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7 Groups the FBI and Corporations Have Classified as “Terrorists”

Today you’ll hear the annual chorus of “we will never forget.” But we have forgotten. We have forgotten the uproar against the Patriot Act, which was passed in the middle of the night. We have forgotten that Guantanamo Bay was once treated as an aberration, which Obama promised to close. And we have forgotten what freedoms have been sacrificed in the name of an ever-growing threat.

As an illustration of that, consider these 7 examples of the types of people the government and corporations now routinely label as “terrorists.”

1. Undercover investigators. Corporations have lobbied for “Ag Gag” bills to criminalize undercover investigations of animal abuse. And U.S. Congressmen compare investigators to arsonists and terrorists.

2. Tim DeChristopher. As an undergraduate student, DeChristopher disrupted an illegal oil and gas lease auction by placing bids (when he knew he didn’t have the money). For his act of non-violent civil disobedience, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Politicians called him an “eco-terrorist.”

3. Muslim communities were disproportionately targeted in the aftermath of 9/11, and through surveillance, harassment, infiltration (not to mention physical violence) the attacks continue. This has become so institutionalized within law enforcement that they continue even when they have not generated a single lead.

4. Anarchists. In the Northwest, more than 60 FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents raided homes and subpoenaed activists to a federal grand jury. The warrants listed, among other generic items, “anti-government or anarchist literature.”

5. Animal rights protesters. The Center for Constitutional Rights is in court challenging a law called the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which is so broad that it labels a wide range of First Amendment conduct as terrorism if it threatens corporate profits.

6. Anti-war and international solidarity activists. In the Midwest, the FBI raided homes and a political group’s office, and served subpoenas for a federal grand jury. The fishing expedition has been fruitless for the FBI, but it has brought together a broad range of groups opposed to the political attacks.

7. Journalists. The Counter Terrorism Unit has kept files on my work (including a book report!) and the work of other journalists critical of government counter-terrorism operations.

You know who is not on this list? Anti-abortion extremists who have actually murdered people.   [source]

A group of men is awoken sharply at four in the morning. Each one thinks to himself, “I wish I could sleep just a little longer.” Anyone not awake, on his feet and ready for morning exercises can expect a strike with a board in his stomach or groin, or some other punishment to be meted out later.

It is winter, and each man hurries to pull on his stiff and frozen boots. In summer, the smell of manure from the animals housed below permeates the loft where they sleep, but the cold weather keeps the aroma of the animals they live with at bay.

A war veteran leads forty-five minutes of grueling exercises, including two hundred pushups and one hundred fifty sit-ups. A quick two-mile run ensues, with each man carrying a staff or club. After the run, all the men file into the animals stalls to urinate–no one had wanted to waste even a minute of their precious sleep time getting up early to urinate before exercises.

They file into the warm house where their leader sits; he will lead everyone in prayer and their daily devotion to God. Many begin to nod off as soon as they are seated, but a jab in the ribs and the fear of being caught sleeping when they should be worshipping God keeps everyone on edge.

The women in the compound serve the men breakfast; and their leader sits as a commoner among them at the table, which is soon enveloped in raucous laughter. The shared hardships of their life bind the men in a camaraderie they all cherish.

Breakfast ends and the men file out of the warm house. All spend the next half-hour tending to the numerous animals. It is now 6:45 a.m.

Some will stay in the compound all day, tending animals, repairing buildings, and working in the fields. Most will leave the compound to hitchhike to jobs in the city or suburbs. The select few who own broken-down vehicles struggle mightily to stay awake as they drive. Each remembers that three of their members have already died from falling asleep at the wheel, and they are determined not to be the next. Each man struggles hour after hour with his friend and enemy, sleep.

It is five-o’clock in the afternoon and the men begin their trek back to the compound. The vagaries of their modes of transport mean some will arrive back as late as 6:30 in the evening. As soon as they reach the compound, they begin their work tending to the animals. Dinner follows for most, but some are fasting, they believe fasting will help bring them closer to God.

