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Initiative for non-privatization of water

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Experience from other countries has shown that water privatization has led to skyrocketing of prices and in some cases to dangers in the public health and well being of societies. Access to water is a human right as UN voted in 2010.

Experience from other countries has shown that privatization of water has led to a surge in prices and in some cases compromising the public health and welfare. Access to water is a human right (UN 2010)

To the Greek Government and Greek Justice

We are Greek citizens who sign this letter, we oppose the sale to private water supply companies throughout the Greek territory.

We believe that such a development at the expense of social interest and we reserve the right to a private company and any legal status to own the exclusive or partial rights to use water resources that are naturally good and even indispensable for the survival of people, plants and animals, goods protected by European legislation (Framework Directive 2000/60) (1) and the UN on July 28, 2010 adopted a resolution to add access to clean water in the Declaration of Human Rights (AG / 10 967) (2).

About EYDAP, who for establishing the (N.1068-1980) belonged exclusively to the state, already witnessed the gradual change of the institutional framework for the securitization of the Prime Minister on K.Simiti (N.2794-1999) and apparently questioning the correctness of the latest developments that the inclusion EYDAP and the profitable EYATH (4) the limited company “PRIVATE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT FUND PUBLIC SA” (N3986-2011) (3) as stated in Article 1.2 “The product recovery is used exclusively to repay the debt of the country. “(5) Unless the Athens, proximity to water resources and has the PPC. Artificial lakes, reservoirs and hydropower plants is key to water and irrigation through the relevant local businesses. The sale of such assets PPC is as reprehensible. (6) (7)

Legislation in the U.S., which prohibits or restricts the collection of rainwater in the monotonous rhetoric of “protection” of resources, shows the trend. If privatization today on tomorrow and infrastructure services designed their own natural resources are collective good. While carefully hiding the only real interest of private investors in the water sector, namely profit.

Perhaps the Greek government ignores facts like the following:

Chile: World Bank lending as a condition imposed in the country 33% guaranteed profit in the French water company Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux

Australia: In 1998, shortly after taking on water the French Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux water in Sydney found infected with parasites and Cryptosporidium.

Canada: At least 7 people died after infected by the bacteria E coli in Walkerton, Ontario after the privatization of water quality control which came under the control of A & L Labs. The company described its findings “confidential intellectual property” and refused to disclose.

Morocco: The consumers saw the price of water goes up to 3 times after the privatized water company in Casablanca.

Argentina: When a subsidiary of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux bought the state water company Obras Sanitarias de la Nacion, prices doubled and the water quality deteriorated. The company was forced to resign en masse when the residents refused to pay their bills.

The UK water and sewerage bills increased by 67% between 1989 and 1995. The incidence of benefits rose by 177%

N.Zilandia: Citizens took to the streets to protest the commercialization of water.

South Africa: Water has become inaccessible, expensive and unsafe when the company Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux took on water in Johannesburg. There were widespread infections and thousands of people saw their supply cut off.

Bolivia: In 1999 the World Bank recommended privatization of municipal water company in Cochabamba, Servicio Municipal del Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (SENIAPA). Bank officials openly threatened to withhold $ 600 million from the loan agreement if Bolivia did not accept.

Representatives of the company Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, holder of 5.46% of the share capital of the listed EYATH (8) According to Mr. Papadakis since expressed interest in privatization, known to have a meeting with the Managing Director of Fund Development Private Property Bills (TAIPED), Costas Mitropoulos, to formally notify the intention to participate in a contest in the first attempt to privatize the Suez had set up a joint venture with AKTOR. . (Kathimerini 06/06/2012)

For these reasons but also because they do not recognize in any elective or non-temporary administrator of the estate at the national, regional or municipal level, the moral right to make decisions on matters beyond the scope even of the rule that is not eternal, we ask the companies to withdraw EYDAP and EYATH and any other municipal water companies from the menu of privatization and to protect sources throughout the country. We declare as citizens sufficiently happy with the functioning of the undertakings. and publicly express our will to resist by all legal means and collective protest actions if not heard.

At a time when public education and health, shrink as luxuries that can not be funded sounding the alarm. If the basic social contract of reciprocity that collapsed, a citizen will not have to pay indirect taxes and direct taxes. Even if we proceed in absentia, we are Greek citizens will fight you to cancel this action as happened in Paris on 1/1 / / 2010. (9)

As history has shown to privatization, water always returns to its source.


