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Cuando la vida se pierda tras una cortina de años

Enseñarme a ser feliz en una basija del barro


La Barca de sua:encantadora de serpientes


La Encantadora de Serpientes

(La Charmeuse de Serpents, c.1907, Henri Rousseau)

me he perdido en la selva,
he matado a un león.
Es mentira, estoy muerto de miedo.

he llorado en silencio,
he viajado en el suave silencio
del Encantador.

aquel hombre perdido,
el atleta escondido
después de la humillación.

unos pasos ruidosos,
y es por eso que un oso cabrón
me arrancó el corazón
¡me arrancó el corazón!

Entre los matojos encontré una flautita
y encanté una serpiente,
para que trajera un pato rosa
y nos cantara una canción de cuna,
para mí y para la luna…

Hoy, me ha pintado Rousseau,
y parezco valiente.
Miro a mi alrededor, desde aquí,
y es peor,
si se ríen del Encantador.

Entre los matojos encontró una flautita
y encantó una serpiente,
para que trajera un pato rosa
y nos cantara una canción de cuna,
para mí y para la luna…

Entre los matojos encontré una flautita
y encanté una serpiente,
para que trajera un pato rosa
y nos cantara una canción de cuna,
para mí y para la luna…


An Experiment In Earthquake Control,The Army,Chevron and the Oil Fields: the pdf report.



It Always Happens when People With No Guns Stand Up Against People With Guns


The World Is NOT going to wait for YOU to get up from the sofa and switch off the TV .. The world IS changing Course. Either you are with the ones with the guns or you are with the rest of us,the 99%. But you have to choose side

Respect to all the People of our global community that are rising up against manipulation and enforcement. All copuntries in protest are not mentioned but it doesn’t mean we ignore their righteous struggle against Suppression.











Profiting from Europe's New Gold Rush


Written by Jeff Clark
Date: 07-20-2012
Subject: Casey Research Articles

Europe owns a sizable chunk of the world’s natural resources.

Over the past few decades, however, EU countries have mostly imported their resources.

Outlandish? Maybe.

But it was simply easier, cheaper, and most importantly it avoided most environmental conflicts.

Getting through government regulation and facing off eco-friendly groups is a time-consuming and outrageously expensive business… a fool’s errand.

When you can simply import and let other countries deal with all the hassle, it made a lot of sense. But things change.

When no one’s got a job, it truly focuses the political agenda.

Europe’s job market is a mess. Demonstrators are crying out for action, for opportunity, for jobs.

And mines employ a lot of people.

The trend is reversing because of Europe’s sluggish economy and the real benefits of the increase in local jobs and the leap in tax revenue that mining projects bring.

Of course, local economies benefit. Hotels are full of transient engineers and specialists, grocery stores feed the workers, and bars serve liquor to quench their dusty throats.

Then, of course, the government got involved…

Brussels, 2011.

Seeing the benefits of the jobs, income-tax revenues, and all-around political advantages, a “Raw Materials Strategy” was initiated in 2008, then revised and updated in 2010, and again in 2011.

The aim was to encourage sustainable supplies of raw materials from within the EU.

It calls for policies in support of domestic mining.

So far, so good…

In September 2011, the European Parliament adopted the “EU Raw Materials Strategy,” a generally pro-mining document, though it’s sometimes criticized by the industry for being “too bureaucratic.”

“It’s positive, of course, that the political climate in Europe is at least in theory becoming more supportive of mining”

So on the one hand, the government says, “Sure, go ahead,” and spends years (and no doubt millions of euros) coming up with a plan, while the other hand slaps down a bunch of rules that stifles initiative, adds massively to production costs, and once more makes mining companies think twice before they put down the millions it takes to get started.

Driller killers, indeed.

Yet the gold mining sector in Europe represents 16,000 direct and indirect jobs as of 2009, and that is surely growing.

So for the gold, the tax, the jobs, and for more than a few political careers, mining is right up at the top of the political agenda.

And despite the regulation stranglehold governments put on mining companies, they are still reopening abandoned mines and are exploring entirely new areas.

For investors, that’s very positive, exciting news.

Europe’s New Gold Rush

In Casey Research’s BIG GOLD, we’ve been talking a lot lately about the three main zones of metallogenic significance for gold in Europe: the Iberian Pyrite Belt; the Carpathian Arc; and the Baltic Shield.

The first crosses from Portugal through southern Spain.

