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Próxima Estación Esperanza

Lista de canciones
1. Merry Blues –
2. Bixo –
3. El Dorado 1997 –
4. Promiscuity –
5. La primavera –
6. Me gustas tú –
7. Denia –
8. Mi vida –
9. Trapped By Love –
10. Le Rendez Vous –
11. Mr. Bobby –
12. Papito –
13. La chinita –
14. La marea –
15. Homens –
16. La Vacaloca –
17. Infinita tristeza –


Dichotomous, a short film -Greek Ultra-Nationalists

Short Film Summary


Dichotomous is, at it’s core, a post-modern tale of redemption. The film follows two strangers, Nick Dysmas and a character known only as the Chief. These two strangers with nothing in common but a love for a broken nation on the other side of the world, are both searching for the same thing; Redemption. Through a twist of fate, their roads converge leading them down a path which will test their beliefs and endanger everything they hold dear.


The ‘Golden Dawn’:

The film is set against  the, current and ongoing, spread of Greece’s Ultra-Nationalist, far- right party, the Golden Dawn. Being from Greek backgrounds, we realized that, nearly a year after their emergence in the Greek parliament, no one has truly adressed the dangers of such a group’s existence. Sure there have been countless hours of news coverage, but we felt someone needed to explore the spiritual repercutions of the group’s ideallogy being spread across the globe.

If you are not familiar with the party please consider the following sources:

  1. English version of the GD webbsite
  2. GD brings guns to parliament :
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  5. GD in the Big Apple :
  6. A very Golden Dawn Xmas in Montreal :
  7. GD coming soon to a city near you :

*Please keep in mind that we are not endorsing or encouraging any of the beliefs of this party.

special thanks to @Canada__Kat

Oil vs Gold or both?

watch judge comment think.Above all Think

Radioactive Europe, Inside Fukushima, US Sells to China, French Nuke Waste

Uploaded by on Nov 12, 2011 – 11/11/2011 Radiation Levels Up in Europe, Depleted Uranium & More: Infowars Nightly News :: To make money, USA to sell nuclear technology to China nuclear weapons company

To counter China, USA to set up another military base in Australia

France grapples with the eternal unsolved problem of nuclear wastes

Radiation standards for children made stricter in Japan

Legal actions against oil companies on effects of global warming?

Scathing criticism of Koch brothers and climate change denialists

Climate Change has cost $14 billion in health toll

Scene inside wrecked nuclear reactor in Japan

Fukushima nuclear disaster: how it was for the workers when it happened

Mystery of radioactive iodine particles in Europe

Fire at Idaho National Nuclear Laboratory

Bob Brown, possibly Australian government’s only sane member, wants scrutiny about USA military bases

While USA sells nuclear technology to China, Australia gets USA military base against China

NY Times reporter detects 300 microsieverts per hour while inside bus

USA to sell nuclear technology to Chinese company involved in nuclear weapons

Maralinga’s hidden legacy of radioactivity AND asbestos

Australia’s Maralinga veterans and Aboriginals paid the price for nuclear bomb testing

Malcolm Turnbull makes a strong case against Climate Change Denialists, and Koch brothers

Climate change events leading to legal action against oil companies

Marathon uranium miner to sue South Australian government

Now Poland and Denmark report “radioactive dust” — IAEA official: “We are a little concerned”

Fallout forensics hike radiation toll: Global data on Fukushima challenge Japanese estimates

Fukushima Lets Media In (VIDEO)

Fukushima Update — Day 247

Fukushima man reports seeing yellow flash when Reactor No. 3 exploded… from over 30 miles away (VIDEO)

Fukushima, Japan update 11/10/11

Former Tepco employee: Plutonium and uranium in Reactor No. 3 has all been blown out — This was no ordinary explosion — Gov’t is concealing truth (VIDEO)

Hydrogen explosion at Idaho nuke facility? INL Engineer: Sodium released hydrogen… the reaction “can range in magnitude from a flash to an explosion”
First glimpse into Fukushima graveyard (VIDEO)

Japanese Government updates radiation maps with data on six new prefectures -8 Months after Nuclear Meltdown – 12th Nov 2011

Japan Times: Official told of extremely bad conditions at Fukushima — Workers often abandoned after exceeding radiation limit

Mysterious radiation levels detected across Europe, says UN nuclear agency – 12th Nov 2011

#Radioactive “Ekiden” Road Race: High Radiation Detected in the Stadium, on the Course

AP: Anonymous IAEA official says iodine-131 release appears to be continuing across Europe

U.S. NRC approves restart of quake-hit North Anna nuclear plant — Smart move?

