BP Disaster: Jesuit-Vatican-CIA Connection


Remembering the great maxim of the Society of Jesus, “The Ends Justify the Means,” nothing should come as a surprise to the student of the dastardly and diabolical Military Company of Jesus as it destroys the final vestige of the Risen Son of God’s Bible-based, Grand and Glorious, Protestant Reformation here in North America:

1. Jesuit Hollywood Theater foretold in its 2009 release Knowing, featuring Knight of Malta Nicholas Cage, there would be a massive fire on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

The number “666” is also on a piece of paper seen on the clip, which number is unique to the Papacy, as “666″ in three distinct symbols is on the bronze door of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

(Notice the six hexagrams on the extreme right seal. See also your editor’s Conspiracy Conference Power Point, 2008)

The brief video clip of this segment of Knowing is all over the internet and posted above.

2. A short time prior to the downing of the oil rig, Goldman Sachs sold short in the stocks it held with British Petroleum.

Thus, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street pundit Jim Cramer’s former employer, made a wondrous killing of a profit, the style of which parallels the insider trading depicted in another Jesuit Hollywood release, Wall Street.

Remembering that Pope Benedict XVI had recently stated that Goldman Sachs was “doing God’s business,” and remembering that your editor had proven Rome’s Knights of Malta have been running Goldman for years (via, Knight of Malta Geoffery T. Boisi and others) in his book VAIII, this is the second detail evidencing Rome’s involvement in the fiasco.

The current manager of Goldman Sachs International is Peter Sutherland, another Papal Knight and a chief financial adviser to the Pope.

3. British Petroleum had been irresponsible in its drilling operations. The Deepwater Horizon was not fitted with a safety mechanism that, in theory, would have prevented the accident. Why?

Surely the cost of the safety device would have been worth the investment had it prevented such an event now “out of control.”

Further, a dominant chairman within the BP apparatus is none other than Peter Sutherland.

Now we have complicity at the top of both Goldman and BP centered in a financial adviser to the Pope of Rome!

Sutherland’s bio is as follows given by researcher Brian David Anderson:

“Peter D. Sutherland, KCMG, serves as the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International. Mr. Sutherland serves as an Advisory Director of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. He served as the Director General of GATT and Group Secretary and General Counsel of World Trade Organization from 1993 to 1995. Mr. Sutherland served as an Attorney General of Ireland and also served as European Commissioner from 1985 to 1989 where he was responsible for competition policy. He serves as Chairman of Goldman Sachs International of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

“Mr. Sutherland has been the Non-Executive Chairman of BP Solar International, Inc., since 1997. He serves as the Chairman of British Petroleum, BP Amoco PLC and United Kingdom. From 1989 to 1993, he served as the Chairman of Allied Irish Bank. He served as the Chairman of Yorktown Virginia Refinery since 1997, and BP PLC from May 1997 to October 2009. He has been a Director of Bergesen Worldwide Limited since July, 2009. He has been a Director of BP Trinidad & Tobago LLC since 1995, and BP Solar International, Inc., since 1995. He serves as a Non-Executive Director of Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. He serves as a Director of Goldman Sachs International. He has been Member of Supervisory Board at Allianz SE since January, 2010, and serves as a Member of its International Advisory Board. He also serves as a Member of Advisory Council of TechnoServe, Inc. Mr. Sutherland served as a Non-Executive Director of BP PLC since July 1995. He serves as a Member of Foundation Board of World Economic Forum. He served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of National Westminster Bank PLC since January 2001. He served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC from January 2001 to February 6, 2009. He served as a Non-Executive Director of Yorktown Virginia Refinery. In addition, he serves on the board of Allianz, Koc Holding A.S. [involved in the Gaza Flotilla fiasco] and is a member of the advisory board of pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly. Mr. Sutherland served as Non-Executive Director of BP PLC from 1990 to 1993. He served as a Director of LM Ericsson Telephone Co. since 1996, Ericsson SPA since 1996 and Investor AB since 1995. He served as a Non-Executive Director of Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC from January 2001 to February 6, 2009. He served as a Member of International Advisory Board of CNOOC Ltd. since March 20, 2003. He holds various board and advisory positions with several global corporations and organizations. He is Chairman of London School of Economics, and UN Special Representative for Migration and Development. He was awarded an honorary KCMG in 2003. Mr. Sutherland holds Bachelor of Civil Law from University College Dublin.

But most importantly Peter D. Sutherland has the title of Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See which means he is “officially” the chief financial advisor to the Vatican.

But in reality his Vatican title means he is a high ranking foot-soldier for the Jesuits and the Pope.

