The Burgas Bombing: False Flag of a bigger project tied to the abandoned Pipeline?


This is a story, indeed a unique inconceivable story of human kind and simultaneously a diplomatic beast incomparable to any other. It is one of the various theories of “how we got to where we are and why we currently face crisis that seem insurmountable” [i] The breakdown of the world’s economic system and specifically of healthy nations, structured upon a phenomenally ideal world model is being pushed into a newly adventuress world order. It seems as the foundations of the “world- castle” are trembling; or more as a top secret mission in progress, before the omnipotence of those who will lose the most or from those that will gain the most. It is a story of intrigues and political game; but mostly a “chess game” of national dominance. It is the truth, similar to that ignored by those that experienced WWI and WWII. The enigma as set forth by major “unimportant” inspirations, and this is true, before a parent committing suicide for not being able to provide for his children. Under this consideration my intentions are far from blaming or implying but mostly attached to a quest for truth. The truth, million of people around the world are experiencing as an ostensive economic crisis.

The traditional “once upon a time” part of a common make-believe story is replaced by the pragmatic negotiations involving the new European energy security policy[ii]-the New European Transmission System. Among them were the construction plans of the Burgas- Alexandroupoli pipeline (Table 1),the Nabucco pipeline [iii](Table 2),and the South Stream (Table 3)…with an end, yet to be revealed. All three pipeline projects – and many others-were considered of critical importance, not only because they implied major strategic policy, but because they illustrated an invisible battle of interests between the Western world and Russia[iv]. One front, European Union and United States[v] backed up the Nabucco project[vi], because ‘it represents a diversion from the current methods of importing natural gas solely from Russia,”[vii] while Russia, logically, backed up Southern Steam. Greece comes into the scene when negotiations took place for the Burgas-Alexandroupoli project, and when she had to clarify her position; to align with the EU and US or to promote the Southern Steam, which will strengthen her strategic role[viii]. Eventually the Southern Stream was promoted to accelerate supply for the Greek market and to secure supply for Europe[ix] On the other hand Burgas-Alexandroupoli [x]agreement was settled between Vladimir Putin, Sergey Stanishev and Kostas Karamanlis( March 2007).[xi]

In September 2009, Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis-being less than two years head of government-suddenly dissolved parliament and announced his resignation. According to his words “the need for painful measures to confront the economic crisis -even though signs of the Hellenic economic downslide were not visible at the time-and the opposition in parliament” drove him to announce national elections[xii] . The justification of his decision was published two years later: The reason was Pythia 1, a code name of his planned assassination.[xiii] FSB (Federal Security Service-Russia) had informed ΕΥΠ (NIS-National Intelligence Service-Greece) that they had “identified a plan of attack against former Prime Minister Mr. Karamanlis that intended to postponed or cancel the energy policy of the country”[xiv]

Two more events come to add a piece to a conspiracy; one is the secretly kept Dominique Strauss- Kahn interview on French Canal+, revealing the underground negotiations with the new elected Prime Minister[xv],before even being elected; resulting in his interesting removal from IMF. And the other is the accusations coming from EL STAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority); that the GDP deficit was altered as requested by the Prime Minister and the Financial Minister[xvi]. Apparently Greece’s behavior as a member of the EU and as a member of NATO, was not what we would have expected-nor EU and USA- amid the “current inertia in the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue”[xvii]

This information is part of a frame-up that definitely had dark and unknown sides needed to trap Greece in a “web of dept that ensures loyalty”[xviii] to the interests of others, and on an ensured default path that guarantees access to national assets and facilitates further limitation of sovereignty. But is “diso-bedience because of Southern Stream” the only reason? If not what other reason can there be? One reason can be the importance of her strategic geographical position which will inevitably link the “hydrocarbon prospects” of Eastern Mediterranean to the European Continent. Other important political reason is the formation of the Eurasian Union and the GECF (Gas Exporting Countries Forum); that can regulate prices and energy sources, therefore weaken major powers globally. A blur third aspect- generated by Greece’s economic resemblance to the one and only path taken by all oil-producing countries is the possibility of oil and natural gas resources.

In the name of globalization and free world market, Greece has become the last three years a country in immediate need of money. It is oil history repeating itself; and the substance of the case, under the reformative allegation, is that concessions can be eased and institutional framework can be altered, just as require for ensuring access. This took flesh and blood by alterations in the legal framework. Firstly in 2011-as a term of the second memorandum[xix]- “ownership unbundling”[xx] [xxi] was voted in parliament. Even though European countries where allowed to choose among three alternatives, Greece was compelled to this one. Secondly the “robust research” granted to Hellenic Petroleum Co[xxii] was also altered, “enterprise of a gas system can also be a joint venture of two or more companies, that operate in two or more European member-states”[xxiii] in compliance with Directive 2009/73/EC. Interestingly, directive 2009/73/EC of European Parliament and of Council was introduced in July 2009; approximately two months before Prime Minister Karamanlis announced national elections and well before the Second Economic Stimulus package in order to constitute a term of the second memorandum[xxiv]. Of course there is a number of changes in the legislation and much more specialized provisions, even anticipated co-operate tax reduction of 20% granted for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons[xxv]. The open door policy was also introduced and the government “formed a national information system of Geospatial and Alphanumeric data” available to international investors according to the recently published book(2012) of former Undersecretary of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Maniatis Ioannis “to providing information for surveys done the last thirty years”.