EDF fined millions and its senior officials sentenced to years in prison for spying on Greenpeace France

UCS questions NRC on status of shield building prior to Davis-Besse restart

Radioactive basketballs

Idaho National Laboratory experiences second on-site emergency this week
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Audio Credits: is a current and comprehensive nuclear news site.


What is a “Name Day”

A name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one’s given name.

The custom originated with the Greek Orthodox calendar of saints and Roman Catholic calendar of saints, where believers, named after a particular saint, would celebrate that saint’s feast day. In many countries, however, there is no longer any explicit connection to Christianity.[1][2] It remains more popular in Southern and Eastern (Catholic and Orthodox) rather than in Northern (predominantly Protestant) Europe.

A name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one’s given name.

The custom originated with the Greek Orthodox calendar of saints and Roman Catholic calendar of saints, where believers, named after a particular saint, would celebrate that saint’s feast day. In many countries, however, there is no longer any explicit connection to Christianity.[1][2] It remains more popular in Southern and Eastern (Catholic and Orthodox) rather than in Northern (predominantly Protestant) Europe.

Με λενε Κωνσταντια. Γιορταζω στις 26/12 και κανεις δεν με θυμαται γιατι ολοι ειναι ψιλοσουρωμενοι απο τα Χριστουγεννα. ΔΕΝ πιστευω σε προφητειες. ΔΕΝ γνωριζα καν ποτε γιορταζα,με “γιορταζα” μαζι με τους Κωνσταντινους χαχα.. Σημερα βρηκα αυτα , ψαχνοντας για τον Κωνσταντιο τον Ρωσο(γιορταζει 26/12) ΔΕΝ πιστευω στο τελος του κοσμου παρα μονον στο τελος του υπαρχοντα πολιτισμου μας,εαν αυτο το συνονθυλευμα απο σκεψεις,ιδεες και αλογιστες πραξεις μπορει να ονομαστει Πολιτισμος .Δεν πιστευω στον κοκκινο πλανητη ουτε στην αναστροφη των πολων,Θα ηθελα ομως να πιστεψω στην αναστροφη της σκεψης των περισσοτερων.

Άγιος Κωνστάντιος ο Ρώσος : Πρόκειται για Ρώσο νεομάρτυρα († 26 Δεκ. 1743, στην Κωνσταντινούπολη) που εμόνασε και στην Ι. Μονή Μεγίστης Λαύρας του Αγίου Όρους, ή για Ρώσο επίσκο- πο (†1806) κατά χειρόγραφο της Ι. Μονής Κωσταμονίτου Αγίου Όρους, που μας άφησε κάποιες προφητείες: Το διαβάσαμε από το: Άγιος Κωνστάντιος ο Ρώσος προβλέπει ισως την αρχή και το τέλος του αρμαγεδώνα με ημερομηνίες!!!










Το διαβάσαμε από το: Άγιος Κωνστάντιος ο Ρώσος προβλέπει ισως την αρχή και το τέλος του αρμαγεδώνα με ημερομηνίες!!!

