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LRA Response to Cony 2012: Rambo Type Campaing:: the file


History is a great teacher.Humanity ignores its lessons at its own peril.Perhaps the late United States Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara who provided political leadership to the US military adventure in South East Asia during the 1960’snever had the advantage to benefit from Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s critique of that war.Had Secretary McNamara so benefited from that civilized critique – millions of lives may have been saved, and much hate and venom against the USA would have been avoided.In May 1954, Indian Prime Minister Nehru, aptly warned through a friend who was well connected to the US leadership:-“I do not think that there are many examples in history of a succession of wrong policies being followed by a country as by the United States in the Far East during the past five or six years.“They have taken one wrong step after another…“They think they can solve any problem with money and arms.“They forget the human element.“They forget the nationalist urges of the people.“They forget the resentment of the people in Asia against impositions.”


Obama Lies,Kony Dies : Oil Wars



I’m starting to think I’m paranoid.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about U.S. special forces invading Africa in an undeclared war against the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The point of my article was that the world is running out of oil, and that formally forgotten or politically-unfeasible locations were now in play…

These areas include South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia.

I went on to say the world wasn’t paying much attention to this — and that you could make a lot of money off it.

I Stand Corrected

Today Joseph Kony is among the top ten Twitter trends and number three on Google searches, knocking off the usual fusillade of silicone celebrities.

For those of you who don’t Tweet, Kony is a tin-pot rebel leader with a long history of atrocities.

He is head of a dwindling movement called the Lord’s Resistance Army which is trying to install a government in Uganda based on the Ten Commandments.

He is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. His forces have been known to massacre whole villages, cut noses, ears, and hands off people, and force children into sex slavery and war.

Kony is about as evil as they come and should be disemboweled, dipped in honey, and tied to an ant hill… or at the very least, tried and hung.

And as I said, about 100 members of Delta Force are hunting him in the Ugandan jungle. I imagine they are getting close.

More Lies from Obama

Maybe I’m overthinking things, but yesterday our fine president said: “Oil is the fuel of the past.”

He went on, “We need to invest in the technology that will help us use less oil in our cars and our trucks, and our buildings, and our factories. That’s the only solution to the challenge. Because as we start using less, that lowers the demand, prices come down. Pretty straightforward.”

This guy is either lying… or stupid.

Gas prices are the highest they have ever been at this time of year.

According to Obama’s own government agency, the EIA, gasoline prices averaged $3.84 for March 5, 2012.

But according to MasterCard’s SpendingPulse report — which has direct data on gasoline purchases — demand has been falling for years!

Bloomberg reports:

“Drivers bought 8.37 million barrels a day of gasoline in the seven days ended March 2. Purchases totaled 58.6 million barrels, the 10th week in a row that demand fell below 60 million. That’s a record,” John Gamel, a gasoline analyst and director of economic analysis for SpendingPulse, said…

Gasoline use was down 6.5 percent from a year earlier, the 26th consecutive week demand was lower than year-earlier levels.

Demand over the previous four weeks was 6.3 percent below the same period in 2011. That’s the 50th consecutive decline in that measure and the biggest drop since February 2010.

Just Wrong

So what our Commander in Chief says is not only wrong, but not “straightforward” at all.

Gasoline prices are hitting record highs and demand is hitting record declines.

Reality is the exact opposite of what our highest hypocrite says it is.

This is no surprise really — and I’m not here to bash Obama.

He is a politician; I price in the fact that he will lie to my face.

I don’t expect Obama to talk about Bernanke’s printing press and the real reason the price of oil is skyrocketing in dollar terms. But today, my friend, I’m delving into conspiracies and the government spin machine that generates them.

Last week, no one cared about Africa or Joseph Kony.

Then Obama starts talking about the price of gasoline…

Three days ago, the U.S. Customs Enforcement said that it can seize any domain name: .com, .org, .net…

And today, Joseph Kony is beating out the usual parade of vapid sluts on Twitter and Google.

People are suddenly outraged by this guy who has been around for 20 years. My guess is that “Free Uganda” will replace “Free Tibet” on bra-less co-eds’ Earth Day T-shirts.

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The Quest for Oil

According to The Economist, Uganda expects to earn $2 billion a year from oil by 2015.