After dinner, the lieutenants have lists–lists of arduous work to be performed, and lists of punishments to be handed out for the previous day’s infractions. For most, their fate is assignment to a work crew, but others are not so lucky. One will be forced to run ten miles for the crime of not washing the goats properly before milking, another, five miles for failing to wake up on time.

Then it is out to the fields for more work. Each one secretly hopes it will be only work this evening–drudgery that may last until twelve, one, or two-o’clock in the morning. But tonight a meeting for worship and political instruction is called. Even though they revere their leader as a great prophet, inwardly, they fear him.

No one will admit it, but the hard labor is preferable to sitting in a meeting where they listen to lessons on their Holy Book from their leader, lessons and harangues that can last up to four or five hours. Individuals are singled out for criticism in front of the group. One is sentenced to forty lashes with a bullwhip. His crime? –wearing dirty socks to prayer.

Everyone struggles to stay awake. Finally the meeting ends at 1:00 AM.

The watch list is posted: eight unlucky men have drawn guard duty. The little sleep they have remaining will be interrupted by a twenty-minute guard duty between now and 4:00 a.m. Some wash before retiring, others fall filthy and exhausted into their makeshift beds.

A group of men is awoken sharply at four in the morning. Each one thinks to himself, “I wish I could sleep just a little longer.”

The foregoing is an account of what my life was for nearly four years, not in some Middle Eastern terrorist training camp but on a farm forty-five minutes from Cleveland, Ohio in the mid 1970’s.

Since leaving this fundamentalist Christian cult in 1977, I have spent considerable time and effort in gaining an understanding of how I could have been led to sacrifice everything, my time, family, money, and health, to follow a messiah into a living hell. The answers I discovered are dreadfully relevant today. It is the same way a terrorist is created to sacrifice everything to achieve his mad leader’s goals.

In order not to spread any more fear than already exists in our country, let me point out that while our group believed in a coming apocalypse, we did not subscribe to any notion of terrorism. We did believe we must be ready to fight a foreign invader and that our group would emerge as a holy remnant on the other side of a coming conflagration. While there are literally thousands of cults in the United States today, only a small percentage are of a paramilitary nature, and even fewer advocate terrorist activity.

Obstacles to understanding

“It is odd that despite their current widespread use and looming future importance, most of us know very little about our automatic behavior patterns. …Whatever the reason, it is vital that we clearly recognize one of their properties: They make us terribly vulnerable to anyone who does know how they work,” warns Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., in his landmark work, Influence: The New Psychology of Modern Persuasion.

There is a deep-seated and widespread denial of the reality that we all have behavior patterns that can be manipulated by others. An example of a milder form of this manipulation occurs in sales situations. How many of us have bought something that we really didn’t want or at a price that wasn’t really fair? Another more extreme form is what is termed thought reform or mind control.

It is a difficult concept to understand how one individual can manipulate another to such an extent that he will believe and behave in a manner that is harmful to him or herself and/or society. This article will attempt to explain this phenomenon. I have lived it.

When I give a presentation regarding my experiences in the cult, I am usually met with some version of the same question: “What was wrong with your own psychological makeup that you were vulnerable to manipulation?”

Pursuing the answer to this question diverts our attention from the core problem, the source of the manipulation.

Suppose I venture into a bad neighborhood and am beaten and robbed by a neighborhood thug. I may have behaved foolishly for walking in a dangerous area, but to concentrate on my behavior leads us away from our core problem: the neighborhood thug.

Dr. Louis J. West, a psychiatrist who studied thought reform for more than four decades states: “no single personality profile characterizes those who join cults. Many well-adjusted, high-achieving persons from intact families have been successfully recruited by cults. So have individuals with varying degrees of psychological impairment.”

We have missed what should be one of the most self-evident, looming lessons of history: that the millions of Germans who blindly followed Hitler could not have all been emotionally unbalanced or defective. The denial mechanism may work as follows: only defectives can be led and manipulated, I am not a defective, therefore I cannot be manipulated.

The denial that maintains that normal people cannot be taken in by a totalitarian system of belief was evident in the FBI’s mistaken profile of a terrorist recruit. Each was thought to be very young, without a family, poor, uneducated, and psychologically unstable.

