Indian politicians need not agree to this right away. Since India is exploiting Western pressure on Iran to get lower prices from Iran, India too is squeezing Iran.

India may go ahead with projects such as the International North-South Corridor (a pipeline from Central Asia), but India may not pay Iran for this oil directly. India must buy it through the Jewish and GCC Arab-controlled speculative market casinos.

Israeli propaganda outlets (e.g. Debkafile) help out by falsely claiming that India is trying to avoid Western sanctions by using gold to pay for Iranian oil. Nonsense, of course. India buys about $14 billion worth of oil from Iran per year and sells only $2.7 billion in goods back to Iran, but India is also getting great deals, like China, in which India doesn’t have to pay for Iranian oil for up to a year. But most Western bloggers and media outlets (e.g. RT) believe the lies.

Japan and South Korea are the number two and number four purchasers of Iranian oil. They want exceptions from the Western sanctions. The West says okay, but Japan and South Korea may only buy oil through markets controlled by Jews and GCC oil Sheiks.

If Japan and South Korea try to do like India, and save money buy buying oil directly from Iran, sending money directly to Iran’s STATE OWNED central bank, then Western banks will cut off Japanese and South Korean banks.

Japan buys 250,000 barrels a day from Iran, and has promised to try and reduce this by at least 11 percent, and instead buy from the West.


Last year, Europe was the No. 2 importer of Iranian oil. Currently Europe buys 600,000 barrels of oil a day from Iran, but will stop buying any Iranian oil on 1 July 2012. The European Commission still has to approve this measure, but Royal Dutch Shell PLC has already said it will stop buying any Iranian oil.

On 15 Mar 2012, SWIFT, a Belgium-based organization that facilitates banking transactions, will cut off thirty European banks from doing any business with Iran. On 17 Mar 20102 Swift will cut off 25 Iranian banks.

NOTE: A direct military attack on Iran is not necessary. The West is using the banks. A typical oil tanker carries $100 million worth of oil, forcing nations to use electronic bank transfers (unless they want to physically transports mountains of cash or gold bars, which is extremely risky, and leaves a money trail when it is deposited). SWIFT handles more than 80% of the financial transactions and electronic money transfers around the world. Some 10,000 banks and financial institutions in 210 countries used SWIFT. All are being aligned against Iran. Any bank that refuses to cooperate is cut off. The Dubai-based Noor Islamic Bank has already cut all dealings with Iranian banks. All US banks have been cut off — except those that Washington uses to launder money for opium purchases from Afghanistan.

The Iran sanctions do not hurt England and France, since they get only 1 percent of their oil from Iran, and they now own Libya’s oil. But the sanctions are hammering Italy, Spain and Greece, who the bankers want to crush anyway. (Russia has its own oil.) Iran must be reduced to another Greece. THIS IS THE WHOLE POINT. The West wants crush Iran’s state-owned central bank, and get back control of Iran’s oil, which was lost in 1979. Once more, the nuclear issue is a mere smokescreen.

Iran is weak because even though Iran exports 2.2 million barrels of oil a day, this is only 2.5 percent of global demand. So the West is steadily tightening the noose.

Iran is desperate to keep Syria as an ally, and has promised to build 12,500 new houses in Damascus and Aleppo on a non-profit basis.

Western sanctions are already disrupting Iranian crude shipments to global refiners, allowing Jewish and GCC Arab speculators to push up oil prices in the London-traded Brent marker. Oil prices are now $128 per barrel, just $20 short of an all-time high. This translates into higher fuel prices for the European and North American masses. Western oil companies get a piece of the pie, but the real bonanza goes to Jewish and GCC Arab speculators and bankers.

If speculators push oil prices so high that they threaten to collapse Western economies, then key speculators like Goldman Sachs will cause oil process to go down. Goldman does this by placing bets that oil prices will go down. The speculative herd follows, causing prices to actually go down. Up or down, Goldman Sachs makes money.

