Fukushima is falling apart:Radioactive Rain

Readers, I am truly shocked at the continuing lack of so called “media” reporting about the still ongoing disaster at Fukushima, Japan. It has been over a year now since at least 3 nuclear reactors at the TEPCO Nuclear Power facility at Fukushima failed, and went into full meltdown, and in spite of the lack of any reports from our Jewish controlled Mainstream media, the situation there is absolutely NOT under control, and in fact… The worst case scenario may be right around the corner….

Right now, I want to present the following video that comes from the “EnviroReporter”, who has been taking radiation readings in Southern California for some time now. This latest video is entitled: “LA Rain Radiation Over Five Times Normal”, and shows definitive evidence that we here in North America are still being doused by high levels of Fukushima radiation over a year since the disaster initially took place. Here is that video, and my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes: First, I want to present a short report by EnviroReporter detailing the findings of this video here:

An imperfect storm swept into Southern California on, perhaps appropriately enough, April Fools weekend creating the conditions that tested EnviroReporter.com’s scientific hypothesis that radioactive “buckyballs” and other fission radionuclides from the triple Fukushima Japan meltdowns are already impacting the region. Sure enough, a rain composed primarily of sea mist formed over a choppy ocean with high winds tested higher than any other Los Angeles Basin rain since Radiation Station Santa Monica began fallout radiation tests March 15, 2011, four days after the unabated meltdowns began. The rain, not impacted by so-called “natural” radon progeny, came in at a whopping 506% above normal, more than high enough to qualify as a hazardous material situation for the California Highway Patrol. This is the hottest L.A. rain detected with our Inspector Alert nuclear radiation monitor in the over 1,500 radiation tests we’ve taken since last year’s Ides of March.

Again, I am troubled by how our governments and media have failed to report the truths about this ongoing disaster… And the silence is deafening!

As I stated, the worst of this disaster may be coming very soon. As even EnviroReporter stated in this video, Reactor 4 at Fukushima is in danger of its fuel rod storage facility collapsing. If that happens, then we could see a fissioning of the radioactive rods themselves, and a massive unleashing of deadly radiation that could spell the end of Japan as we know it… It could also see radiation levels in fallout over North America that could eclipse last year’s high levels….

Readers, take this information, pass it around, and demand that full disclosure of the real situation in Japan be told to the public. People do deserve the truth, no matter how dire the situation may be….


he Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Fukushima Is Falling Apart – Are You Ready?

There have been a few critics of my constant flow of articles exposing the truth about the situation with the failed nuclear reactors at Fukushima Japan.  I say to these so called critics that they should not be shooting the messenger, but instead going after the liars in our media and our own governments for failing to tell everyone the truth about the situation, considering that now we know the situation is very dire indeed!

I came across a very shocking report that I want to share with my own readers here.  It comes from the website: End The Lie, at http://www.endthelie.com, from one of the site’s writers, Christina Consolo.   The title of the article is: “Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready?”, and it gives a very shocking and truthful view of exactly what is going on with the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, and the very dire consequences that we may all shortly face if and when the spent fuel rod pool sitting above failed reactor #4 suddenly collapses.

I have that entire End The Lies article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and of course I have my own comments to follow:

Fukushima is falling apart: are you ready?

By Christina Consolo
Contributing writer for End the Lie and host of Nuked Radio

Thirteen months have passed since the Fukushima reactors exploded, and a U.S. Senator finally got off his ass and went to Japan to see what is going on over there.

What he saw was horrific.

And now he is saying that we are in big trouble.

See the letter he sent to U.S. Ambassador to Japan Ichiro Fujisaki, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and NRC’s Chairman Gregory Jaczko here.

But what is so ironic about this is that we have been in this heap of trouble since March of 2011. March 17th, to be exact, when the plume of radioactive materials began bombarding the west coast of California.
And Oregon. And Washington. And British Columbia. And later Maine, Europe, and everywhere in between.

Independent researchers, nuke experts, and scientists, from oceanography to entomology and everywhere in between, having been trying to sound the alarm ever since.

The scientists most upset are those who have studied the effects of radiation on health. I’ll say it again, so its really clear: we are in big trouble.