4. The day the oil rig exploded and caught on fire was April 20, 2010. This is most intriguing as that day is Hitler’s birthday. Could this have been a statement that another Hitler is coming, this time to be a fascist military dictator of the American Empire?

The Order has warned of its intent to impose fascism in the U.S. as per another Hollywood movie, JFK. This is now our fifth piece of evidence pointing to Rome as the culprit behind what appears to be the greatest natural disaster in history—apart from the Great Flood of Noah.

5. As seen in the picture above, the oil rig is sinking on April 22, 2010 — two days after the initial explosion. Notice the gaping hole in the helicopter pad at the top right of the initial photo above. The metal surrounding the hole is convex in shape, turning down, not up. Thus, the evidence is clear: something hit the oil rig from above, maybe a missile, a bomb or a high powered laser.

Regardless of the weapon, this means the Unified American Intelligence Community orchestrated the event.

Yes, this is another inside job as was 9/11.

And the present individual now overseeing the Pope’s American Intelligence Community is a darling of the Jesuits of Santa Clara University, Roman Catholic Director of Central Intelligence Knight of Malta Leon Panetta — whose daughter recently “visited” Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

And Chavez — the servant of Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos– is now permitting the Soviet Navy and Airforce to base in his country. This leads us straight to Mulatto President Barry Davis Obama, the creation of Bilderberger and former National Security Director, White devil Zbigniew Brzezinski — another darling of the Jesuits of both Georgetown University and Fordham University.

6. After the sinking of the oil rig on the 22nd, the muck has been permitted to flow without ceasing. No real effort has been made to stop the gusher. Toxic chemicals have been dropped in the millions of pounds further polluting the Gulf, rather than employ tested, safe, biological solutions.

Foreign help was refused. Why? These decisions lead us to the Obama White House and its secret but true master, Roman Catholic Vice President Joe Biden — the real President of the United States. Yes, this beloved tool of the Jesuits overseeing their presidential creation is a darling of the Company running their Scranton University and St. Joseph’s University right here in Pennsylvania.

Had enough yet? One last thing: the Republicans in the Senate are blocking the conferring of powers to launch a full investigation of the disaster as seen here. But let’s stop reciting the facts serving as circumstantial evidence leading to an easy conviction.

The questions that arise are — Why Did the Vatican do this? What is the endgame of this sordid scenario?

As it appears to your editor, the answer must be the Military Company of Jesus commanded by the Jesuit Superior General is now moving in for the kill, to “extirpate” all of us “heretic and liberal” peoples of the American Empire.

Our White Southern-born, Protestant Presbyterian Constitution and Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights are now to be scrapped in favor of a White fascist, anti-Jew, military dictatorship. Therefore, we can expect the situation to worsen with HAARP-induced tropical hurricanes and possibly a huge explosive detonation at the well-head in the attempt to “stop the flow.”

Whatever course of action pursued will justify radical emergency powers to be wielded by Rome’s left-wing Council on Foreign Relations / right-wing Council for National Policy agents ruling Washington. There may well be a monstrous evacuation ordered, as “Mass Evacuation” buses are visible on the highways in the South as seen here.

. Most likely, the Empire’s over 800 concentration camps will be opened to receive all those having been first “relocated” –the exact same scenario the Pope’s Nazi-SS put upon the “Jews, heretics and liberals” of Europe.

Those first relocated to holding centers (possibly the Walmarts) by bus will, in time, be sent to the camps by train. But the end is not yet.

Red Chinese Army

The purpose of evacuating the coast of the South — from Louisiana to Florida—is to facilitate the Order’s impending Sino-Soviet-Muslim invasion. That is the ultimate endgame.

This is why Chavez has hosted the Order’s Soviet Russian military. This is why Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro is an old friend of the Soviets, as well as having been a most obedient slave of the Pope. This is why the Order’s Red Chinese military is manning intelligence stations in Cuba.

This is why Red China is in control of the Order’s Panama Canal—thanks to “giveaway” Freemason Jimmy Carter and his lodge brother, Zbigniew Brzezinski. And this is why Red China is in control of the largest container facility in the Western Hemisphere located in the Bahamas.

We have been encircled.

This was done to the Protestant Second German Reich before Jesuit Coadjutor Kaiser Wilhelm II attacked France beginning World War I in 1914.

History is now repeating itself since it is the same Jesuit Order being permitted to impose the same encirclement policy. Now a massive military beachhead is being prepared for the tripartite coalition’s future attack into the last bastion of Protestant and Baptist liberty in the world—the apostate Old White Protestant South! There can be no other explanation, considering all of the above coordinated events during the last two months, indeed during the last sixty years!Source


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