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Sant Maam

 Of the rare moments my writer’s vein is waking up 🙂 most of the times is falling asleep just waiting for a change the next morning 😉

Qué te importa que te ame,
si tú no me quieres ya?
El amor que ya ha pasado
no se debe recordar

How many times a day a fresh face cleans up the mirrors so they stay spotless not staining the reflecting image..I hadn’t realized I was not paying attention to any mirrors,just passing by them quickly looking usually the other way.I hadn’t realized how many years had gone by until a unsuspected moment of the day I discovered a couple of old photos.Me smiling,me with friends,me careless,me with more flesh and life in me than what I have right now.

I hadn’t realized how why people were saying I was pretty.I used to think that I was having a horrible aspect.I took some distance from the photographic paper,taking looks at both images,the Before and the After ones.
I was ,let’s say, whatever nature made me with an expressive smile.I became quite skinny with a lifeless smile.
I was aspiring with high hopes,I became a hopeless individual grateful for making it through the day.
I was active,I remain active not to leave space for thoughts.
I was loving life,now I am scared I might lose my life



*coffee break*

Fui la ilusión de tu vida
un día lejano ya,
Hoy represento al pasado,
no me puedo conformar.


I couldn’t care less,now I care less than less.
I wasn’t putting my trust on anyone,now I am easily convinced by sprinkled lies.
I was believing that all wrong is paid back in this life,now I believe in a vindictive Never Never Land
I was breathing, now I need a respiration tube and mechanical support.
I was feeling I could touch the sky,now my ego has shrank.
It’s a personal comparison between faded images of the past and the bright colored ones of the present.I feel no need to apologize to anyone for my own mess.I feel no need to say I am sorry for a silent tear that fell on the keyboard.Anyhow the world is so silent right now I could scream and be heard to the end of the universe.I don’t write lyrics as I am awfull with words.I am better in silence.I can’t express my own feelings even if I am dieing to.
And guess what,that’s the only thing in common between the two pieces of photographic paper.The world has always been so silent but full of faces.Now it’s silent and lonely.

In fact it is totally devastated like the war zone after the bombing.Full of holes everywhere like open mouths releasing sounds unheard.
*Coffee break again*

How many times did the word “Silence” and its’ derivatives repeated themselves? As I use to say,there is nothing new under the sun.
Suffer and Pain isn’t my favorite game.Crying on my pillow either.I am not familiar with the term “depression” I never lost my self control.Yet lately I tend to believe all that could relief the burden of my soul and makes me wonder.. When did I change so much.Worse than that,Why did I feel the need to change so much?
On the other hand,I couldn’t care less..

Obviously I look like a pathetic desperate undefined being.I can totally understand as I have been through the young years of Arrogance and the Ignorance of the Immortal Bodies.There is no such thing unfortunately,the death wishes don’t correspond to the reality.One thing I learned until now: whoever seeks death,death will get.
Not my game either.Subcategory of Suffering and Pain.I was born to live even with crippled days and sleepless nights.I only wish I had this knowledge when I was younger: Nobody and Nothing ,Absolutely nothing is worth a lost life.Possibly as I lost mine not by physical death, the worst way to depart from this world and wander to the eternity:
A dead spirit inside the scull.
Wrong decisions taken under real pressure,on the move,constant rush building up a mountain of mistakes so tall that the peak is out of sight.A labyrinth of seconds and minutes embroided randomly on the wrong pattern.
Sometimes nothing makes sense.
I guess I don’t make sense either.
On the other hand I couldn’t care less.

Starting over :
How many times a day a fresh face cleans up the mirrors so they stay spotless not staining the reflecting image..I hadn’t realized I was not paying attention to any mirrors,just passing by them quickly looking usually the other way.I hadn’t realized how many years had gone by until a unsuspected moment of the day I discovered a couple of old photos.Me smiling,me with friends,me careless,me with more flesh and life in me than what I have right now…………………………………………………………………….. blabla blaaaaaaa

3am ,the alarm clock rings,I don’t want to get up shivering in the cold but the bed is colder than the entire ambient,hands come out of the mattress  the hands that have haunted it ,pushing me out of the covers  like frozen stalactites like a cave trying to absorb me to consume  me in a last desperate effort,the  cushions whispering deceitfully to my ears “I love you,I always had and I always will” mixing the voices and blurring the memories.