However, the terrorists responsible for the September 11th disaster proved to be quite unlike the FBI’s profile.

It is this deep-seated denial that prevents us from understanding and countering the most dangerous trend of the 20th Century: the spread of cultic totalitarian governments and organizations that use thought reform or mind control.

The Charismatic leader

If we reject the notion that only psychologically defective individuals succumb to mind control, we must use a new model to explain what happens when ordinary people follow the leadership of a new messiah.

Rudolf Odom in his 1933 biography of Hitler, addressed the question; Does Hitler understand what he is doing? Meaning, does he understand how he is manipulating the people? He compared Hitler to a comedian or football player.

Ask the comedian how he makes people laugh and he probably has no idea. Nonetheless, he is very good at it. Likewise, the typical cult leader has an innate ability to manipulate and control people, and many couple this innate ability with a shrewd theoretical understanding of psychology to further entrap their victims.

Cult leaders may also use or appropriate long-standing thought reform methodology developed over decades or even hundreds of years that are embedded in the culture. Arkon Daraul in his Secret Societies: Yesterday and Today, describes in detail this centuries-old Arabic mind control system from which much of the modern terrorist thought reform system has evolved.

“These cults are led by a charismatic leader who actively anticipates an apocalyptic event that will purify the world. Often they invite altruistic killings to accomplish this,” said Professor Robert J. Lifton in his November 3, 1999 presentation of his book, Aum Shinryko, Destroying the World to Save It, to the Commonwealth Club of California.

Lifton further describes a cult leader in a 1989 introduction to his seminal 1961 work, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: “[The cult leader] tends increasingly to become the object of worship in place of more general spiritual principles that are advocated.”

Evidence of this phenomenon is the proliferation of large photos and statues of the leaders of totalitarian states. Osama bin Laden has certainly reached the status of worship. His photo is ubiquitous and in Pakistan it is reported that one in five boys born is named Osama.

The evil wrought by madmen serial killers Richard Speck, John Wayne Gacy, or Ted Bundy pales in comparison to what has been perpetrated by leaders skilled in manipulating ordinary men.

The great crimes of history were carried out by men convinced they were doing the right thing, or serving the only God, their world-view warped by forces outside themselves.

“If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities”–S.R. Krishnan

How does a cult leader ensure that his followers will carry out his wishes? The tragedy of September 11th provides us with some terrible illustrations of how the process works.

Unlike passengers on the other three hijacked planes, the passengers of flight 93, hijacked over Cleveland and pointed towards Washington, resisted their attackers.


Simply because they were in possession of a different understanding of their fate than the passengers on the other three planes. Through conversations on cell phones, the passengers of flight 93 understood they were going to die at the hands of their hijackers. Consequently, they heroically rushed their attackers, minimizing any additional loss of life. They were behaving logically based on their understanding of their situation.

The passengers on the other three flights did not resist. Until this point in history, most hijackings had ended in negotiations with minimal loss of life. Standard procedure was not to resist. These passengers were also behaving logically based on their understanding of the situation.

In similar fashion, the cult member’s world-view, not necessarily his capacity for judgment, is what is distorted and impaired. He behaves logically according to his world-view.

This is why the cult member can seem quite rational and capable of functioning in many levels of society, but the consequences of him following his conscience or world-view can be barbarous and insane.

When the cult’s world-view is successfully inculcated in its victim it does not necessarily need to be closely regulated and the desired behavior will follow. An example is the Nazis’ depiction of the Jews as sub-human. Once this view was accepted by a significant percentage of Germans, the anti-Semitic behavior of the populace logically followed.


The totalitarian cult leader in a free society is faced with two tasks: recruitment of followers, and retention of followers.

Once a sufficient mass of people have been indoctrinated and support the leader, and political and police power have been established within the movement, those who continue to resist the mind control apparatus of the state can be dealt with through the physical power of the government.

In Nazi Germany, the remaining portion of the populace that had not succumbed to the mind control system was either cowered into submission through fear, imprisoned, or murdered.

Once the cultic thinking becomes pervasive in the culture, it follows that there are two types of members in the totalitarian system, those who are recruited into the system, and those who grow up in the system. The methods used to convert someone can be exceedingly complex, and space prohibits a detailing of all of them.

