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Our Planet Is Dieing:My Own Thoughts and Proof

FOR THIS POST:ALL CREDITS TO MY CHILDREN ANGEL and ALEXIS for observing with their sweet eyes:)


If you think it’s useful enough to repost,please feel free to do so.I don’t seek any fame.

Where I live is a blessed place. As all of the places around the Globe.A small town surrounded by natural beauty,”almost ” untouched by the human invasion ( Just because most of the  residents,as everywhere,they don’t walk,they just turn the key in the car engine ignition and they miss the beauty)

Here are some pics I had taken in May 1st 2012 while taking a walk with my kids.It’s pretty obvious that the nature was as it was supposed to be: Green-ish.

I could be writing on here a million things and be boring to all of you.I simply LOVE nature. It relaxes me. It provides me food. Sometimes it shows its’ ugly face. Others is sweet with me.Nature can switch faces as many times as it wants when,if I did that,I would be blamed as a multi faced person.Nature never cheats or lies. Nature is exactly what it has been for millions of years. Provides the opportunities and wants only our respect in return.

So even if You,Me and everyone are respecting nature,it’s not good enough since our governments have declared war against it.

I bet they claimed in their off record meetings that Nature is a terrorist .. if they could put it to jail,I am pretty sure they would,and we,we would be protesting outside a FEMA camp.

What I usually say to my children which,by the way are younger than 10 years-old,is that they have to respect all creatures.Either they have roots,a thousand weird legs or they bite. That they need to be cautious but never kill an ant just because it’s collecting its food for the winter.That the ants do  what we should have been doing since decades: Prepare.I explain to them that dead bees is the end of our eco-system.That the food  resources all over the world are drying up.That they really need to feel the Earth,the Soil,the Plants and the Fresh Air to learn how to  appreciate what it was given to them in such an abundance.

That every little tiny thing on this system has it’s purpose like women and men.Spiders: that my little one was so scared of them.. I explained that some of the spiders do bite but they gather mosquitoes,flies etc.If you eliminate a specie from this planet,the balance will be interrupted and with consequences.

I know that all of you know all that.You are eco-aware and I rely on that fact -makes me feel less lonely 😀 The truth though is that WE can’t stop the sprayings.We can’t stop the killing of our own planet.You can’t bring down that plane that’s spraying aerosols above you and will make you,your kids and your pets feel lousy for a month,if not for more.That will kill your flowers and your garden.That will accumulate in your system some of the most dangerous chemicals.

And the funny thing is that :A) no government needs to pass any bills to keep on spraying on us.. and  B)we simply CAN NOT oppose!

This year,2012,they claimed here that they sprayed for the mosquitoes due to the Western Nile disease. I call Bullshit! Billions of mosquitoes are still biting us,none of them was dead. Instead ,we are dieing here.Trees are Dieing,our Earth is dieing,Our plants are dieing but NOT the mosquitoes.

Just remember the H1N1,H3N3 and the Ebola viruses.. They will always create a sort of a pandemic. I personally went through H1N1 and H3N3 in 3 years and so did my children and we are still here. No vaccines for us.

I really need you to take a look at the slideshow at the end of the post. A heat wave of 40C SIMPLY cannot provoke such a natural damage.As Nature has the gift to restore its own damages and adapt to a climate of 40-41C degrees is just a typical mediterranean summer.

I have no voice any more because people think I am a nutcase( you can form the same opinion too).Every time I tell people NOT to buy GMO’s from any store just because they are like 30 cents cheaper,the answer I get is “Oh please com’on”

If you see NO connection between those images( that I trust you see in your country too) and the GMO”s then you are on the wrong blog and I,should be seeing a shrink 😀  Sorry but I won’t lie to anybody just to get more blog hits. Who cares about hits when our own planet is at stake?
Science Fiction: Supposing nature dies: What the hell are we going to do? How the fruck(..) are we going to survive? No Nature means no water means no oxygen,means: NEVER laugh at the Swarzeneger Terminator Movies!

This has gone WAY beyond the Matrix.

P.S. I am not a geologist or whatever.I am a Chemist/engineer.Any objection/comment/whatever is welcome,grammar check appreciated,trolling none of the mentioned 😀

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