Tokyo Electric, BP and Goldman Sachs: Partners in Global Corporate Chaos

What do Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO), British Petroleum (BP) and Goldman Sachs all have in common?

(a) They are partners in what The Last, Lost Empire calls “The Global Corporate Oligarchy”

(b) Each has recently caused epic ecological or economic disasters with profound global impacts that are ongoing, though glossed over.

(c) National governments have either colluded with them or left them in charge of dealing with and reporting on the cataclysms they caused;

(d) Each has hidden vital information from the public about the true damages they

(e) None of their CEOs has been held accountable or responsible for their negligence or malfeasance

(f) Millions of people have been physically and/or financially destroyed or harmed by their actions

(g) All of the above

(h) None of the above.

It should be pretty obvious what is the correct answer to this multiple choice question. For those of you who haven’t read our book, though, we’ll tell you for sure: it’s (g).

So, why is this so? A book was written in 1974 by Richard J Barnet and Ronald E. Mueller (NY:Simon and Schuster) titled Global Reach. These two Washington, D.C. researchers were granted access to the leading CEOs of the largest “Multi-National Corporations” (MNCs) of that time to discuss these corporate chiefs’ visions of the future. Based on what they fervently believed and clearly stated, the two authors wrote what has proved to be an extremely accurate account of what the world looks like today, some 37 years later.

Among other findings that they reported, two stand out as being particularly relevant to events that have unfolded in recent times. The heads of these MNCs saw the entire world being under the direction and control of what are now called Global Corporations and that this was the best and only way to world “prosperity” in the future. However, there were two major impediments to this corporate run Paradise: (a) obsolescent nation state governments and (b) organized labor.

So, the strategy was clear enough: Global corporate dominance of the world’s political economy, which would result in the universal betterment of humankind. This is what George W. H. Bush coined, years later, as “The New World Order”—after the fall of the Globalists main nemesis: the USSR.

David Korten, a Stanford Ph.D in business and former teacher at the Stanford and Harvard Business Schools, wrote another book, much later, that details a piñata of multi-varied tactics that were dreamed up to get to where we are today in his book: When Corporations Rule the World. This futuristic volume was released in 1995 by the highly regarded San Francisco publisher Kumarian Press. In it, he describes precisely how this goal was to be achieved. A brief review of it can be found in Wikipedia – click here

Very tersely, here are some of the methods discussed in that book—all of which should be very familiar to any reader of this blog by now. They have been practiced by the American Corporate Oligarchy starting way back in the mid 1970s, but their use accelerated greatly under the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George W. H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Here’ a shortlist—in no particular order.

As you read them, just reflect about the three corporations named above as Exhibits A, B, and C of how they have been used so successfully in gaining their power over national governments and organized labor all over the world. This, in turn, has led directly to the global financial and environmental disasters that are still unfolding and threaten even more global chaos in the near future.

Bankrupting governments by cutting corporate taxes and taxes on the rich
Privatizing governmental functions and giving them to corporations that spend lavishly on their executive class
Diminishing, underfunding and corrupting effective government regulation of industries
Making huge profits by scattering their operations through subsidiary companies around the world so as to avoid taxation in their home nations.
Getting governments to subsidize their operations, particularly when they fail
Never mentioning their existence or their comprehensive schemes on their Global Corporate controlled mass media.

So where has this led us? Well, among other things: to the greatest financial and economic meltdown since The Great Depression in America (Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman calls it “The Third Depression”). It has led to governmental bankruptcies throughout Europe—and in the United States (with its current $14 Trillion national debt)…with many states verging on penury at the current time. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, California, Illinois, New York and other states large and small are sinking fast. All public services are being cut to the point of extinction.

It has led to the greatest governmental bailout of failed financial institutions in the history of the world. These too-big-to-fail global banks and insurance companies, like Citicorp, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, AIG have used taxpayer subsidies for their bad investments to reap great profits while more Americans are continuing to have their homes foreclosed since anytime in American history. Goldman Sachs (because its leaders have become such an integral part of White House operations, that it is now known as “Government Sachs”) benefitted largely by the undermining of its competitors and being given humongous federal subsidies, not to keep it from going under, but to abscond with unbelievable amounts of American taxpayer debt.

Want to see an extremely funny…but very accurate animation on this? It should get you focused on the real damage this crowd at Goldman Sachs, The Fed and the U.S. Treasury has done not only to America, but the entire global economy

It has also led to two of the greatest world ecological disasters caused by these gigantic global corporations within one year: The BP oil volcano (see earlier blogs) and now the long-running nuclear disaster in Japan…which has been grossly mishandled and has shown how these global corporations hide vital information from the extremely vulnerable public.

In the last three chapters of The Last, Lost Empire, we discuss the many ways that this historic failure called “Globalization” can be transformed before it is too late for humanity to maintain its growth and maturity on this planet. The global corporations and their megalomaniacal vision was distorted by their avarice and hubris. It is perhaps too late to re-develop the two most effective processes for the restoration of genuine global human prosperity: democracy and community. Our book lays out the philosophical and theoretical bases – of a strategy and many of the specific ways in which this is actually been done and is thriving around the world—although largely ignored through the global corporate dominated mass media and educational systems.

David Korten condenses these ideas and methods in the following short video, based on his 2006 book: The Great Turning (see above image): Here is a brief video of him giving a synopsis of this thinking, which is much the same as ours.

Until large masses of the people of this world begin to realize that all these events are not isolated, and they are each a result of the unbridled lust for power and wealth of a real Global Corporate Oligarchy, then more and more of these cataclysmic events will occur with increasing regularity. More and more global chaos will ensue in the form of more and more unimaginable catastrophes—economic and ecological.Source


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