The implanted guilts push me down the staircase screaming ” You never loved me” as I land on the last step trying to figure out why ,still confused from the repetition of the same scene  I put the pieces of my past together  trying to make the first coffee of the night before it turns into a painful day.

Si las cosas que uno quiere
se pudieran alcanzar,
tú me quisieras lo mismo
que veinte años atrás.

Con qué tristeza miramos
un amor que se nos va
Es un pedazo del alma
que se arranca sin piedad

“You lied to me” A deep voice comes from inside the chimney  as the fire wood rolls at my feet crying “ I trusted you”.The window opens wide fiercely and  the handle whines” You were the love of my life”   forcing me to step back frozen by the wind  stumbling upon the grieving coffee table “ You hurt me so deeply”.

The entrance door vanishes in front of my awakening eyes,revealing a misty appealing landscape urging me to lose myself into the semi lit woods  while the lachrymose walls  bend begging “Don’t go please”

But I do want to go,I have been gone since a long time ago as I walk backwards to the tangled branches looking back at the dismantled figures and distorted faces .

“You can’t reach me” I whisper  almost petrified  the shape of me  dissolving with the rain.

“You will always be a part of me” the voices fade away as I fend off finding myself in an unknown place an ideal place,a quiet place almost serene  out of time,out of the present out of any known dimension.No gravity. No remorses.No walls.

Absolutely nothing.

Absolute Freedom.

“I loved you  but I don’t love you anymore. “

My voice echoed in the room.

The palm of my hand ran over the warm mattress ,the covers feeling so warm and my gaze fixed at the bedroom door.


“ I should write a book some day” my thoughts mumbled as they fell asleep again

Looking back seems that I was so fortunate to have been loved by everybody in my life.I wonder if it is so,why II still have this bitter taste in my mouth,maybe I am the one who can’t distinct love from hatred or maybe the love I was provided with was disguised hatred.

‘ I love you but I want to hurt you’ is one of the loving phrases still echoing in my heart,not even in my mind.I really embraced that phrase.Contains all the alleged love I  received in a  soul damaging mode.

Speaking of which,I was put on a stand by mode without me noticing:

I love you but I don’t like your attitude.


I love you but I don’t like your outfit


I love you but those shoes……… well


I love you but I don’t feel comfortable with your friends


I love you but……

Pause,rewind and stop pressed.Silence from the speakers.

The significant other inquires really concerned

Something’s wrong?

How on earth could something be wrong!Everything is really rolling in our non relationship.

 And all of the sudden,an expected flashback hits the brain cells:

You are late,where were you?

Don’t you know? At work?

How  do I know?

What do you mean?

You are seeing someone else,don’t you.

Smiling victoriously at the court when the judge announces the court order but with the heart ripped off.One more failure in the list.

Supposingly moving on.Of course,it is exactly what all human beings should do,the only difference is that I moved on in circles,Just like Ursula Buendia was saying in Marquez’s book,One Hundred Years of Solitude.

*Inner thought* Maybe I could reach a life of one hundred years in absolute solitude.

* Flashback*

A shot of Absolute vodka somewhere in the States and the Absolute  list is getting longer.

One more failure,who cares,I will yes maybe probably I will get over him,well don’t worry about me,of course I am fine I could’t ever be better,oh please who do you think I am,I know how to face situations *phone chats,meetings with concerned friends a hurt look from my mother.

I told you many times it’s my life!

I think if you were changing your outfit maybe you would be having more luck……


 Even if you quit asking the same question.

Okay mom,maybe you should be wearing high heels again when you can hardly walk?

Back on the airplane ,one more failure,at the other side of the ocean plenty of failures,regressing like walking on ice,sliding  from day to day and from year to year.

New horizonts wide open in front of me:

Lovely quiet candle lit nights, maybe the  quest was worth it.A new found land.

Wrong again.

But I do love you.

But I don’t.

But I love you with all my heart.

Thanks but I don’t.

Moving on as all human beings are supposed to.Mayor’s office on a dull Sunday morning,nothing really important.One happy month. The second one , one more failure.


I really don’t know.

How can you possibly not know!

I am really sorry I mean I really am sorry.

You aren’t sorry at all.But why  her?

I honestly don’t know.I wouldn’t lie to you.

*Sorry,but you lied already*

Moving on as I should do this time.

I love you.

Why me?

But I do,I can’t explain it.

I can’t either.