At the moment the bankers and speculators keep oil prices high by rattling sabers at Iran, and betting that oil process will go up. This will change as election time nears. Goldman will cause oil prices to fall to the point where Goldman can re-install Obama.

Until then, Goldman will keep giving more money to Mitt Romney than to Obama, so Obama looks good, and the masses have an illusion of choice. The other Republican candidates (Santorum, etc) are window dressing.

The Paris-based International Energy Agency cooperates with Goldman in manipulating oil prices by manipulating figures of how much oil is purchased by various nations. If Goldman and the IEA want prices to go down, the IEA claims that there is a glut, or a fall in demand. If they want prices to go up, they claim that there is a scarcity, or an increase in demand.

Most speculators obey the propaganda, since they are generally as stupid and gullible as the masses. Currently the IEA claims that when Europe stops buying Iranian oil in July 2012, Iranian exports will be cut in half. This prediction causes speculators to drive up oil prices worldwide, squeezing the masses.


A single oil tanker can hold $100 million worth of oil, making electronic bank transfers crucial. Therefore the West is using the banks to squeeze Iran’s oil shipments. Soon we will see more direct approaches, such as “accidents” involving Iranian and Venezuelan oil tankers.

This will further cut revenue to Iran and Venezuela, and cause both countries to be globally vilified for causing pollution. “Accidents” can be engineered by mines, torpedoes, pirates-for-hire, or simply by paying Iranian and Venezuelan captains to crash their tankers in spots that cause the most public outrage.

“Accidents” also greatly increase the insurance premiums that Iran and Venezuela must pay to insure their tankers. The current sanctions already prohibit Western insurance companies from covering any Iranian tanker.

Last month this forced India’s largest shipping company to cancel a shipment of Iranian oil. That was the STATE OWNED Shipping Corp of India. (The West hates anything that is state owned.) The company owns the Maharaja Agrasen tanker, and wanted to use it to ship Iranian oil to India. For future shipments from Iran, the Indian government will have to insure Indian tankers itself. It will also pay for Iranian oil only upon safe delivery.

Thus we are approaching a state of world war in which tankers must be escorted by warships that provide protection and carry gold bars.

It’s a carbon copy of how the USA blockaded Imperial Japan’s oil shipments, and steadily tightened the noose, so that Japan and Nazi Germany could be destroyed. Their crime, like Iran’s, was that they disconnected from international bankers.

At present the West will not push China totally out of Africa, since China must be allowed alternative oil sources. This lets China continue to squeeze Iran on price, thereby hurting Iran’s government and masses.

Now that Libya has been taken, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are slowly winding down, the West is concentrating on reducing Iran’s oil shipments, which provide half the Iranian government’s revenue. The intent is to squeeze the Iranian masses until they beg to become slaves of the international bankers. The banking sanctions are already preventing Iranians living abroad from sending money back home.


It’s all quite simple, but most people let propaganda confuse them.

Now that the USSR is gone, WW III (currently in progress) is a global war by global bankers and speculators on the global masses. Unlike WW II, there will be no post-war recovery with the rise of a middle class. From this point on, nothing will really change until the oil finally runs out. All wars are merely skirmishes in the overall World War against the masses.

>>>>In this war, the Iranian nuclear issue is merely a smokescreen. <<<<

Libya has been taken care of, but Iran, Syria, and Venezuela are still in the way. Hezbollah is still in the way of Israel’s annexation of Lebanon up to the Litani River, so Israel can get that water.

DO NOT expect Russia to come to anyone’s aid. Russia only moves if its government feels its interests are directly and immediately threatened (e.g. the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia).

Russia vetoed the West at the UNSC because the West wants to start bombing Syria, and then Iran, which would cause chaos a little too close to home for Russia, with too many variables and unknowns.

If the West starts bombing Syria, there is little that Russian can do about it. And besides, with Iran under Western control, Russia will be able to charge more for Russian oil and natural gas.



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