But there is more oil in South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia… lots of shallow basin oil that has never been touched.

I’ve written before about the East African Rift oil basin. You know about the secret drone strikes against Al-Qaeda in Somalia and the increase in troop strength in the U.S.’s Africa Command AFRICOM located in Djibouti.

Now you know about the concerted propaganda push against one of the last remnants of the Cold War: a jungle fighter with 300 or 1,000 followers who happens to be in the way of energy extraction.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for it. More oil, less death and destruction, and massive opportiunties for Crisis & Opportunity readers.

Everybody wins.

Somali Oil

I’ve found one 11-cent company that is drilling in the Puntland region of Somalia. Well, it’s a 20-cent company now…123

Their well is down to 2,002 meters of a designed 3,800 meters.

They reported yesterday: “The well is currently drilling a 400 meter section composed of inter-bedded sandstones and shales believed to be Upper Cretaceous in age. Most of the sandstone intervals in this section have exhibited oil and gas shows confirming the existence of a working petroleum system.”

Locals Support the Drilling

According to the BBC:

Farah Hassan Atosh, a traditional elder and resident of Armo town, 28 kilometers northwest of the oil field, said: “We are expecting great things. It will change our lives for the better. Insh’Allah [God willing] we will never depend on others to give us food again. You can see many more people arriving every day and it can only add to the development of the town.”

Drilling began in January 2012, and locals support the project, he said.

“We not only support it, we will defend it from anyone who wants to stop it. They are employing many young men who would have been idle and easy prey for recruitment into militias.”

Obama wants to get reelected. Taking out bad guys, pacifying East Africa (including his ancestral homeland of Kenya), and increasing the supply of oil won’t hurt.

I’m guessing Kony is either dead or will be dead soon.

Look forward to Obama claiming another victory against terrorism and new oil discoveries in Uganda over the next month or so.


The Kony Scam:Funded by Chase Bank and Big Oil


You have probably seen or heard about the Kony 2012 campaign. The professionally produced advertising campaign from Invisible Children has gone viral to demand that a Ugandan rebel leader, Joseph Kony, turn himself in for war crimes.

The video makes a compelling, emotional appeal based on a simplified, yet reasonably accurate history of child soldiers in Kony’s “The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Invisible Children would like the US to be more involved in bringing Joseph Kony to justice.

Let’s look at the context. As with most politics, it’s a bit complex. It gets exciting near the end, I promise.

The British established a colony in Uganda, and entrusted the Acholi tribe with the military power to keep the peace.

In 1986, Ugandan President Tito Okello, a member of the Acholi tribe was overthrown in a violent revolution by Yoweri Museveni, a corrupt Marxist dictator who quickly outlawed political opposition. Religion is also a factor: the Acholis are Catholic, and Museveni is a born-again Christian.

In Uganda, peaceful political parties and protests are illegal.

Without any ability to form an opposing political party, many Acholis initially supported Joseph Kony‘s rebellion. But Kony’s popularity failed when he began to brutally enforce his own strict version of Catholicism on his tribe to create a new government based on his interpretation of the 10 Commandments.

When his popularity dissipated, Kony turned to forced recruitments. It’s estimated that Kony’s forces have kidnapped between 60 to 100,000 children since 1986, often killing their parents in the process.

Uganda (a Catholic and born-again Christian country) has sided with South Sudan (also Christian) in their struggle for freedom against Northern Sudan (predominantly Muslim). In retaliation, Northern Sudan began funding Joseph Kony in the mid-1990′s.

Now, the war in Sudan has reached an unstable truce. After the International Criminal Court issued an indictment against Joseph Kony, Northern Sudan cut off his funding. Joseph Kony has disappeared, and is probably no longer in Uganda. Many believe he is hiding in the African bush, probably in Congo. The fact is – Kony is no longer leading an army or kidnapping child soldiers.

So, here’s the big question: Why does Invisible Children want the United States and the United Kingdom focused on a retired rebel leader, Joseph Kony, when there are still many other active child armies in other countries?

Joseph Kony has been kidnapping children since 1986 (over 26 years) why should we care now? What has changed?


