University of Texas threatens "target" of arrest

University of Texas impliedly threatens arrest of this Target

See the following four page letter from UT, dated 9-21-09 and notice that the report is written by and at the direction of *mental dwarfs functioning in the shadows of the **living dead and reflects the decadence nationwide of universities and their criminally minded police departments in service to the fbi/cia assassins and mind programmers:



From Harlingen, Texas
October 5, 2009

In April, 2009, a contract employee of the University of Texas (UT), Harlingen, Texas, stalked, harassed and assaulted Sosbee in the bathroom on the campus; Sosbee reported the criminal assault to the UT police on duty , Sgt. D. Earhart who made no report and conducted no investigation (except to confirm the report with a co-worker ). Initially, the Harlingen, Police Department also refused to take the complaint from Sosbee; however, six months later, Sosbee convinced the Harlingen Police to accept the report shown below. Note that the subject of the complaint was recently transferred to a different location and the UT staff refuses to cooperate with the Harlingen, Texas, police regarding the location of the subject. The offense shown in the report below is seen by the investigating officer as a possible Class C misdemeanor. The UT officials who refuse to release the name of the anonymous informant mentioned in the above Chatterjee letter are therefore continuing their unethical (and possibly unlawful) actions against Sosbee by protecting the person named in the police report; at the same time the liars and miscreants at UT, stalk, threaten, harass and impose their hideous character on Sosbee at every opportunity.

From Harlingen, Texas
November 8, 2009
University Of Texas Health Science Center
2102 Treasure Hills Boulevard
Harlingen, Texas 78550

Evidence of Corruption at the Harlingen, Texas, Police Department (HPD) and the University Of Texas Police Department (UTP)

[For similar unlawful UT Police actions against Sosbee in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas, see and note the UT identification badges issued to Sosbee by The University of Texas, Brownsville at the bottom of this page.]

As I document herein and at the two police departments (HPD & UTP) assist the fbi in efforts to discredit and possibly arrest this reporter/Target. The UTP police officers who are aware of the illegal UT criminal investigation against Sosbee are: Lieutenant Trevino (phonetic) and Sgt. D. Earhart. They both were involved in the fraudulent criminal investigation against Sosbee and simultaneously they confirmed the assault on the person of Geral W. Sosbee by a UT contract employee; they both failed to make a record of the criminal assault. The HPD officer who contacted Earhart and conducted other inquiries concerning the assault is Detective Reynaldo Delua. The UT anonymous informant who filed the fictitious police report against Sosbee is yet to be identified; Sosbee intends to publish the name of the UT thug/official if and when the name is revealed.

Concerning the report from Detective Delua, in his “Case Report Summary”, dated 10/05/2009, shown below, Detective Delua, for reasons known only to him, intentionally changes the wording of the original, sworn complaint by Sosbee.

In the CASE REPORT SUMMARY, the original HPD officer properly recorded that Sosbee reported that the suspect “…offensively grabbed him…” Then, when Detective Delua interviewed Sosbee, the detective correctly recorded in the complaint that the suspect, “…intentionally and knowingly grabbed…” Sosbee. However, in the final police report shown below (recorded on 10/05/2009) detective Delua of the Harlingen, Texas Police changed the wording to read as follows: that Sosbee, “…was touched by the housekeeper….” Note also that prior to the changing the wording, the detective made contact with the UT police, Officer Earhart, who is the same officer who failed to make a record of the unlawful stalking and assault by the same suspect on the person of Sosbee in April of 2009. Sgt. Earhart apparently confirmed to Delua the essential elements of the Sosbee complaint and Sgt. Earhart also apparently admitted to Delua that the UTP failed to make a record of the criminal stalking and assault. Delua seems to attempt to dilute the Sosbee complaint by inappropriate use of the word, “touched”.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Earhart, commenced or continued a fraudulent criminal investigation against this reporter (as shown above in the Chatterjee letter) at the direction of both UT and fbi officials. Further, the Harlingen, Texas Police report fails to record that HPD, like the UTP, initially refused to accept the Sosbee complaint. Even after the HPD accepted the criminal complaint filed by Sosbee, the HPD intentionally omitted the part of the complaint wherein Sosbee documents stalking and verbal assault prior to the physical assault in the library.

Finally,the HPD detective Delua admits below to being advised by Sosbee that he is being targeted by the fbi for numerous ongoing crimes, but the detective makes no effort to investigate the report. Instead, the detective attempts to highlight the vague and misleading notion that Sosbee, “…feels that he is being watched…”, etc. In actuality, Sosbee reported to Detective Delua incidents of attempted murder and other numerous (and ongoing) criminal assaults by the fbi (including psychoelectronic assaults); as shown in the Delua report below, he discarded all such data and focuses his report on the “…being watched…” concept which may be misleading in its brevity and connotation. In my opinion the documents shown on this page below and the data located at reflect a pattern and practice of official police misconduct where the police seek to discredit Sosbee,protect the fbi, cover up police criminal activity and misstate the facts in efforts to imprison Sosbee.



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