The unexplained remains unexplained and one more failure .Moving on as only I should do to maintain my clarity and possibly my sanity too.With flashbacks and with no final decisions,not cutting bridges with  the failures the contrary,keeping them all so alive I could even touch their hand.Trapped in a dead end with an obvious exit and me faking a smile.

Dark days arrived ,they asked to stay for a couple of days and they stayed for a couple of years.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

I will always be here.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I am sorry for what happened in the past.

Anyone of you two has a tissue or something? Please?

Both handed me just a band aid .For once in my life I had  something to hold on to,a band aid. But none was there  as loud as I called their names.Confusing my days with mixed signals sent from the core  meeting my own ones half way  creating a wonderful  colorful blizzard  pouring stars on us.

I  want us back together.

Too late,sorry.I don’t like your attitude and your shoes.

Rewinding but never moving on.I am fine,thanks for asking.

i love Africa. love The culture. love anything that has to do with this world.

my problem is that this world doesnt love my countries..
Beats me why. But yall take care and love each other as no one would ever do

via Missed Link:- US Cables – EMBASSY ATHENS – WikiLeaks missing/hidden links

Those are some of the missing greek cables from Wikileaks.Certainly those few and past ones do not satisfy nobody. What happened with the submarines german deal,what happened with Siemens and ex Minister Tsoxatzopoulos,What has happened with the Aegean and which are the surprises we haven’t seen yet.Wikileakes  reveals nothing more than what a common tabloid has already. Sorry guys,I used to be a supporter

The Syrian files were released including a helluva of greek corporate names, but where the hell is the proof? Where is the Alcatel Cables?  the Syrian Assad communication cables with the Italo- Greek communication Services? THIS  CONSTITUTES A CRIME AGAINST NATIONS,MAINLY SYRIA AND THEN ITALY AND GREECE

Whoever decided to hide those cables he should be considered an accessory to PEACE crimes

Greece Cables

– US Cables – EMBASSY ATHENS – WikiLeaks –

Arms Procurement Plan 2006-2010 approved – Cablegate – 2006: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2006/08/06ATHENS2031.html

  • “On July 25, the GoG announced plans to spend an estimated EUR 27 billion for arms procurement over the next decade”
  • “The government’s handling of defense procurement, Papoutsis said, increases costs, “mortgages” the future of the welfare state”
  • “and pushes up the overall defense budget instead of economizing with the view of offering more funds for education, health care, and social security”

Students Protest proposed University Reforms, Shut down Athens Center – Cablegate – 2006: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2006/06/06ATHENS1507.html

  • “Many who oppose the amendments have focused on what they call the “commercialization” of the public university education or “surrender of public universities to private interests.””
  • Comment [US]: “We have long pushed for the GoG to recognize degrees from private institutions, which would, among other things, benefit private U.S. higher learning institutions already here”

Government caves to Student Protests, postpones proposed University Reforms – Cablegate – 2006: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2006/06/06ATHENS1556.html

  • “In the face of continuing, mass student protests and demonstrations, Education Minister Yiannakou announced on June 13 that she would postpone submitting the draft bill on education reforms during the summer parliament recess as originally planned”
  • Comment [US]: “The government’s postponement in the face of student protests is disappointing to us: a number of U.S.-based private, non-profit universities operating here would benefit from these reforms”

Southern Corridor Energy Conference examines European Energy Security – Cablegate – 2006: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2006/08/06ATHENS2078.html

  • “Gazprom’s growing stranglehold on European energy supplies, particularly in the area of natural gas, has the potential to reduce these countries’ diplomatic freedom of movement in support of U.S. diplomatic goals”
  • “Improving these countries’ energy security and diversity of supply options can therefore improve U.S. national security”
  • “One key element of this overall strategy is maximizing the opportunity provided by the new Turkey-Greece-Italy natural gas interconnector, currently under construction, to bring Caspian gas to Europe”

The U.S. Strategy:

  • “All agreed that it is imperative to promote energy diversification strategies that encompass the development of additional energy sources and suppliers to provide vulnerable SE and SCE countries with alternatives to Gazprom”
  • “To confront Gazprom domination, there must be a concerted effort to diversify and develop multiple gas pipelines from the Caspian to Europe”

“Turkey’s Role — as Transit Country or as Reseller — Must Be Clarified”

  • “During the conference it became clear that the key problem vis-a-vis Turkey is its aspirations to become an energy reseller, extracting (it hopes) greater profits from gas trade than it would as a simple gas transit country”

“The Russian Strategy: Gazprom”