However, by examining someone who has absorbed the cult’s philosophy and world-view during their formative years, we will also encounter some of the principles used against the convert.

Travel is one method of becoming aware that human beings in every culture hold to beliefs that are quite irrational and bizarre. By doing some time-travel we can explore our own culture and see practices that were unquestionably wrong, but universally upheld at the time.

Before 1840, the notion that bacteria caused disease was unknown. Cleanliness with regard to medical procedures was considered unnecessary and the results in terms of public health were catastrophic.

Why did we tenaciously hold onto these quite mistaken notions?

There are two reasons: contradictory information was unavailable and this is the way everyone else thought. The tribesman who grows up eating roasted grasshoppers for a snack would be shocked at our spraying them with pesticides, and vice versa. So we all can grow up with some odd beliefs with absolutely no awareness of their irrationality, simply because they are accepted by our parents, community, government, or, in short, our culture.

One method a cult leader uses to maintain irrational beliefs is by ensuring that contradictory information is unavailable.

In a closed society, this is easier to accomplish than in an open one. In both open and closed societies, mind control measures instituted from the top typically present their victims with a plausible reason that attempts to hide the measure’s true purpose. When the state directs that citizens can no longer listen to foreign broadcasts because they promote the interests of the state’s enemies; the true reason is to ensure that no contradictory information is available to counteract the process of mind control.

For example Afghanistan’s Taliban leadership issued a “break your (TV) set now” ruling, claiming that television was impeding prayer.

In Nazi Germany from 1933 until the end of the war in 1945, the Hitler Youth, the bad-guy equivalent of being a Boy Scout, were bombarded with the message of how glorious it is to die for the Fatherland. The official title of Hitler’s elite military units, The SS Storm Troopers, was “The Order of the Death’s Head.”

Germany was steeped in a cult-ure of glorification of death.

Japan had the centuries-old tradition of the Samurai, from which the concept for the kamikaze suicide attacks evolved.

The parallels between the homicidal and suicidal nature of Nazism, Japan’s Samurai, and Islamic terrorist cults are not difficult to draw. Pakistan has numerous religious schools called madrasas, which Jeffrey Goldberg of the New York Times characterizes as nothing more than jihad factories, or schools of indoctrination.

The Islamic extremist culture is infused with the glorification of death.

One of the most difficult concepts for people to believe is that mind control can be maintained in an open society.

I physically left the group I was in for two years after being drafted into the Army. I returned to the group after my discharge. I still believed I was doing God’s will, and it made sense to return to duty with God, no matter how distasteful.

How is the control kept over the mind of the cult member even when he is not under the direct control of the group?

The adherent is taught to separate himself from the evil world, which typically translates to not socializing with non-believers.

Mass media is often portrayed as being co-opted by Satan, and so television, movies, magazines, and newspapers are avoided.

Though not the case with the Islamic terrorist sleeper agents, the mind control victim is often taught to evangelize friends and relatives so aggressively that he is either successful recruiting them or he alienates them.

There is thus no meaningful human interaction between the cultist and non-believers. The only contact with non-believers permitted is that which furthers the interests of the cult.

“Humans use logic not to solve problems in the first instance, but to check the work and put it in presentable order after the insight has been attained.”–Edmund Cohen

Something that has continually impressed me is the fact that highly intelligent people come to widely differing conclusions about all manners of things in life. There are intelligent Democrats and Republicans; conservatives and liberals; religionists of all creeds, atheists, etc.

The divergence of opinion regarding crucial issues suggests that reason and logic may play a minor role in how people arrive at their philosophies about life. This suggests that people have an emotional reaction or experience about an issue, and then go about finding facts and intellectual arguments to support that position.

The danger the cult leader represents is that he typically understands not only how to create an emotional experience for an individual, but also then how to go about wedding a group of facts and arguments to the emotional experience.

For example, Hitler carefully planned the Nuremberg rallies with lavish pageantry and torches, and understood the additional psychologically manipulative power they would carry by always staging them at night. The pageantry was then combined with Hitler’s charismatic delivery of the Nazi philosophy.

