Wikileaks:the Uganda File

It is not clear what whether all the leaked reports are true but we have already had politicians in Uganda coming out to distance them selves from the reports. I am going to show you in this article some of the leaked reports which have put Ugandans politicians on high heels.

But first, It would be good to note some of the developments in Uganda which have come up due to the reports. I wrote about how one of the Wikeleaks report showed that the Vice President of Tullow Oil in Africa, Tim O’hanlon had written to the US ambassador in Uganda claiming that some government officials were using corrupt means especially with ENI, an Italian oil giant.

All the Uganda ministers accused of being corrupt including Minister Amama Mbabazi and Hillary Onek came out to deny the accusation. It should be remembered that in one of the reports the US had even suggested imposing a travel ban to some these ministers as a punishment for being involved in many corruption scandal. All the ministers said that the allegations where not true. It now turns out that ENI wants to sue Tullow oil for defamatory statements.

Diplomatic cables sent to US assistant secretary of State for Africa Johny Carson by US Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier laud Uganda’s military role in Somalia and its campaign against the LRA, but expresses concern over what the mails describe as pervasive corruption and sharpening ethnic divisions in the Country.

The US ambassador to Uganda also mentioned that Uganda is turning into an autocratic rule (with dictatorship tendencies) In October last year, Lanier wrote: “The president’s autocratic tendencies, as well as Uganda’s pervasive corruption, sharpening ethnic divisions and explosive population growth, have eroding [sic] Uganda’s status as an African success story.

“Holding a credible and peaceful election in February 2011 could restore Uganda’s image which failing in that task could lead to domestic political violence and regional instability.”

In another development, it looks like the US supported Uganda in the LRA war and must have known about some war crimes in Northern Uganda though the the US told Uganda to let it know when the army was going to commit war crimes using American intelligence – but did not try to dissuade it from doing so.

However, the US officials became concerned that the Ugandans were guilty of war crimes in the long-running battle against Joseph Kony’s rebel movement in northern Uganda, which is famed for its brutal atrocities and abduction of children.

We can not tell what happen in between but on on 16 December, Jerry Lanier, the US ambassador to Kampala reported, to Washington that the country’s defense minister, Crispus Kiyonga, had verbally assured him that American intelligence was being used “in compliance with Ugandan law and the law of armed conflict. This pledge includes the principles of proportionality, distinction and humane treatment of captured combatants.”

But Lanier continued: “Uganda understands the need to consult with the US in advance if the [Ugandan army] intends to use US-supplied intelligence to engage in operations not government [sic] by the law of armed conflict. Uganda understands and acknowledges that misuse of this intelligence could cause the US to end this intelligence sharing relationship.”

Another development in the Wikileaks reports was the statements about the opposition in Uganda. According to the cable, Uganda’s opposition has “privately threatened to turn February elections violent and it may now be too late for President Yoweri Museveni to stop it”. The U.S. ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier, wrote in an October 2009 that “
Failure to stage a credible, peaceful vote in the East African state could trigger regional instability”

He further said “Even if the President begins now to make good faith efforts to hold free and fair elections, he still may be unable to prevent serious, even stability-threatening violence around the 2011 election,”

It looks like he saw the opposition’s stance on the coming Uganda elections as a very serious one. It also looks like he could not see what President Museveni can do about the situation, the cable seemed to suggests that Uganda might go out of control “The opposition is privately threatening violence and it is difficult to discern what the President could do now that would satisfy the political desires of so many who have been excluded from politics for so long.”

If everything in reports is true, it is report that President Yoweri Musevei of Uganda, sent a Christmas gift to Joseph Kony the leader of a rebel group (LRA)

According to a leaked US embassy cable revealed that not everyone is happy about the possible break-up of Sudan. This comes at a time when there is a rumor about Egypt planning to attack Uganda.

In the cable written last year, from the US embassy in Cairo, a foreign official requested the US to postpone the referendum arguing that a “non-viable state” called Southern Sudan will be created and this in the long run could threaten Egypt’s access to River Nile. The rumored war which Egypt is planning against Uganda is also linked to the River Nile Source


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