  • “Firstly, what kind of a company is Gazprom? According to conference participants, Gazprom,s risk-averse business model seeks to consolidate all aspects of gas production, transportation, and delivery into a vertically integrated operation”
  • “Moreover, Gazprom’s predatory behavior towards potential competitors seeks to expand its reach horizontally. The result is the creation of a “super” monopoly”
  • “Once the deal is struck, however, Gazprom has been utilizing its market power to extract concessions from the customer, whether in new pricing agreements, increased preferential access to transit capacity, or frequently, in majority or strong minority control of local gas companies”

Putin and Purvanov in Athens: the long Road to Burgas-Alexandroupolis – Cablegate – 2006: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2006/09/06ATHENS2324.html

  • “The Burgas-Alexandroupolis Project: “The B-A project was originally conceived in 1994 as a project to relieve tanker traffic through the congested Bosporus strait”
  • The 285-kilometer cross-border pipeline is designed to carry Russian oil from the Bulgarian port of Burgas to the Greek port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece”
  • “The project has an estimated investment cost of 750-800 million US dollars with an annual capacity of 35 million tonnes of oil”

Greek PM in Moscow: Rhetoric (Apparently) Unmatched by Deeds – Cablegate – 2007: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2007/12/07ATHENS2375.html

  • “During a December 17-18 visit to Moscow, Greek PM Karamanlis signed with Russian President Putin and Bulgarian President Parvanov an agreement establishing a company to construct the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline through Bulgaria and Greece”
  • “We have told the Greeks the U.S. has no problem with better Greek-Russian ties. At the same time, we continue to ask how Greece can reconcile its support for the Turkey-Greece-Italy gas inter-connector with the competing South Stream project — a question to which we have yet to receive an adequate reply”

P.M. Karamanlis Trip to Russia: Energy – Cablegate – 2008: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2008/04/08ATHENS598.html

  • “The IGA, he said, includes provisions that: an international holding company (Societe Anonyme) will be established for the portion of South Stream that passes through Greek territory, jointly and equally owned by Gazprom and the Greek Pipeline Transmission Operator (DESFA)”

Energy: Greeks see Baku ready to Cooperate, Ankara standing in the Way – Cablegate – 2008: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2008/03/08ATHENS438.html

  • “Minister of Development Folias told the Ambassador he had found a spirit of “excellent cooperation” in Baku during his March 17 trip there”
  • “He noted that “The Azeris are as keen to work with us as we are with them. Moreover, they have a huge supply of gas.””
  • “Folias said Azerbaijani officials had told him that the country had gas for 100 – 200 years, and that it had extracted 28 bcm of gas this year alone”

TFGG01: Greece’s Business-as-Usual with Russia undermines strong NATO Statements – Cablegate – 2008: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2008/08/08ATHENS1216.html

  • “Despite strong statements at NATO and the EU by FM Bakoyannis supporting Georgian territorial integrity and condemning Russia’s recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states, the GOG at the same time is moving ahead with several “business-as-usual” events with Russia, including a visit this week of a Russian defense industry team to discuss arms purchases, the impending Parliamentary ratification of the South Stream gas pipeline deal with Russia, and co-sponsorship with Russia of a major cultural event marking 180 years of Greek-Russian diplomatic relations”
  • “Embassy will continue to press the GOG to delay or cancel these events to avoid undercutting NATO and EU positions”

U.S./Greece Mil-to-Mil Cooperation: the Good, the Bad, and the Necessary – Cablegate – 2008: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2008/06/08ATHENS896.html

  • “The Greeks currently tend to overstate both their contributions and their importance to the United States, and there is no need to accept the Greek hyperbole. But some of the facts of this cooperation speak for themselves”
  • “The GOG has proven to be a very cooperative partner at Souda Bay, though it does not advertise this for domestic political reasons”

MOD Venizelos lays out Views before Parliament – Cablegate – 2009: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2009/10/09ATHENS1563.html

  • “New Minister of Defense Evangelos Venizelos recently told Parliament that he will take an “extremely cautious” view towards NATO’s Strategic Concept, that he wants to avoid Aegean tensions but will resist flagrant Turkish violations of international law and threats of violence, and that he wants to reduce defense spending to average OSCE levels”

der Standard: die Griechen müssen ehrlich zu sich sein: http://derstandard.at/1326503009320/Die-Griechen-muessen-ehrlich-zu-sich-sein