The most preliminary reports of soil contamination are starting to come in from the USGS, who has seemed reluctant to share this information. Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon, and Boulder, Colorado, so far have the highest radioactive particle contamination out of the entire US.

That being said, every single city tested across the country showed contamination from Fukushima. What is even more alarming, however, about the numbers coming in, is that they are from samples taken April 5th, of last year.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, has only recently confirmed that there were three meltdowns, and they have been ongoing, unabated, for thirteen months, and no effort has been made to contain them.

Technology has to be developed/invented to deal with the melted out corium under the reactors. Until then, they will keep doing what they have been doing.

TEPCO just keeps dumping water on them, after which they let it pour into the ocean, and steam up through the ground, every second of every day. The jet stream, and a highly dynamic portion of our atmosphere called the troposphere, have been swirling around massive amounts of radioactive particles and settling them out, mostly in rain, over the entire northern hemisphere, especially the west coast of North America, from Alaska down to Baja and even further.

Iodine, cesium, strontium, plutonium, uranium, and a host of other fission products have been coming directly from Japan to the west coast for thirteen months.

Maybe you have heard about sick seals, polar bears, tainted fish, mutations in dandelions and fruits and vegetables, possibly even animals already, and seaweed. In fact the kelp from Corona del Mar contained 40,000,000 bcq/kg of radioactive iodine, as reported in Scientific American several weeks ago.

If you don’t know your becquerels, its a lot. That’s what your pacific fish feed on. And that was only ONE isotope reported. There were up to 1600 different isotopes that have been floating around in our air, pouring out of the reactors, and steaming out of the ground, every second of every day, for 13 months.

And there has been silence from our mainstream media, for which the depths of depravity are so severe I will devote an entire article just to the “why” at a future time.

But back to the research: reports in the past week indicate the pollen in southern California is radioactive now too, and it is flying around, and if you live there and go outside, you are breathing it in. And so are your children.

Along with fission products blowing over from Japan. And radiation in your drinking water. And in your rain. And in the fish you are eating. And your vegetables. And the milk supply. And its happening every second, of every day. For 13 months. Are you starting to see a problem here?

Problem is, that’s not even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is what Senator Wyden is all bent out of shape about, even though independent researchers and nuke experts have been warning about this for a year.

And that is that the Reactor #4 building is on the verge of collapsing. Seismicity standards rate the building at a zero, meaning even a small earthquake could send it into a heap of rubble. And sitting at the top of the building, in a pool that is cracked, leaking, and precarious even without an earthquake, are 1565 fuel rods (give or take a few), some of them “fresh fuel” that was ready to go into the reactor on the morning of March 11th when the earthquake and tsunami hit.

If they are MOX fuel, containing 6% plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people. If this pool collapses, as Senator Wyden is now saying too, we would face a mass extinction event from the release of radiation in those rods.

That is, if we aren’t in one already. Nuke experts like Arnie Gundersen and Helen Caldicott are prepared to evacuate their families to the southern hemisphere if that happens. It is that serious.

So now you know, if you didn’t before. We are in big trouble.

Get informed. Start paying attention to this. Every single statement in this article is verifiable, and I will continue to verify and validate the seriousness of this situation at every opportunity I have.

This may be the most important thing you ever pay attention to, for the sake of your family, friends, your neighbors, every one you know and meet, all of humanity.
It’s been thirteen months, you have some catching up to do.

NTS Notes:  It does appear that I have been right all along about the true situation happening right now at Fukushima.  And I am proven correct that our media and our own governments have purposely spun a web of lies to keep the truth about how bad the situation truly is away from the general public.

It is absolutely imperative that everyone push and demand their governments to come clean and warn everyone about the situation so that the public can at least prepare for the worst case scenario.  I have long said that we can always hope for the best, but must be fully prepared for the worst.

My recommendation is that people everywhere around the world must demand an immediate cessation of the buildup for war against Iran and instead demand the situation at Fukushima take precedence above everything else.   A solution must be created, no matter the cost, and very soon.   The entire northern hemisphere is at stake.

More to come


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