In 2005, oil was discovered in Uganda. Tullow Oil has been planning to pump 200,000 barrels of oil per day, but the Marxist President Yoweri Museveni’s administration is now very unstable and reeling from bribery scandals. The political instability and existence of the Lord’s Resistance Army, has slowed the plans to produce oil.

In 2008, the United States military assisted financially and logistically during the unsuccessful Operation Lightning Thunder to stop Kony.

In May 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama signed into law the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act that made it American policy to kill or capture Joseph Kony and to crush his rebellion.

In October 2011, Obama authorized the deployment of approximately 100 combat-equipped U.S. troops to central Africa. Their goal is to help regional forces remove Kony and senior LRA leaders from the battlefield.

JP Morgan, Chase Bank, and Exxon Mobil

Chase Bank contributed $1 million to Invisible Children to help them produce the KONY 2012 campaign, among other programs. AND JP Morgan Chase is also a major investment banker of Tullow Oil.. That’s right, the oil company that needs US military help to pump oil out of Uganda.

Exxon Mobil is now a major partner in the oil drilling operation in Uganda. JP Morgan and Chase Bank are intimately tied to Exxon Mobil through the Rockefeller family with corporate board members sharing positions in both companies.

Invisible Children Fails to Meet Standards for Charities

The Better Business Bureau has strongly criticized Invisible Children for its lack of transparency.

“I don’t understand their reluctance to provide basic information,” says H. Art Taylor, President and CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. “The whole point of the effort is to shine the light of truth on a terrible atrocity, and yet they seem to be reluctant to turn that light on themselves. It’s really unfortunate.”

Only 37% of the money raised by Invisible Children goes to the communities that desperately need the money in Uganda.


Invisible Children may be a legitimate charity interested in helping the people of Uganda, but they are being used by oil companies and banks to encourage American military intervention in Uganda.

Before you donate to a cause, or even forward a video, learn about the real issues. The underlying cause of Joseph Kony’s rise to power is the Marxist President Yoweri Museveni’s ban on legitimate politcal opposition, and the support by foreign governments like Sudan. Arresting Joseph Kony may help encourage peace, but the real answer is political and economic reform inside Uganda.

Sending US military troops is not the answer to every political problem in the world.

Short URL: http://occupythe99percent.com/?p=12577


From Kony to the US & UK and to Greece: "Don't believe the Hype"

When oil executives announced the discovery of the largest onshore oil reserves in the Lake Albert region of Uganda in July 2009, the landlocked, oft-neglected East African nation of Uganda went from relative obscurity to a key partner for multi-national oil conglomerates.

Although buoyed by the news, the people of Uganda were naturally cautious, having seen how oil finds in Nigeria and Angola have brought more violence, bloodshed and instability than peace or prosperity.

These worst fears of Ugandans were lent further credence late last year, when President Obama announced he would be deploying US troops on the ground in Uganda, ostensibly to help capture Joseph Kony, the charismatic leader of a small rebel force that has been accused of murders, rapes and kidnaps in Uganda for decades. The timing of the deployment, however, coming at the exact same time as accusations that some of the highest officials in the Ugandan government were guilty of accepting bribes from international oil companies, only further confirmed that the deployment had less to do with Kony, an elusive figure who in fact left Uganda six years ago, and more to do with the securing of American oil interests.

For years, American interests in Africa have been increasingly threatened by China, the resource-hungry fast-growing second-largest economy in the world. America and its allies have noted with increasing dismay China’s growing economic cooperation with Africa, including its vast investment in the infrastructure for oil exploration, drilling and transportation in countries like Libya and Sudan. In recent years, China has been building up its relations with Uganda, and just last month the newly-appointed Chinese ambassador to Uganda, Zhao Yali, announced a series of measures to increase ties with the soon-to-be oil-rich African nation, including the granting of tariff free exports, and investments in transportation projects, power plants, and infrastructure.

But now, just as China makes its overtures toward Uganda to gain a potential toehold in the region and access to the as-yet-untapped oil wealth, a new video about Joseph Kony has suddenly gone viral online, having been viewed 10s of millions of times in just a week, and changing the focus of the American foreign policy debate toward greater US military involvement in oil-rich Uganda. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it suggests that the only way to capture Kony is to maintain an American military presence in the region.