I will illustrate with a scenario that is similar to my experience in the Bible cult. Let’s suppose a person attends a religious service. A friend has invited him. The friend sits next to him and hopes that he will have the same wonderful experience he’s had at these services. The service is carefully calculated to heighten the emotions through music and ceremony. The leader may take the participants on an emotional roller coaster, first inducing euphoria and then guilt and shame. Healings and miracles might be part of the scheme, usually effected by either the power of suggestion, deception, or magic tricks. An invitation is made to surrender the will to a higher power and join this loving family. Prayer, shouting and emotion may ensue. There is joy; a new convert has been born into the group.

What we have now is a contrived emotional experience, almost entirely crafted and orchestrated by the leader of the group. The group now will strive to link the emotional experience of the convert to their doctrine and philosophy.

In the cult I was in, we were taught the importance of follow through with this new “babe in the faith.”

We had a set of Bible study doctrines that we were instructed to teach the convert, many of which purported to explain in doctrinal terms his experience. In order to cement the convert’s relationship with the group, the system proceeds to wed the doctrine of the group to the emotional experience of the convert. The cult creates the pseudo-spiritual experience, and then anchors its doctrine and cosmology to the experience they induced in their victim.

The emotional experience can be one that is contrived as pointed out previously, or it also can be a real-life scenario, such as growing up in poverty in a refugee camp, losing a relative to an act of violence, or fighting an oppressor, etc. The cult leader seeks to capitalize on that experience and wed it in the mind of his victim to the cult’s philosophy or doctrine.

In a normal environment, an individual may educate him or herself with additional information that supports his world-view and associate with others of like mind. We can call this an educational process.

However, what the cult strives not for education, but indoctrination.

In education, information is processed with the student’s understanding and consent, while indoctrination sneaks in the back door of the mind without its victim’s approval.

Those involved in the education of students are typically not threatened by opposing points of view; in fact, the classical idea of the university is to encourage and test competing theories.

But those who seek to indoctrinate do everything within their power to separate the cult member from information that is critical of their cause. Since it is not always possible to separate cult members from negative information about their group and philosophy, they are trained to effectively close their senses to any information that contradicts its philosophy.

A chilling example of this is related by Jeffrey Goldberg in a September 16, 2001 New York Times article, “Jihad spins out from a corner of Pakistan.” Goldberg was visiting a madrasa, a Muslim religious seminary where students range in age from 8 to 35. When Goldberg quoted passages from the Muslim Hadith forbidding the killing of women and children in a Jihad (an armed struggle), the students began chanting, Osama, Osama, Osama. The students then took turns defending Osama bin Laden.

This episode illustrated that when presented with an idea that directly contradicted everything they had been indoctrinated in, the tension became too great and they launched into thought-stopping chanting. They then went on the offensive with what were likely stock arguments they had been drilled on beforehand.

Cult leaders use many different techniques to indoctrinate their followers, including thought-stopping, rhythmic breathing, fear, sleep deprivation, supplying a deficient diet, repetition, charismatic leadership, peer and social group pressure, magic, isolation, guilt inducement, proselytizing, and revealed knowledge, among others. Most of these techniques work to place the mind in an altered state, a state wherein the victim is unable to critically process and filter information. In effect, these techniques are opening the back door to the mind without the victim’s awareness or consent.

For example, the cult leader might present rhythmic breathing as the path to better health, while the true purpose is to place his victim in a suggestible state for indoctrination.

How well do you think when you are angry, tired, or fearful?

The connection between the cult victim’s emotional experience and the group’s doctrine or philosophy is strengthened to a frightening degree through this multi-front psychological manipulation. This bond is far stronger than any tie that could be achieved through education and takes on a sinister power.

Remember that the cult member experienced an emotional event through his own senses. Now any attack on the philosophy is experienced by the cult member as the same as an attack on his personal experience. That the information perceived by his senses was wrong is difficult to believe and too emotionally painful to contemplate. The cult victim cannot and will not deny the experience he knows his senses have told him are real, so the linked doctrine stands like a rock, impenetrable to any rational argument.