Maniatis was appointed from Prime Minister Papandreou; the one that claimed in 12-11-2009 after a EU summit press conference that Greece does not have petroleum[xxvi]And he was not the only one, Deputy Prime Minister also referred to a journalist(who was voicing the existence of oil fields)in a rather ironic tone.[xxvii] Additionally the masquerade was multifaceted proving that the mass media were aligned with the government allegations and simultaneously proving the lack of independence in a democratic system. Few were practicing pure journalism in an attempt to illustrate what was actually going on. They referred to Hydrocarbon fields southeast of Crete (Herodotus basin), south of Crete and one south west of Crete near Libya.

According to Emeritus Professor of University of Crete Foskolos Antonis-based on information from the USGS and the IFP- the potential of the Herodotus basin is 1-3 trillion cubic feet equivalent to 19billion barrels. [xxviii] The “water mud volcanoes or «hydrocarbon volcanoes» of southern Crete, are important visible signs of gas sources feeding surrounding possible reservoir sedimentary formations”[xxix] While the third field, south west of Crete, near Gavdos island was considered from Libya as part of the concessions she was about to make in 2006.[xxx] Apart for Professor Foskolos and his team, who have studied and gathered geophysical information (aerial photos, aeromagnetic and satellite measurements) ,there is a number of theses and publications on the analysis of the geotectonic zones and carbonate sedimentations of various parts of Greece.[xxxi] The important of published geological information is seen as a tool for assessments[xxxii] in the USGS report on the World Petroleum Resource Project.

Since the discovery of the Mari-B, Tamar ,Dalit, Leviathan #1 and #3 field within the Levantine basin expectations have grown. Making Eastern Mediterranean basins the greatest discoveries in decades but also making it an area of intense conflict. Country Relations are tested. Upheaval and uncertainty is growing. Israel and Lebanon have entered a new dispute in an attempt to prove that the gas findings are within their E.E.Z.[xxxiii] .The scale is tipping towards Israel, making it a major exporter and Egypt an importer. Additionally Block-12 within the Aphrodite basin[xxxiv] has created serious conflict between Turkey and Cyprus that automatically puts Greece in the game too.

It was not until the September 2011 that former Prime Minister publicly confirmed the research inception of oil and natural gas[xxxv]in the Ionian and Southern Crete, without however giving further information. Still there is prejudice of exaggeration on the subject, making it minor for domestic print media and nonexistent for nationwide television broadcasting. Even when evidence indicate that the Eastern Mediterranean is the modernized “piece on a chessboard upon which is being played out a game for the domination of the world”. The impulse towards climate change is a part of worldwide orientation towards new energy policy; and natural gas is the “bridging fuel in a transition to a carbon-constrained global economy” (Brenda Pierce-USGS Energy Resources Program Coordinator). [xxxvi] And the estimated amounts of cubic feet rank the Nile Delta basin and the Levant basin as having “world-class potential for undiscovered natural-gas resources”(Brenda Pierce)[xxxvii].

The evidence and the potential of the Eastern Mediterranean have attracted many consortia and companies in all countries. In Greece the participation for geological and seismic surveys is significant. The first bid process involved Norwegian PGS and TGS,French CVVG Veritas, American IOGeophysical, DolphiGeophysical, Spec Partners Ltd. και Fugro Multicent Services AS.[xxxviii] And the second bid for research in the area of Ioannina, Patraikos Gulf and Katakolo involved eight offers from eleven 11 Greek and foreign consortia or companies, Energean Oil & Gas[xxxix], Petra Petroleum ,Schlumberger, Trajan Oil & Gas, Hellenic Petroleum, Melrose Resources Plc [xl],Arctic Hunter Energy Inc, KO Enterprises Inc, Chariot Oil & Gas Ltd. Edison International SpA and Grekoil Energy Ventures Ltd.[xli]

Now the essential backstage preparations have been completed; ready to embrace the business predators; providing nothing or a small slice of prosperity to Greece. Having a share is the optimistic side of the scenario, but the terms of the memorandums governed by English law provide the ground for a worse scenario. The inability to comply will lead to the seizure of state assets.

The fact that public ignored the secretly kept truth of the oil and natural potentials of Greek subsoil and subsea, is itself evident of a major game. Or even the persistent of government representatives and the media to create a false picture of the situation. It seems that at the oil alter all rights and all democratic ideals are encroached. This is the “resource curse” in action, not within its strict political interpretation but as a broader realist term. And “economic crisis” is a human construction for the benefit of large co-operations. It is a tool inspired to ignore governments and people throughout the world.Source



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