  • “mangelnde Steuermoral, Beihilfenbetrug und grenzenlose Rüstungsausgaben freuen nur Waffenhersteller und Banken im Ausland”

Aufruf zum EU-Streik gegen die Ratingagenturen – Sepp Wall-Strasser: http://derstandard.at/1304552271368/Griechenland-Aufruf-zum-EU-Streik-gegen-die-Ratingagenturen

  • “die Gründe für das Nichtfunktionieren liegen auf der Hand: Kein Land kann sich aus einer Krise “heraussparen””
  • “die drakonischen Maßnahmen strafen die falschen, sie bringen die Realwirtschaft zum Absturz und lassen die eigentlichen Verursacher – die “Märkte” – ungeschoren davonkommen”
  • “Retten könnte uns nur noch ein radikaler Politikwechsel innerhalb der EU – also gleichsam ein Streik gegen jene Kräfte, die derzeit drauf und dran sind, die Grundlagen der Gemeinschaft zu ruinieren”
  • “klar ist, dass es darum geht, die vielzitierten “Märkte” – die geballte Macht der Finanzindustrie – in die Schranken zu weisen und die “Polis” – das Gemeinsame, die Demokratie – zu retten”

Homer – Wikipedia EN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homer

Taliban reiterate vow to kill Pakistani girl if she survives

People hold candles and pictures of Malala Yousufzai, who was shot on Oct 9, 2012 by the Taliban for speaking out against the militants and promoting education for girls, at a school in Lahore October 12, 2012. (Reuters photo)
RAWALPINDI: The police said on Friday that they had made several arrests in connection with the Taliban’s shooting of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old education activist who was critically injured, but militant commanders in northwestern Pakistan reiterated their intention to kill the schoolgirl or her father.

After Friday prayer, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf visited Yousafzai’s family at a heavily guarded military hospital in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, where doctors were considering whether to send her abroad for treatment.

“The next 48 hours will be critical,” Ashraf told reporters. Extremists targeted Yousafzai, who was shot in the head while riding in a school bus on Tuesday in Mingora, because, he said, “they were scared of the power of her vision.”

“She is the true face of Pakistan,” he added.

Taliban reiterate vow to kill Pakistani girl if she survivesThe interior minister, Rehman Malik, said the authorities had  identified the two gunmen behind the shooting, but they had not been captured. Police officials in the Swat Valley, where the attack took place, said that they had rounded up about 70 people for questioning, including employees of Yousafzai’s school and the bus driver, and that some of them had been formally arrested.

Afzal Khan Afridi, the Mingora police chief, declined to specify the number of people arrested or what role they were suspected of playing in the shooting, saying he said he did not want to endanger the investigation.

A 15-year-old girl who was wounded alongside Yousafzai described how easily the Taliban had been able to attack the school bus. “A young man in his early 20s approached the bus and asked for Malala,” the girl, Kainat Riaz, said in an interview at her family’s home in Swat. “Then he started firing.”

The fate of Yousafzai, who has become a symbol of defiance of the Taliban’s extremist ideology, has gripped Pakistan. Television stations have provided intensive coverage of her medical treatment, and leaders from across the nation’s political and religious spectrums have united in condemning the attack.

A senior official from Jamaat-e-Islami, the country’s largest religious party, accompanied Ashraf to the hospital. So did the parliamentary leader of the secular Muttahida Qaumi Movement, which dominates Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, the foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, described the attack as a traumatic “wake-up call” that could prove to be a turning point in Pakistan’s war against extremism.

The army is directing efforts to save Yousafzai, who is on a ventilator. Government officials have estimated her chances of survival at 50 to 70 per cent.

Some analysts have speculated that the army could leverage the unusually strong criticism of the Taliban in this case to begin a new military operation in the tribal belt, but others said the uproar would not ultimately lead to a crackdown.

The shooting embarrassed the army because it had claimed to have largely eliminated the Taliban from the Swat Valley after a major military operation in 2009. Yet Riaz described how the gunmen stopped their bus, which was carrying about 16 students, in the center of Mingora, which is the valley’s main town and is near a military checkpoint.

Riaz, contradicting earlier reports, she said that the attackers were not masked and that the gunmen did not board the bus, but opened fire from outside after identifying Yousafzai.

A third student who was wounded, Shazia Ramzan, is at a hospital in Peshawar. Riaz said that her family had left the valley but returned after the 2009 military operation, and that she had been studying for two years.