Saint Namedays Each Month In Greek Alphabetical Order
A – B
G – D – E – Z
Achilleus Achilles 24 APRIL
Adrianos Hadrian 26 AUGUST
Aemilianos Emil 18 / 8 JULY / AUGUST
Agathi Agatha 5 FEBRUARY
Aggelos Angelo 8 NOVEMBER
Aglaia 19 DECEMBER
Agni Agnes 21 JANUARY
Aikaterini Catherine 25 NOVEMBER
Agathaggelos 23 JANUARY
Akilas 14 JULY
Alexandros Alexander 30 AUGUST
Alexios Alex 17 MARCH
Alkiviadis 16 AUGUST
Anargyros 1 / 1 JULY / NOVEMBER
Anastasia Anastazia 22 DECEMBER
Anastasios 22 / 27 JANUARY – APRIL
Andreas Andrew 30 NOVEMBER
Andriani Andriana 30 NOVEMBER
Adrianos 26 AUGUST
Andronikos 17 / 30 MAY / JULY
Anthi 12 /15 APRIL / DECEMBER
Anthimos 3 SEPTEMBER
Antigoni Antigone 1 SEPTEMBER
Anna Anna 25 / 9 JULY / DECEMBER
Antonis Anthony 17 JANUARY
Apollon Apollo 5 JUNE
Apostolos 30 JUNE
Argyrios 1 / 1 JULY / NOVEMBER
Ariadni Ariadne 18 SEPTEMBER
Artemios 20 OCTOBER
Aristeidis 13 SEPTEMBER
Asklipios 27 FEBRUARY
Athanasios 18 JANUARY
Athina Athina 1 SEPTEMBER
Avgoustinos Augustine 15 JUNE
Baia 8 APRIL
Balentini Valentine 14 FEBRUARY
Basileios Basil 1 JANUARY
Bartholomaios Bartholomew 11 JUNE
Beroniki Veronica 12 JULY
Biktor Victor 11 NOVEMBER
Biktoria Victoria 11 NOVEMBER
Blasios 11 FEBRUARY
Gabril Gabriel 8 NOVEMBER
Galini 16 APRIL
Gerasimos 16/ 20 AUGUST / OCTOBER
Georgios George 23 APRIL
Glykeria 13 MAY
Grigoris Gregory 25 JANUARY
Damianos Damien 1 / 1 JULY / NOVEMBER
Daniil Daniel 17 DECEMBER
Despoina 15 AUGUST
Dimitrios 26 OCTOBER
Dimosthenis 10 APRIL
Diomidis 16 AUGUST
Dionysos Dionysus 3 / 17 OCTOBER / DECEMBER
Dorotheos 5 JUNE
Eirini Irene 5 MAY
Eleni Ellen, Helen 21 MAY
Elevtherios 15 DECEMBER
Elisabet Elizabeth 24 APRIL
Elpida Hope 17 SEPTEMBER
Emmanouil Emmanuel 26 DECEMBER
Epameinondas 10 APRIL
Ermioni Hermione 14 SEPTEMBER
Evagellos 25 MARCH
Evanthia Eve, Eva 11 SEPTEMBER
Evgenia Eugenie 24 DECEMBER
Evgenios Eugene 7 MARCH
Evdokia 1 MARCH
Evdoxia 31 JANUARY
Evfimia 11 / 16 JULY / SEPTEMBER
Evfrosini 25 SEPTEMBER
Evthalia 2 MARCH
Evthimios 11 / 16 JULY / SEPTEMBER
Evthimios 20 JANUARY
Evlampia 10 OCTOBER
Evlampios 10 OCTOBER
Evsebios 15 / 22 FEBRUARY / JUNE
Evstathios 20 SEPTEMBER
Evstratios 13 DECEMBER
Evtixios 6 / 24 APRIL / AUGUST
Zaxaria Zachary 8 / 5 FEBRUARY / SEPTEMBER
Zinobia 30 OCTOBER
Zinon 22 JUNE
Zoi Zoe 20 APRIL
Saint Namedays Each Month In Greek Alphabetical Order
H – TH – I – 0 – K – L
M – N – X – 0 – P
Hlias 20 JULY
Hraklis Hercules 10 APRIL
Hsaias Isaiah 9 MAY
Themistoklis Themistokles 21 DECEMBER
Theodosia 29 MAY
Theodosios 11 / 13 JANUARY / APRIL
Theodora Theodora 11 FEBRUARY
Theodoros Theodore 3 MARCH
Theologos 8 MAY
Theofanis 6 / 12 JANUARY / MARCH
Theofilos 8 JULY
Thomas Thomas 22 / 4 / 6 APRIL / MAY / OCTOBER
Iakovos Jacob 21 /23 MARCH / OCTOBER
Iason Jason 29 APRIL