The second stretches from the Czech Republic through Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, and into Turkey.

Number three, the Baltic Shield, traverses from western Russia through Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Europe’s gold mining contribution is approximately 1.2% of global mine production (though demand from the EU is roughly 15% of worldwide totals).

Sweden, Finland, Spain, and Bulgaria are currently the largest gold producers in Europe. They mine about 640,000 million ounces of gold annually.

Other countries with operating gold mines are Greenland, France, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, and the UK.

Among the gold companies operating in the region are Eldorado Gold (EGO) in Greece and Romania; Agnico-Eagle (AEM) in Finland; and Gabriel Resources (T.GBU) in Romania, as well as other majors and juniors across the continent.

Europe’s New Frontiers

2011 was a banner year for European mining.

Exploration expenditures were estimated to reach approximately €400 million (US$490 million), an all-time high. The largest share of those exploration dollars was concentrated in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Greenland.

These countries, together with Poland, accounted for €288 million or two-thirds of total exploration expenditures last year.

This is even more impressive when put into historical perspective.

As you can see in the chart below, Nordic exploration spending has grown by almost four times in just ten years.

[Source: Euromines.org]

Both local and international companies are active in this region.

Further, junior companies that we look at in detail in BIG GOLD are expanding rapidly; Euromines reports that in Sweden, for example, juniors account for some 50% of total exploration dollars being spent.

Why has the attractiveness of the Nordic countries increased so dramatically?

–The area is largely underexplored, and its geological similarity to Canada, Australia, and West Africa makes the Baltic Shield a highly prospective place for new discoveries.

Miners know what to expect and they already have the technology in place, so profitability for them and their investors comes that much sooner.

These countries have well-developed infrastructure (roads and railways) and telecommunication.
–They have access to highly educated, trained, and experienced staff to support projects during all phases of mining is widely available.
–The attitude of both the public and politicians toward exploration and mining is generally positive, especially in the northern parts of the region, though anti-mine protests still take place. Since the area is not densely populated, the NIMBY (“not in my back yard”) factor is largely absent.
–Keeping the green lobby happy means keeping the mines open, operating, and creating a robust, investment-worthy business.

Europeans tend to be very concerned about ecology, so environmental issues are closely watched and strictly regulated.

Though most responsible miners make concerted efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, miners in Europe focus on this to a high degree.

The divide between miners and environmentalists has shrunk over the past few decades due to advances in technology.

But a bigger reason for the cooperation is the eroding economic situation. To a certain degree, politicians have been forced to find a more reasonable balance between conservation and the economic benefits mining can bring.

Spain, for example, has its economic back to the wall, starting with a record unemployment rate of more than 24%.

Astur Gold (V.AST) is working on getting the Spanish Salave gold deposit into production (which a previous company failed to do in 2005). The jobs it will bring no doubt add to the appeal; the company has received over 6,300 job applications.

Management has received two of three environmental permits and hopes to finalize the third by year end. If the project is fully permitted, the economic impact on the area will be both immediate and dramatic.

Will the Driller Killer Return?

The biggest threats to mining in Europe are resource nationalism, significant skills shortages, and infrastructure access in certain areas (see first news item below).

However, even on these issues, Europe is in a better position than many other areas.

The continent has a strong tradition of transparent and stable laws, along with respect for private property, leaving few in support of outright nationalization.

Western European countries also usually have well-developed infrastructure and an educated and skilled labor force.

On the other hand, bureaucratic procedures, overregulation, and a dense population outside of the northern countries have worked to keep massive mine development across Europe from accelerating as it has elsewhere.

Still, the carrot dangled by the mining industry looks awfully juicy…

–If Romania approves Gabriel Resources’ Rosia Montana gold mine, for example, the project is estimated to bring some US$30 billion of economic benefits to the country.

The company hopes to mine 9.6 million ounces of gold and 51.5 million ounces of silver over 16 years. Eldorado’s Olympias and Skouries mines in the Halkidiki region will produce about 350,000 ounces of gold annually beginning in 2015.

Management is spending €1.3 billion to develop the projects, which will create 1,800 jobs in a country where unemployment is close to 20%.

Overall, the atmosphere for gold mining in Europe appears to be improving. Its importance is recognized in Brussels; even though only a few clumsy steps have been taken, the general attitude is making a positive shift.