This is why the cult member clings to ideas and arguments that are clearly illogical; any information that attacks his doctrine and threatens to prove it false threatens to prove his powerful experience false as well.

The war against self

In the previously mentioned Times article, Goldberg dispels some misconceptions regarding jihad: “‘Jihad’ is misunderstood in the West. It does not mean ‘holy war.’ It essentially means ‘struggle’ and there are two types of jihad: greater and lesser. ‘Greater Jihad’ is the struggle within the soul of a person to be better, more righteous — the fight against the devil within. ‘Lesser Jihad’ is the fight against the devil without: the military struggle against those who subjugate Muslims.”

The Biblical fundamentalist cult of which I was a member also had what they termed a war against self, or a war against one’s own ego.

One manifestation of this struggle was the treatment of women and sexuality. Women were required to wear ankle length dresses, have their hair covered, and were not to look anyone directly in the eye.

There was also a considerable amount of preaching advocating the suppression of sexual thoughts for unmarried believers, not an easy task for a group of people who were mostly in their early twenties.

In retrospect, I believe nearly every person there failed at this task of suppression, and probably experienced the same requisite guilt, fear, sense of failure, and self-loathing that I did.

The game is: convince people their natural impulses are sinful and then set them at war against their own personality and nature. The cult victim then continually works at suppressing his own “unholy” personality, and his self-doubt drives him to further surrender his will and judgment to his leaders.

The fundamentalist extremist Muslims are at work at the same game.

Women are required to dress in the burqas, clothing that obscures their face and bodily form. Men are warned of the dangers of looking upon a woman.

Evidence that the hijackers were in this sexual double bind is found in a story recounted by the Florida motel owner who had rented a room to some of the hijackers. The hijackers had complained about a painting in their room that showed an uncovered shoulder of a woman. They requested that the painting be either removed or covered.

However, after they moved in, the motel owner marveled at how often they were seen watching women in bikinis at the motel pool.

Each look probably filled them with guilt and a sense of failure, and perhaps renewed purpose and resolve after each lapse in morality.

Ironically, in what may be a deadly harnessing of the sex drive, the Islamic martyrs are promised in heaven what they are denied on earth: marriage in paradise with 72 beautiful virgins. In a fantasy that is the height of hypocrisy, they are rewarded in paradise with an orgy that they would roundly condemn on earth.

The foregoing does not represent the entire gamut of the mind control or thought reform process, but hopefully can serve as a framework to illustrate how these powerful forces can be used to enslave the mind.

Is there a way out?

There is a loose-knit association of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, sociologists, clergy, parents, ex-cult members, and most importantly, exit-counselors, which has studied and combated cultism and mind control in this country over the last three decades.

Exit-counselors assist those who are trapped in mind control cults, and understand how to break through the barriers of thought reform.

These individuals have stared in the face of totalitarianism and developed tactics to free minds from its grip. This expertise could be used to reach suspected terrorists our government has in custody and possibly transform them into useful sources of information.

In addition, the government and intelligence community can benefit from the other professionals who have studied this problem in helping to develop strategies for dealing with the cultic organizations in the Middle East.

The political situation we are currently in can be seen accurately through the lens of the thought reform and mind control models. And our leaders must develop a true picture of the forces arrayed against us in order to combat them more effectively.

Will this understanding allow us to avoid war or military action? Probably not.

But without a precise understanding of the psychological dynamics of cult leaders and their followers, our government’s actions may lead to disaster.

The government misread the situation with the Waco cultists. We cannot afford to misread this new threat. We must not turn Afghanistan or a Middle Eastern country into a Waco disaster. If we do, there will be dire consequences.

It is popular for those wishing to sound a warning to quote George Satayana when he said, “Those that do not remember history, are condemned to repeat it.”

We don’t have a problem remembering the events of World War II, but I do think there is a problem with comprehending how the minds of millions of Japanese and Germans were turned to mass murder, destruction, and suicide.

My warning is to misquote Satayana by saying: “Those who do not understand history, are condemned to repeat it.” [source]

Both Colorado Theater and Sikh Temple Shootings were Staged False Flag psy-ops- Individualas as Objects


Follow the Links- Follow the truth. Follow your Instinct. Those are not the real reasons of a blood bath.And this is My Insomniac Statement From the Other Side Of the Ocean.