Ieremias Jeremia 1 MAY
Ierotheos 4 OCTOBER
Ignatios Ignatius 20 DECEMBER
Iordanis Jordan 6 JANUARY
Ioulia Julia 18 MAY
Ioulianos Julian 21 DECEMBER
Ioulitta Juliette 15 JULY
Iounia June 17 MAY
Isidoros Isidore 4 / 14 FEBRUARY / MAY
Ioakeim Joacim 9 SEPTEMBER
Ioannis John 7 JANUARY
Isokratis 10 APRIL
Kalliopi 8 JUNE
Kirykos 15 JULY
Kleio Cleo 1 SEPTEMBER
Kleopatra Cleopatra 1 SEPTEMBER
Kosmas 1 / 1 JULY / NOVEMBER
Kyprianos 2 OCTOBER
Kyriaki 7 JULY
Kyriakos 29 SEPTEMBER
Konstantinos Constantine 21 MAY
Lazaros Lazarus 7 APRIL
Lampros 15 APRIL
Lavrentios Lawrence 10 AUGUST
Leonidas Leonidas 15 APRIL
Linos Linus 5 NOVEMBER
Loukas Luke 18 OCTOBER
Loukia Lucy 4 / 13 JULY / DECEMBER
Loukianos Lucien 15 OCTOBER
Lydia Lydia 20 MAY
Magdalini Magdalene 29 / 22 APRIL / JULY
Margarita Margaret 1 SEPTEMBER
Maria Maria, Mary 15 / 21 AUGUST / NOVEMBER
Marina Marina 17 JULY
Markella 22 JULY
Markos Mark, Marcus 25 APRIL
Martha Martha 4 JUNE
Mathaios Matthew 16 NOVEMBER
Maximos Maximus 21 JANUARY
Meletios 12 / 1 FEBRUARY / SEPTEMBER
Merkourios Mercury 25 NOVEMBER
Miltiadis 10 APRIL
Mixail Michael 8 NOVEMBER
Natalia Natalie 26 AUGUST
Nektarios 9 NOVEMBER
Neofytos 21 JANUARY
Nestor Nestor 27 OCTOBER
Nikitas 15 SEPTEMBER
Nikiforos 9 / 2 FEBRUARY / JUNE
Nikodimos Nikodemus 14 JULY
Nikolaos Nicholas 6 DECEMBER
Xenofon 26 JANUARY
Olga Olga 11 JULY
Olympia 25 JULY
Orestis Orestes 10 NOVEMBER
Palladios 28 JANUARY
Panagiotis 15 AUGUST
Panteleimon 27 JULY
Paraskevi 26 JULY
Parthenis 7 FEBRUARY
Pasxalis 15 APRIL
Pavlos Paul 29 JUNE
Pelagia 4 / 8 MAY / OCTOBER
Periklis 10 APRIL
Petros 29 JUNE
Pigi 20 APRIL
Platon Plato 18 NOVEMBER
Polikarpos 23 FEBRUARY
Polixeni 23 SEPTEMBER
Porfirios 26 FEBRUARY
Prodromos 7 JANUARY
Prokopios 8 JULY
Saint Namedays Each Month In Greek Alphabetical Order
S – T
F – X
Sarantis 16 AUGUST
Serafeim Serafim 6 / 8 / 4/ MAY / NOV / DEC
Sergios 13 / 7 MAY / OCTOBER
Simon Simon 10 MAY
Smaragdos 9 MARCH
Sofia Sophia, Sophie 17 SEPTEMBER
Sofoklis Sophocles 10 APRIL
Spiridon 12 DECEMBER
Stamatis 3 / 16 / 8 FEB / AUGUST / NOV
Stavros 14 SEPTEMBER
Stefanos Stephen 27 DECEMBER
Stylianos 26 NOVEMBER
Sokratis Socrates 27 OCTOBER
Sotirios 6 AUGUST
Taxiarxis 8 NOVEMBER
Tatiani 12 JANUARY
Timotheos Timothy 22 JANUARY
Titos 25 AUGUST
Triantafyllos 8 AUGUST
Fanourios 27 AUGUST
Febrona 25 JUNE
Filimon 6 / 22 JULY / NOVEMBER
Filippos Philip 14 NOVEMBER
Filothei 19 FEBRUARY
Foibi Phoebe 3 SEPTEMBER
Foteini 26 / 13 FEBRUARY / MARCH
Xaralampos Harold, Harry 10 FEBRUARY
Xarikleia 10 / 1 FEBRUARY / SEPTEMBER
Xaritini 5 OCTOBER
Xristina Christine 24 JULY
Xristodoulos 16 / 21 MARCH / OCTOBER
Xristos Christopher 25 DECEMBER
Xristoforos 9 MAY
Xrysafios 25 OCTOBER
Xrysanthos 19 MARCH
Xrysostomos 27 / 13 JANUARY / NOVEMBER