With the benefits mining can bring – more jobs and greater revenue – we think there will be fewer objections overall, especially in the more desperate countries. It won’t solve all their problems, but there’s no doubt it would relieve some of the fiscal pressure.

From an investment point of view, it’s a region to watch. We fully expect to find increasing opportunities here.Source


Amnesty International Promotes Anti-Semitism Among Children


March 24, 2010 | From eurasiareview.com

Everything began when Israel’s embassy in Madrid, Spain started receiving letters written by 9-year old children and filled with anti-Semitic content. In their lines, the minors accused Israelis of military crimes and torture. The children’s letters included phrases such as “Jews kill for money,” “Leave the country to the Palestinians,” or “Go somewhere else where they accept you.” Israel presented a formal complaint to Spain’s ambassador in Tel Aviv since the letters had as senders different schools belonging to the Spanish public education network. Although the letters came from an array of schools throughout Spain, the ones written by elementary school children at El Castell School (in Almoines, Valencia) were the ones distilling a much deeper hatred for Israel. The school’s principal indicated that he knew nothing about this initiative.

Where did it all start? El Castell School belongs to the Amnesty International (AI) school network whose purpose – according to the organization’s webpage – is to carry out “some (or all!) mobilization proposals” organized by AI for its members. AI has created a network of indoctrination and political proselytism in schools and institutes throughout Spain, in which it organizes activities and distributes materials. To join the AI school network, it’s enough that one teacher of that school wants to join. AI offers the possibility of belonging to its network of political activism without regard for the opinions of parents and its adhesion forms don’t need to get the green light from the principal’s office for the children to be indoctrinated.

Through some teachers, Amnesty International organizes school visits and campaigns; its activists arrange lectures and distribute material among schoolchildren. One of their campaigns is to propose children to start a letter-writing campaign denouncing Israeli authorities.

This sort of campaign means to engage 10-year old minors in activism, following the mobilization scheme that Amnesty International uses with its associates. To this end, the organization drafted a two-part document with elementary school children in mind. In the first part, AI accuses Israelis of military crimes, of murdering innocent people, hindering the investigations, and manipulating the facts. In the second part, Amnesty International exhorts children to write a letter to the Israeli ambassador in Spain and even provides the children with the address (Velazquez St.) so that they can denounce Israel.

It all resulted in many letters sent to Israel’s embassy in Madrid conveying in every detail the ideas and arguments that AI expresses about Israelis. The letters include phrases such as: “Mr. Ambassador… You should think twice (or more) before killing women and children.” In some letters, Israel is accused of killing for money while in others children demand that the Jews leave their country behind. These letters are signed by 9-year olds.

This scandal involving Amnesty International has some aspects. The first one has to do with AI’s indoctrination campaign of Spanish children. The organization has created a network of teachers with access to children of all ages: from seniors in high school, to middle school, to even elementary school.

AI recreates the campaigns directed to its members and applies them to children in an exercise of child indoctrination. Besides, it performs this activity using the Spanish public school network, paid for with taxpayers’ money, to impart lessons and distribute printed works and audiovisual materials. This takes place during school hours without parental input or knowledge and oftentimes without the school principal’s knowledge. In the case of El Castell School, the principal declared that he found out about the scandal in the newspapers and that everything started with AI’s campaign in his school. .

The second aspect has to do with the specific case of this anti-Jewish campaign. Amnesty International indoctrinates children in hatred of Jews and Israelis, manipulating them ideologically and feeding 9-year olds with information they cannot discern. Firstly, AI’s campaign in the schools tells the children that Israel shoots against women and children, that it commits war crimes, that it tortures and murders its Palestinian victims. Secondly, the children draw the conclusion that Israelis are murderers without scruples, that they kill children, that they kill for money and that they don’t let the people in Gaza live in peace. In addition, Amnesty International goes a step further and urges schoolchildren to participate in campaigns against Israel by sending their letters to Israel’s embassy. AI manipulates children and turns them into anti-Israel political activists behind their parents’ backs.


What is going on here?

And how are the Bilderberg club involved in this stupid but deadly game?

I guess we are all familiar with the Greek “Divine Comedy” either we agree or not with all the name calling,the Med Club and other distractions.
But is it really a debt story? Or is it something deeper than a bunch of lazy guys evading tax?

As i said here trying to make an eestimation,not even close to prediction.. but just because I have been quite familiar with politics once upon a time.. all this have less to do with debts,defaults,sovereign,cash,and /or countries.

