If you practice Voo Doo you may stand a chance:Haarp VS Nature


Ask any western government official or geologist from the USGS if we can predict earthquakes, and they’ll say no. Well they are both right and wrong. Government and geologists will swear up and down that people can’t predict earthquakes (well actually that’s not quite true either) but biologists will tell you that animals can. Many animals can sense changes in Inaudible infra-wave sounds and electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

Predicting earthquakes-Knowldge is more dangerous then the earthquake.

The big secret is that scientists in Ukraine and Russia have known how to prediction earthquakes with fairly good proxy markers (ie excess radon gas above background levels , ionosphere disturbances etc) but governments around the world fears this new capability and the associated liability issues if they get it wrong or miss a large quake or don’t warn all people in time and can’t save them. (see model here)

Seismo Ionospheric Coupling Model

Maybe we should use animals in zoos across the country as not just a place of entertainment and destination for children’s’ outings, but as a network and early warning system for pending disasters.

If natural vibrations (the right resonance; like an opera singer shattering a crystal glass) and stress can produce EMP’s and earthquakes, then why can’t man-made sources do the same, as predicted and demonstrated by Nikola Tesla at the turn of the century? This principle can be used as stress relief to trigger mini-quakes on fault lines to prevent larger 7 or 8+ magnitude ones later

( …like triggering mountain avalanches or staging preventive forest fire burns or heaven forbid as offensive weapon of national destruction (WND) or weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

Some people speculate that DARPA’s HAARP project in Alaska surves that purpose…we’ll see if there just happens to be a “triggered earthquake” or some other natural disasters (weather modifications -drought, floods) in South Africa during the football World Cup in July 2010, or in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia or Afghanistan as some conspiracy theorists are proposing.

UPDATE: Post Haiti earthquake.

An interesting thought, cognitive exercise would be to ask yourself the following speculative, hypothetical question:

“Who would benefit if there was a man-made, triggered earthquake in South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Venezuala or in the west coast of BC or Seattle during the Winter Olympics? Just look at who is benefiting from the Haiti quake (estimated at $10 billion to rebuild the Haiti capital city Port-Au-France) ) or from the Chineese quake recently and whose GDP will grow because of it? (Remember …both wars and disasters requires reconstruction which promotes GDP growth.”

A BEA/HAARP press release shows how much power can be triggered by HAARP:

In 1992, BAE was awarded a contract to design and build the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), the HAARP program’s primary tool used to study ionospheric physics. The IRI is currently composed of 48 antenna elements and has a power capacity of 960,000 watts. When installed, the additional 132 transmitters will give HAARP a 3.6 mega-watt capacity. The HAARP build-out is jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U. S. Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Sensors could / should also be in place to detect EMP’s if they are produced naturally in the ground or from some remote artificial man-made source.

Wonder if anyone checked the Peurto Rico HAARP array to see if it was active before the Haiti earthquake ?

Here are two research paper abstracts from Japan that support the above “animal prediction” view


Walter Derzko

Reproduction of mimosa and clock anomalies before earthquakes Are they“Alice in the Wonderland Syndrome”? in Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Ser. B: Physical and Biological Sciences Vol.74 , No.4(1998)pp.60-64

Motoji IKEYA1), Tomonori MATSUDA1) and Chihiro YAMANAKA1)

1) Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University

[Released: 2006/10/17]


Some earthquake precursor phenomena told as legends or reported retrospectively for the 1995 Kobe earthquake have been reproduced by laboratory experiments. Mimosa placed on the high voltage sphere of a Van de Graaff electrostatic generator closed its leaves and bowed on charging and air-gap discharging, presumably due to the current induced in its stem. Air-gap discharging caused sudden movements of eels in a nearby plastic aquarium. Eels moved also on applying a pulsed electric field of less than 0.5V/m, while catfish responded only at around 5V/m. The higher sensitivity of eels to electric field than that of catfish is consistent with the story in the Ansei Chronicle that a man could not find eels in a river but only catfish in violent movement before the earthquake. Eels might have already hidden themselves in panic. Rapid rotation and stopping of the second hand of a clock, which were observed before the Kobe Earthquake like in the“Alice in the Wonderland”, have also been reproduced by exposing clocks to electromagnetic waves generated by air-gap discharging. Reported malfunctioning of home electronic appliances before the earthquake would have been due to some natural electromagnetic disturbance at the epicenter.

Keywords: Catfish, clock, earthquake, Kobe, mimosa, precursor


Electromagnetic pulses generated by compression of granitic rocks and animal behavior

Compression experiments on granite, basalt and marbles were made using a 500-ton compression machine with simultaneous detection of acoustic emission, electromagnetic (EM) waves. Attempts were made to reproduce unusual animal behavior before major earthquakes depicted in folklores and reported retrospectively in the M7.2 Kobe earthquake in 1995. Unusual animal behavior was observed during stress loading with simultaneous detection of pulsed EM waves prior to the detection of AE, but the judgement has to be partially subjective when animal behavior is discussed.

Hence, hypothalamic chemicals in in-vivo brain and blood plasma of rats were analyzed before and after rock fractures. The enhanced noradrenaline and reduced adrenaline were observed, which was distinctively different from the reactions to other stresses but the same as that of exposures to EM waves. Unusual animal behavior would mostly be caused by pulsed EM waves.


Unusual animal behavior before earthquakes have long been studied in Asia (Abe, 1934; Biophysics Institute, 1977; Rikitake, 1976; Bushirk et al., 1981; Ikeya, 1998), but rarely believed by Western geophysicists. A large number of reports on unusual animal behavior before the Kobe earthquake in 1995, Japan, were collected retrospectively (Wadatsumi, 1995). Similar reports from citizens were collected after the Izmit earthquake in Turkey and 921-earthquake in Taiwan in 1999 (Ikeya and Ulusoy, 2000). The birds were said to have disappeared from the neighborhood a few days before the earthquakes and the sky was unusually starry in Turkey. Swarms of earthworms appeared and deep sea fish, Trachipterus ishikawae, called messenger of dragon palace and earthquake fish by Taiwanese people, were captured before the 921-earthquake and before its aftershocks.

I wonder if all the millions of spiritual people practising voodoo in Haiti, noticed any sudden changes in animal and bird behaviors just before the 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti last week…or what’s even more interesting..if they didn’t, does that prove that the quake was a man-made phenomenon?

Walter Derzko



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