November 17 2012,Suicidal Greece in Pictures

An employee at the state-run Workers’ Housing Organization (OEK) crouches on a ledge while threatening to jump as a colleague speaks to her, in central Athens, Wednesday, February 15, 2012. The woman was fired as the agency was due to be shut as part of sweeping new austerity measures demanded by Greece’s EU-IMF rescue creditors. After hours of negotiations, the woman was brought to safety as she came in from the balcony. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

Looking for a Police State to blow your Whistle? Here you are! The ex- cradle of democracy the current cradle of Tyranny #tapwire  is nothing comparing to what Greek State has become. THIS IS NOT A STATE OF THE PEOPLE BUT OF THE EXTREMES,THE FASCISTS AND THE POLICE INTIMIDATING CIVILIANS

Λέγομαι Αντώνιος Περρής. Εδώ και 20 χρόνια φροντίζω την 90 χρονών Μητἐρα μου(την γεροντοκομώ). Τώρα τα 3- 4 χρόνια έχει πάθει Αλτζχάϊμερ και τελευταία την πιάνουν και κρίσεις σχιζοφρένειας και έχει κι᾽ άλλα προβλήματα υγείας, Και τα γηροκομεία δεν δέχονται τὀσο επιβαρυμένους ασθενείς.
Το πρὀβλημα είναι ότι δεν είχα προβλέψει να έχω αρκετό ρευστό στο λογαριασμό μου, διότι έπιασε ξαφνικά η οικονομική κρίση. Παρόλο που έχω αρκετή περιουσία, και τα πουλώ όλα όσο όσο τόσο καιρό, έχω μείνει χωρίς ρευστό(χρήματα) και δέν έχουμε πια να φάμε, κι´η πιστωτική μου κάρτα με 22% επιτόκιο γεμάτη κι´ας δανείζονται με 1%, κι´άλλα έξοδα που τρέχουν. Ζω πια συνέχεια μιά ζωή δράμα.

2) Τώρα τελευταία δυστυχώς έχω νέα σοβαρότατα δικά μου προβλήματα υγείας.

Δεν έχω καμμία λύση μπρος μου. Περιουσία αρκετή αλλά ρευστό καθόλου, οπότε χωρίς φαγητό τι γίνεται ? Μήπως ξέρει κανείς καμμία λύση.

Ισχυροί της γης γιά την οικονομική κρίση που δημιουργήσατε θέλετε κρέμασμα
και σας είναι λίγο.

Μη μείνει απ´ αυτούς κανείς.

1) Τον κόσμο αυτό αν θες να φτιάξεις
πρέπει ν΄αλλάξεις τη δομή,
πρωτού λόγω της απραξίας μας
μας αφανίσει η παρακμή,
μας κυβερνούν οι λωποδύτες,
οι τραπεζίτες κι´ οι αγιογδύτες
κι´ όλοι τους οι υποτακτικοί.

R. Δίχως έλεος λοιπόν, δίχως οίκτο,
κτύπα τους πριν αφανιστείς,
γιατί αλλιώς μεσ´ στη μιζέρια
και μεσ´ στο άδικο θα ζεις,
δίχως έλεος λοιπόν, δίχως οίκτο,
μη μείνει απ´ αυτούς κανείς.

2) Λέει η εντολή ου αυτοκτονήσεις,
μα κατ´ ανάγκη αυτοκτονείς,
χτύπα τους πριν σε αφανίσουν,
εγκληματείς που αδρανείς,
της ηθικής μας απραξίας
όπως και της νωθρότητάς μας
πια ας μην είμαστ´ ασθενείς.

MNA–Unprecedented, for Greece, percentages of depression and suicidal tendencies have been recorded in the Greece society, as well as anxiety and despair, in the past two years due to the economic recession, unemployment and the sense of insecurity, psychiatrists told a press conference on Thursday evening ahead of the 38th annual Panhellenic Medical Congress to be held in Athens next week.

Suicides climbed by 22 percent in the two-year period 2009-2011, while the number of people seeking help in support services have jumped by 20-30 percent.amna

According to Professor Eleftherios Lykouras, director of the Psychiatric Clinic of Attikon Hospital, children, even pre-schoolers, have been affected by the heavy climate, with the number of children requiring psychiatric care increasing by 10-15 percent in the two-year period. He said that most of the children are taken to hospital pediatric departments with intense headaches and stomach pains and pains in their extremities, with the diagnosis resulting from test results indicating a psychological, stress-related factor.amna

He said the reduction in incomes, unemployment and financial difficulties are risk factors for the occurrence of depression symptoms, while the debt is proving to be a critical factor in the link between financial difficulty and depression.amna

Further, fear, insecurity and uncertainty for the future are psychological effects connected with the economic parameters and can also lead to depression.

(Reuters) – On Monday, a 38-year-old geology lecturer hanged himself from a lamp post in Athens and on the same day a 35-year-old priest jumped to his death off his balcony in northern Greece. On Wednesday, a 23-year-old student shot himself in the head.

In a country that has had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world, a surge in the number of suicides in the wake of an economic crisis has shocked and gripped the Mediterranean nation – and its media – before a May 6 election.