Isn’t it amazingly surprising that in less than a day after the notorious Greek election (round B) Russia decided to make its move in the Eastern Mediterranean along with China? Is it territorial defense? Of course not..Is it any kind of plan for expanding its empire? Again nope.All it is is a game of power and a show of “Who’s the mighty one on this planet”

Putin doesn’t like the Bilderberg activity.. They get in his way.China feels the same as Putin.Brazil wants to have a share of the pie and shake its bad reputation of a country of endless and forgivable criminality..India is having its hopes high and Iran trying to prove it’s not gonna fall that easily as Iraq did.

So what do they all want from this dot on the map called Greece,from the Mediterranean itself and they decided to write an opera of flowing cash..
My opinion is that it’s going further than a simple geopolitics and underground wealth exploitation game.It is more simple than that.It is now known even to the most ignorant,that the Bildebergs control not only the majority of companies around the world,but almost all of the western governments,controlling “areas” for them is controlling one more part of the planet.Maybe now it is Greece and tomorrow will be Syria ,Italy whoever.But what is hiding behind the war moves is the new cold war.

This time it is Russia and the Bilderberg club.Usa is absent because it IS the Bilderbergs.So what they do before owning a spot of the world,before they “assassinate” it financially..They get buddy buddy with high level officials.. the Elites..They provide them a strong motive to be the traitors of their nations and then they offer them a nice shelter somewhere in Canada for example..
In return all they have to do is hand the Bildebergs the keys of any country.

So, today is the 20th of June,3 days after the crucial Greek election.Of course they were crucial,mostly for the Greek people and then for everybody in this world.But why so much fuss so much terror so much manipulation on the Greeks if the only purpose was to create a war incident in Middle East? No purpose at all,if you agree.. Unless if they do desire to cause a global market crash and get done with a useless generation of politicians like Merkel or Papandreou or anyone else.. and get rid of a non fuctioning currency not serving any interests any more since it DIDN’T bring down the US dollar as everyone was expecting.
What is better than a war scenario huh..and all of the sudden Russia withdraws its forces from the Eastern Mediterranean I mean come on who pulled Putin’s ear..Let me guess the stock markets or S&P guided by the Bilderbergs which already has given a C grade for some of the Russian provinces.When Russia tries desperately to save Cyprus from a collapse and get in the euro-game.. and firstly,it has its interests set on Greece.And if Russia doesn’t want a US “no-fly ” zone it has any right but both the USA and Russia they are barking to the wrong tree as Syria is an independent country that eventually will have to solve its own issues if the syrian people don’t want to end up in a massacre thanks to the big guys.

So we move on to the next stage:
a) Greece is doomed by everyone no matter the election outcome.. so much for the importance
b) Russia backs off just to make its move till July
c) USA sends in its battle ships
d) Both will want to build bases in new places(i made a rhyme :D)
e) Israel will be put on halt till it will be in a position to serve interests
f) Iran is long forgotten as a threat( please do note the time line: when it was forgotten as a nuclear threat? When the EuroZone started falling apart) but it will make a very flashy entrance to the scene

and last but not least

g)Nobody has any information on the artillery to be used..Since the last conflict we all suspect the arms technology has evolved.But up to which point? Why is it classified? Why we have to be again in front of a factor that was never calculated in the MSM stormy news?
Why all the TV channels are so busy with the collapse of the euro and a tiny country and all of those scenarios.. Greece yes,it was the country which offered a lot,more than a lot to all of us,nobody can deny that.But its debt or alleged or fabricated debt was more important than all those hidden changes that some of us felt we had to bring to light even in a form of suspicion?Something is really wrong and if you fail to see it I am sorry along with others too.
Spain,how can possibly Spain be defaulting! Okay I will buy the Greek default story if you explain to me how the hell Spain is broke.. Don’t tell me because it lent to Greece You can do better than that
Premeditated global collapse for the Bilderbergs.

Is it a coincidence that a conflict waits for an ignition NOW??? NOW?

I don’t see conspiracies everywhere but it’s too much of a coincidence.Mubarak having a heart attack?So damn convenient! I think Egypt had cut off the natural gas supplies to Israel based on no ground.. like 2 months ago.Was that the beginning of a war crime hidden behind fake defaults?

who profits?
Certainly not you or me the known tax payers.

The control game still is in process and I am really afraid that more will come next month.