James Holmes Not Faking Anything James Holmes’s unusually distended pupils

Holmes’ pupils are HUGE

Look at his pupils…do you see how HUGE they are?

Depending on your eyesight, you may need a magnifying glass to see this, but his pupils are extremely distended.

Yes…he was drugged. The evidence is right in front of us. I am shocked that no one seems to have picked up on this clue. At the pre-arraignment hearing on Monday, July 23, he was absolutely not faking anything, and this photograph proves it. Almost all the photos released to us were taken from Holmes’ left side and his eyes are off to the side or cast down. But there is this one photo taken from his right side that catches enough of his eyes to enable us to observe that his pupils were dilated to the max. ( I think that when he was stretching his eyes as we saw him do, it was a response to the discomfort of excess light flooding his retina and possibly a sensation of dryness). There is no way to fake the pupil distention. It is seen primarily from the use of certain drugs but can also occur in persons who have been undergoing prolonged and extreme stress.. In any event, he was not faking anything, including not knowing why he was there.

When this story first broke I wondered, almost immediately, if this young man had been adopted by the Holmes’. Now why would that question whistle through my mind? If I tell you, you will find the answer hard to bear, but the answer is another clue in trying to dig to the heart of the truth of what happened in Aurora, Colorado…and what happened to James Holmes.

The next article in this series will be “The Cathy O’Brien Story”. Stay tuned, but only if you have a very strong stomach. If you can get through the O’Brien article, you will, at last, understand what they do, how they do it, why…and who “they” are.Blog Source

Both Colorado Theater and Sikh Temple Shootings were Staged False Flag psy-ops

Examples of False Flag Terrorism and Western Intelligence Terror Operations

Someone let the ‘lone’ gunman inside the Colorado movie theater
It was well a planned psy-ops used to justify gun confiscation laws…ie: the gunman was not alone, could not afford expensive arsenal and weaponry, and had no knowledge of setting up intricate military explosives.
or here:

Why the Colorado judge puts a gag order on the evidence?
What are they so afraid of ? Strange to me. This is just reinforcing my suspicions. http://abcnews.go.com:80/US/wireStory/colo-judge-issues-gag-order-theater-shooting-16840292

Also, is it not interesting that the, not alone, ”lone” gunman commits this crime just as his honest father is about to testify against the Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner in LIBOR scandal, and then the son shows up at the hearing drugged out of his mind. I mean, how does a jailed ‘detainee’ come into being ‘drugged’? It sounds like he is being drugged, set-up, framed, and his father is being marginalized and humiliated….all in one fell swoop.


More about Holmes’ father and his important role as witness in the LIBOR scandal

The Fed, Ben Bernanke and the rotten Libor
Ben Bernanke had an obligation as Fed chair to expose and stop the rigging of inter-bank lending rates. http://www.aljazeera.com//indepth/opinion/2012/08/201287104553581785.html

Rigging the Libor – the inter-bank lending rate and one of the primary benchmarks for short-term interest rates.

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, told the US Senate that he could not guarantee that libor rates were no longer being manipulated.

Timeline of the Rate-fixing scandal

How the Bankers place a nation in ever increasing debt with their ‘interest’ charges.

Why would the courts and the FBI, use an obvious look-alike as substitute for the real James Holmes? Why are the courts and FBI framing the real James Holmes? Here is some photo analysis of James Holmes photo and a photo of the look-alike character who came to court. (Note the differences between the ears and the nose) http://thelawcourt.com/libor-manipulation-set-to-be-investigated-by-the-serio&#8230


YOU Judge if It Is Just a Theory or Our Future: Psychotronic Torture


SOSBEE’S NOTE: See the symptoms that I have documented at:


sosbee veteran:



Pervert FBI and NSA psychopaths are secretly and illegally conducting non-consensual, sadistic, synthetic telepathy experiments and psychotronic weapon attacks on hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in the United States and elsewhere.