“We were feeling good because there was no sign of the Taliban,” she said as two police officers stood guard outside her home.

Sirajuddin Ahmad, the spokesman for the Taliban in the Swat Valley, said that Yousafzai became a target because she had been “brainwashed” into making anti-Taliban statements by her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai.

“We warned him several times to stop his daughter from using dirty language against us, but he didn’t listen and forced us to take this extreme step,” he said.

Both father and daughter remain on the Taliban’s list of intended victims, he said.

©2011 The New York Times News Service


Lawless Land : Libya

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Published on Apr 23, 2012 by journeymanpictures

Divided Libya awaits election results amid ongoing violence

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Gaddafi may be gone but Libya is now a country in chaos. Rebel groups are flush with weapons and taking the law into their own hands, persecuting those thought to have been allied to Gaddafi’s regime.

Libya’s power vacuum has been filled by heavily armed rebels who still control much of the war-torn nation. Images of the sprawling refugee camps reveal the extent of the country’s destroyed infrastructure. Mohammed Swehli, a commander of one of the major Misratan Rebel Brigades, denies the widespread allegations of torture and abuse. “They’re not bandits, they’re not militia groups”, he says of the rebels. But video after video has emerged of the torture of perceived Gaddafi loyalists, most of them far too gruesome to broadcast. In some cases the brutal treatment appears to be based solely on the colour of the victim’s skin. This report gained rare access to the prisons where thousands are being held indefinitely without charge. One former prisoner shows pictures of his injuries. “This is when they beat me with electric cables. They called me slave”, he says. With upcoming elections and new fears over a split between the country’s east and west, what does the future hold for post-revolution Libya?

A Film By SBS
Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
April 2012

Η ανεργία στην Ελλάδα ΔΕΝ είναι πιά επιλογή αλλά καθεστώς

I tried to pass this on Twitter but everyone is busy doing their own thingy.Not to blame anyone but anyway,thought the best way to spread the word is directly from my own blog.
The needs in Greece are increasing.Any kind of clothing is needed right now as we have winter approaching.I am lucky I still have power and an Internet connection to use it for helping others as well.If you reside in the austerity struck Greece -or know someone who does-and you have spare clothes,clothes that don’t fit in your children,shoes,blankets,school bags anything,please call to the Family and Kid non profit organization ,they collect directly from your place what we consider trash,to donate it and help some kids stay warm.

Do not forget,Unemployment in Greece is no longer an option. Is a status quo

+30 2310 502900 Thessaloniki region.NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION

Προσπαθησα να το στειλω μεσω twitter αλλα καθως ειναι Σαββατο,ολοι πινουν καφέ και πετανε φιλοσοφιες για αντρες και γυναικες,οπισθια και σεξ και δεν συμμαζευεται. Λοιπον παιδακια,επειδη δοκιμασα εκκλησιες και σωματεια και δεν ξερω τί αλλο,και κανεις ΜΑ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ δεν βοηθαει,μη ξεχναμε οτι ο γειτονας εχει κομμενο ρευμα,ειναι ανεργος με 2 ανηλικα και δεν τη βγαζει.Γραφω σε απλα ελλήνικος μηπως και γινω κατανοητή. ΔΕΝ ΜΕ ΝΟΙΑΖΟΥΝ τα χιτς στο blog οποιος εκτιμα οσα γραφω,διαβαζει,οποιος δεν.. σιγα τα ωά,καλη καρδια παντα.
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Περιοχη Θεσσαλονικης 2310 502900 ΜΗ ΚΕΡΔΟΣΚΟΠΙΚΟ ΣΩΜΑΤΕΙΟ
Μοναστηρίου 45

Αγοραστε μια σακκουλα μακαρονια και χαριστε τα παλια ρουχα. Ακομη κι αν εχουν λεκεδες απο σοκολατα(ρωτησα το παλικαρι που του εδωσα 5 εβρα και επεμενε οτι ειναι πολλα..) Σας δινουν και αποδειξη για τους δυσπιστους. αλλα ετσι κι αλλιως θα τα αφηνατε στο πλαι του καδου,δεν σας κοστιζει τιποτε να παρετε ενα τηλεφωνο,να ερθουν να μαζεψουν τα παλια σας ρουχα.

Απο τα δικα σας σκουπιδια καποιοι θα ζεσταθουν τον χειμωνα.

Σκεφτειτε το πριν πειτε “ωχ μωρε παλι τα ίδια”