It wasn’t long before Ugandans themselves took to social media to try to inject their own voice into the debate.

But such words of caution have fallen on the deaf ears of a public who believe that the problem of Kony is a simple one requiring an equally simple solution: more American troops. Just this week, a new bill was introduced in Congress that would see an expansion in regional forces in Africa.

What the film’s well-meaning supporters, many of them youth activists rallying behind a political cause for the first time, don’t realize, is that the Kony film, whether wittingly or not, is accomplishing what years of Pentagon propaganda could not muster: public support for an expanded American military role in Africa.

The process of setting up a unified American military command for the continent of Africa began in 2006, with then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld forming a committee to advise on the formation of AFRICOM. Officially established in October 2008, AFRICOM’s mission statement is to “strengthen our security cooperation with Africa and create new opportunities to bolster the capabilities of our partners in Africa.” In reality, this provides a convenient excuse for maintaining and expanding a permanent American military presence in the region.

Libya’s Gaddafi was strongly opposed to the AFRICOM mission, and predicted that China would ultimately have more success wooing the continent with its hands-off approach to trade and investment in Africa. In the early weeks of the Libyan bombing of 2011, AFRICOM took a lead role in the campaign, coordinating warships, aircraft and munitions.

Late last year, I had the chance to talk to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about AFRICOM, and how the US is increasingly turning its military attention to Africa in an effort to secure Africa’s resources.

Now, as the gears of the Washington political-military complex grind into action yet again, a bewildered public is asking itself how such a phenomenon as the Kony 2012 video and attendant activist campaign arose so quickly, and what this means for the future of the political process.

The campaign itself was organized around the concept of recruiting celebrities like Rihanna, Tim Tebow and Mark Zuckerberg to promote the video. After receiving significant boosts from tweets by the likes of P. Diddy and Kim Kardashian, and media interviews by Angelina Jolie, the hype surrounding the video seemed to be a spontaneous phenomenon, but was in fact a planned PR rollout.

In the end, perhaps there is something positive that can be taken out of this latest ploy to rally public support for greater military conquest. If nothing else, the Kony phenomenon has shown us that with the right video and the right marketing, any idea–no matter how periphery to the current political debate–can be catapulted into the limelight and become a rallying cry for millions.

Perhaps, then, like-minded activists might be able to organize a campaign around another infamous child-killer, this one responsible not for kidnapping tens of thousands of children, but for killing hundreds of thousands:

Or perhaps a Bush/Cheney/Blair/Rumsfeld 2012 campaign could be mounted to bring to justice the war criminals who launched illegal wars of aggression by lying to the public about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Or the Obama 2012 campaign could refer not to the ongoing political campaign to re-elect the President, but an alternative campaign to hold him accountable for his moves toward outright dictatorship over America with the signing into law of the NDAA and his self-proclaimed power to assassinate American citizens on command.

Or perhaps a well-made video could rally the public around a Blankflein 2012 campaign to hold Goldman Sachs and its Board of Directors accountable for its crimes against the people of the world, from the US to Greece to the UK and beyond. Source

The Kony Scam:it's all about oil.. again

The Kony 2012 – ‘save the invisible children’ campaign, launched on Monday 5th March, and went viral in a matter of days with the help of celebrities and the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

There is no question that Joseph Kony is a incredibly evil man. If you are part of facebook or twitter, you have almost certainly noticed a lot of your friends voicing themselves as “activists” since tuning into a particular Youtube video supposedly made by the “Kony 2012″ and the Invisible Children organisation. Even high level celebrities have pledged to “fight the cause” by publicising the campaign.

You may remember back to last October, when it was in the news that the U.S had deployed a small force to Northern Uganda, to battle one of Africa’s most brutal forces, the Lord’s Resistance Army, led by Joseph Kony. It was said that more troops would be ultimately be dispatched to the South Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo as ‘advisers’.

At the same time, Bill Clinton was in Uganda with his ‘Clinton Global Initiative’. He had been there for quite a while, and had had a lot of involvement with Uganda in the 1990’s. You may recall, just before all this had happened, there was a HUGE oil strike in Uganda.