The undersigned

(1) Framework Directive 2000/60: water management should be guided by the principle of sustainability *, namely the development of sustainable water use and creating a policy that respects and protects the waters of the economic activities man)

(2) Signed by 122 countries, while 41 countries did not participate in the vote, among them the U.S., Canada, Britain and Australia. China, Russia, Germany, France, Spain and Brazil welcomed the decision, while Canada has tried to prevent it. UN AG/10967

(3) The particular EYDAP SA announces pursuant to Law 3556/2007 of 27.1.2012 and the notification, the transfer from the Greek State 29,074,500 shares of EYDAP SA, and equal number of voting rights, ie 27.30% of share capital the Company’s “Fund for the Development of Private Property SA government.” The transfer was then run off-exchange transaction pursuant to paragraphs 4 and 5 of Article 2 of Law 3986/2011 (Official Gazette 152 / A) and No. 195/2011 (GG 2501 / B) of the Ministerial Decision Restructuring and Privatization Commission (DEAA)).

(4) The EYATh announces pursuant to Law 3556/2007 of 11.5.2012 and the notification, the transfer from the Greek State 12,348,000 shares of EYATh, and equal number of voting rights, ie 34.017% of share capital the “Fund for the Development of Private Property SA government.” Result of this act was the change in turnout in the TAIPED share capital by 40% to 74.017%. The transfer was then run off-exchange transaction pursuant to paragraphs 4 and 5 of Article 2 of Law 3986/2011 (Official Gazette 152 / A) and No. 206/2012 (GG 1363) Decision of the Ministerial Committee on Restructuring and Privatization (DEAA).

Increase of 92.3% showed a net profit of listed EYATh the first 6 months of 2011, amounting to 12 million versus 6.2 million in the same period last year. The turnover amounted to 38.89 million versus 37.73 million for the same period last year recording an increase of 3%, while pretax profit was EUR 15 million versus 12.94 million last year showing an increase of 16 %. The impressive increase in profits due to the reduction and rationalization of costs of any kind (general and administrative expenses), increase revenue and reduce the tax burden. It should be noted that last year the company was burdened with the extra special levy law 3845/2010 and an additional tax of tax audit differences previous five years (2004-2008).

(5) pursuant to Article 2.8 “Third parties’ rights may necessarily expropriator declared by the Minister of Finance for major public interest, if deemed necessary to use the asset of the Fund or a company whose share capital is wholly directly or indirectly by the Fund or if deemed necessary to make a special project of the Fund or successor company whose share capital is wholly owned, directly or indirectly in the Fund. “article as questionable on the A.14 concession foreshore and beach use

(6) The fact that PPC is directly related to the management of water resources is demonstrated by the following excerpt from the Resort Info Website of the company: “The PPC acknowledging the issue of water, not simply as a technical matter, but in combination with other wider options, implements a number of measures identified for the preventive character in the protection and integrated water management, responsibly and with respect to maximizing the overall social, regional, spatial and environmental benefits from the combined use of these works.

The Company, taking advantage of the intense natural landscape of our country, building dams the flow of rivers and lakes creates artificial reservoirs or otherwise, using the hydrodynamic of the country, according to sustainability principles, namely respect for the balance of supply and demand basin in each water district. The PPC the dams built in the major rivers of Greece, contributes significantly to the management of water resources of the country and serve the needs of local communities. With its large hydroelectric plant currently in operation, utilizes 30-35% of the technically exploitable hydro potential of the country, covering 10% of total electricity demand and allocating 30% of the total installed capacity of the interconnected system. At the same time, utilizing domestic resources of the country, these projects reduce energy dependence from abroad and also replace fossil fuels to help reduce greenhouse gases. And given that the water requirements (under revolving good) is continuously increasing, the storage of this commodity is now an urgent need “more detailed information:

(7) “A list of the sale of hydro electricity does not exist, but stations will be sold,” was the reply of the Minister for the Environment John Maniatis Hero in the two-handled 9/3/2012

(8) 1. The Greek State holds voting rights 26,868,000 74.02% ie percentage

2. The «SUEZ ENVIRONEMENT» holds voting rights 1,982,870 5.462% ie percentage

3. The HMG GLOBETROTTER held voting rights 384,062 1.06% rate

9. From 1/1/201o water services in Paris returned to public scrutiny

more here.

* The Amsterdam Treaty institutionalized the concept of “sustainable development”, included in the preamble of the Treaty and the EU’s objectives in Articles 2 TEU and B SEK.1794 The term sustainable development established by the International Commission for the Environment and the Anaptyxi1795 1987 in the report “Our Common Future” report known as the Brundtland. This report introduced the concept of sustainable development as key to protecting the environment and gave the following definition: “development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition contains two key imperatives, primarily to meet the needs of poor people and the idea of ​​sustainable use and restriction in order to meet the needs of future generations. The concept of sustainable development was redefined by Decision 55/199 of February 5, 2001 the Commission on Sustainable Development, which predicted that components of the environment, social development and economic growth.



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