The especially grisly death of pharmacist Dimitris Christoulas, who shot himself in the head on a central Athens square because of poverty brought on by the crisis that has put millions out of work, was by far the most dramatic.

Before shooting himself during morning rush hour on April 4 on Syntagma Square across from the Greek parliament building, the 77-year-old pensioner took a moment to jot down a note.

“I see no other solution than this dignified end to my life so I don’t find myself fishing through garbage cans for sustenance,” wrote Christoulas, who has since become a national symbol of the austerity-induced pain that is squeezing millions.

Greek media have since reported similar suicides almost daily, worsening a sense of gloom going into next week’s election, called after Prime Minister Lucas Papademos’s interim government completed its mandate to secure a new rescue deal from foreign creditors by cutting spending further.

Some medical experts say this form of political suicide is a reflection of the growing despair and sense of helplessness many feel. But others warn the media may be amplifying the crisis mood with its coverage and numbers may only be up slightly.

“The crisis has triggered a growing sense of guilt, a loss of self-esteem and humiliation for many Greeks,” Nikos Sideris, a leading psychoanalyst and author in Athens, told Reuters.

“Greek people don’t want to be a burden to anyone and there’s this growing sense of helplessness. Some develop an attitude of self-hatred and that leads to self-destruction. That’s what’s behind the increase in suicide and attempted suicide. We’re seeing a whole new category: political suicides.”

Police said the geology lecturer, Nikos Polyvos, who hanged himself, was distraught because a teaching job offer had been blocked due to a blanket hiring freeze in the public sector.

A blind protester shouts against anti-austerity measures during a protest near the Prime Ministers office in Athens, on February 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)


Experts say the numbers are relatively low – less than about 600 per year. But increases in suicides, attempted suicides, the use of anti-depressant medication and the need for psychiatric care are causing alarm in a nation unaccustomed to the problems.

Before the financial crisis began wreaking havoc in 2009, Greece had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world – 2.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. There was a 40 percent rise in suicides in the first half of 2010, according to the Health Ministry.

There are no reliable statistics on 2011 but experts say Greece’s suicide rate has probably doubled to about 5 per 100,000. That is still far below levels of 34 per 100,000 seen in Finland or 9 per 100,000 in Germany. Attempted suicides and demand for psychiatric help has risen as Greece struggles to cope with the worst economic crisis since World War Two.

Nikiforos Angelopoulos, a professor of psychiatry, has a busy psychotherapy practice in an upmarket Athens neighbourhood. He said the crisis has exacerbated the problems for some already less stable people and estimates that about five percent of his patients have developed problems due to the crisis.

“We’re a nation in shock,” he said, even though he suspected that it was the media coverage of suicides that had increased dramatically rather than the actual numbers of suicides. He nevertheless says the crisis is behind a notable rise in mental health problems in Greece.

“I had one patient who came in with a severe depression – he owns a furniture making company that got into financial trouble and he had to lay off 20 of his 100 workers,” he said. “He couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat because of that. He said his good business was being ruined and he couldn’t cope anymore.”

The furniture maker spent four months in therapy and was also helped by anti-depressants, Angelopoulos said.

“He’s better now. He realised what happened just happened. But there are many others who are unstable or psychotic to begin with and the crisis is increasing their anxiety and insecurity.”

Angelopoulos, 60, has also suffered himself because about 20 percent of his patients can no longer afford his 100 euro ($130) per hour sessions. Some have asked for a half-price discount while others tell him they simply can’t afford to pay anything.

“I never turn people away,” he said. “If a patient says to me ‘I have no money’, I couldn’t tell them to go away. I tell them okay you don’t have to pay now but remember me later.”


There are several possible explanations for Greece’s low suicide rate that go beyond the fact that the country has an abundance of sunshine and balmy weather.

To avoid stigmatising their families, some suicidal Greeks deliberately crash their cars, which police often charitably report as accidents. Families often try to cover up a suicide so their loved ones can’t be buried because the Greek Orthodox church refuses to officiate at burials of people who commit suicide.[…….]

Another important factor behind the low suicide rate is that Greeks have extremely close knit families as well as a highly communicative and expressive culture.

“Greece is a country where everyone will talk to you,” said Sideris, the Athens psychoanalyst. “You’ll always find someone to share your suffering with and someone’s always there to help.

“It’s not only the good weather. It’s the powerful network of support that has made the suicide rate in Greece so low. It’s still there but this crisis is still too much for some people.”

Κι εμεις φωναζαμε Ζητω και Γεια την Πρωτη Μερα

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