This video, comes out at a very oppertune moment… I shall quote from the news of February 17th through the 20th of this year:

‘ Tullow Oil, say they have found another 1 billion dollar oil find in Northern Uganda’. Also Anaconda Company are in there in Uganda too. Of course when you have more oil being discovered, interest is ramped up somewhat.
Where Did the Movie Come From?

This movie was actually done in 2004. It was an hour long and was finally released in 2006 and got very little attention so it was re-cut to this shorter version and released again in 2012. The movie recieved $850,000 to be payed to the ‘Invisible Children Feature Film LLC’. – a comercial venture. The boss of this company being Jedidiah Jenkins, who was also the “Director of Idea Development for Invisible Children”. He was not however mentioned in the credits of the film. He is Kristen Bell’s boyfriend. She is also listed on the board of directors. we have the whole Holywood A-Team here.

So of course, what made this go viral, is that they have convinced celebrities of the ilk of Rihanna and P-Diddy to tweet about the video. Curiously P-Diddy wasnt on the list of 20 celebs, assumedly because he was already on board- that they’d already got him.

Surely Mark Zuckerberg is smart enough to see through this. But then again didn’t they include a major advertising plug at the start of the video obviously to get him on board? ‘None of this would be possible without Facebook’.

Now look at the 12 politicians ‘chosen’. If you were just going to pick famous politicians, are there not a few people that dont fit in ‘the big 12’? Kay Granger? the only one with a photo in a red shirt. There is no rational why she should be on this list other than; A) she’s from…. Texas with lots of oil companies, B) she’s on the sub committee for defence. C) a member of the council of foreign relations. She definitely qualifies!
Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda’s Children, Faith J. H. McDonn Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda’s Children, Faith J. H. McDonn
Current Bid: $7.86
Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda’s Children Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda’s Children
Current Bid: $5.02
First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and th First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and th
Current Bid: $22.42
Child, Victim, Soldier: The Loss of Innocence in Uganda Child, Victim, Soldier: The Loss of Innocence in Uganda
Current Bid: $15.11
Invisible Children’s Mission

Quoting from the video:

‘…Because now, we know what to do. Here it is. In order for Kony to be arrested this year, the Ugandan Military has to find him. In order to find him, they need the technology and training to track him in the vast jungle. Thats where the American advisers come in. But in order for the American advisers to be there, the US military has to deploy them. They’ve done that, but if the government doenst believe the people care about arresting Kony, the mission will be cancelled. In order for the people to care, they have to know. And they will only know if Kony’s name is everywhere….’

So let me just explain, Kony hasn’t actually been active since 2006 when he went into hiding in the Sudan or Congo. What is more, according to governmental reports, the LRA consists of approximately 200 so called ‘troops’, nothing near the thousands claimed in the video.

Not only that, but the atrocities going on in Uganda, have probably been even worse because of President Museveni. Clinton is a big supporter of Museveni, and has effectively taken the Acholi tribe, and thrown them into a ‘Displaced Persons Encampment’ which could be considered the modern day equivalent to Auschwitz. There are many videos on youtube of these camps so you can see what is really going on for yourselves.

Museveni is doing many of the terrible things that Joseph Kony is being accused of and there is no logical reason to have this HUGE media hype campaign to go and get Kony and not Museveni as well, other than to try and unite the people of America, just like what happened with Al-Qaeda, so that a long awaited dream of the US Government can be realised. The African Command or AFRICOM. Up until now, the US have not yet found a home for AFRICOM, however it would be very handy base AFRICOM in Uganda to protect the oil interests of the west- which have heavy involvement from Bill Clinton.

America Needs a New Enemy

You just watch… Slowly we will see AFRICOM being planted firmly in Northern Uganda, South Sudan, and the Kongo. You will see encampments popping up all around the Tullow oil fields and Lake Charles. All of a sudden it is SO important to find Kony even though he hasnt been on the scene for 6 years. All this directly after a major oil discovery. Coincidence? I think not. Bill Clinton (adviser to Tullow) has been greasing the wheels for this for years. Last time something like this happened, a small force of ‘tech experts’ were sent into Iraq and look what happened next. AFRICOM is the next big move and Kony 2012 is just a propoganda tool that Goebbels himself would have been proud of.Source

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