Email this to all your friends and peers and spread the knowledge, so all Americans and other citizens elsewhere educate themselves about the latest horrifying and disgusting secret technologies being used by FBI and NSA on hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens worldwide.

It would be great if somebody blogs this post and spread the word on internet for the benefit of all freedom loving Americans and all the innocent citizens of the world.
Majority of these innocent people do not even know they are torture-victims and are being used as guinea-pigs by these FBI and NSA perverts, torturers and psychopaths.

The Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence agencies called the N.S.A. [ National Security Agency ], C.S.S. [ Central Security Service ], D.I.A. [ Defence Intelligence Agency ], D.A.R.P.A. [ Defense Advanced Reserch Projects Agency ], C.I.A. [ Central Intelligence Agency ], the D.H.S. [ Department of Homeland Security ], and the F.B.I. [ Federal Bureau of Investigation ], Cointelpro or Counter Intelligence Program unit has extremely top secret technology that can pick up the private thoughts given by individuals in the vibrations produced by the brains electrical impulses, and that these thoughts can be broadcast by means of microwave tranceivers, infrasound and ultrasound tranceivers, satellites, and any other form of technology which uses electromagnetic transfer, i.e. television, radio, the internet, and the telephone. The Pentagon calls this mind reading technology SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY, although there is nothing paranormal about it at all. The N.S.A. or National Security Agency is a part of the U.S. Department of Defense, and a very secretive part at that. The N.S.A. has a black budget, and is always headed by a flag officer from one of the branches of the U.S. military. The top secret technologies available to the U.S. military is usually thirty years or may be even more ahead of the technology which is available to the U.S. civilian economy. Who is to know among the general U.S. public what the level of technological development is within the secret laboratories of the N.S.A. and D.A.R.P.A. [ Defense Advanced Reserch Projects Agency ]. The headquarters of the National Security Agency is located at Fort George Meade in the U.S. state of Maryland.

Today, there are microscopic computer chips based on nanotechnology whichcan be inserted into a person by means of an injection,
capsule, or tooth filling, with or without the knowledge of a doctor or a pharmacist, and these computer chips can track the implanted person by radio or microwaves.
These microscopic computer chips can also be made invisible to detection by means of C.A.T. [ Computerized Axial Tomography ], M.R.I. [ Magnetic Resonance Imaging ], and P.E.T. [ Positron Emission Tomography ] scans, by some means of electromagnetic degaussing.

With the latest top secret, and rapid technological advancements available to the U.S. military intelligence agencies, the need for microscopic computer implants in conducting synthetic telepathy against targeted persons is obsolete by now.
Rather, a system of subliminal, subconscious, wireless microwave remote control is used today against targeted individuals suffering from synthetic telepathy harrassment. Synthetic Telepathy is used for conducting torture training and/or experimentation against people as red herring “good cop/bad cop” or tough love acting, diversions, feints, decoys, and smokescreens, as smear campaigns by association, as openly secret intimidation campaigns against targeted dissidents, and as a means of espionage. Once it was believed that claims about C.I.A. agents secretly dumping radioactive material in the slums of U.S. cities during the 1950′s as part of a research program were simply mass conspiracy theories, until the U.S. federal government in the 1990′s publicly admitted that the allegation was true.

FBI and NSA agents who are part of a secret US society are genetically inclined sociopaths and psychopaths who work as hit men,
torturers, sexual abusers, stalkers, slanderers, and agent provocateurs involved in murders and torture of hundreds of thousands of innocent US citizens for years and years. At the last count there are 50,000 NSA spies who are businessmen, priests, community leaders and in all walks of life who are SPYING and keeping tabs on pretty much all Americans.

The synthetic telepathy espionage trainees, sociopaths, sadomasochistic torturers, slanderers, experimenters, and spies, in order to avoid developing any sympathy for their targeted victims, deliberately avoid actually feeling the emotions of their victims by following the squiggly EEG or Electroencephalograph lines on computer monitor screens, as well as the silent words thought by their victims which also appear on the computer monitor screens. Then again, who can feel all of the emotions and thoughts which any given person has undergone every second of their entire lifetime.
The emotions and silent words of the victims of synthetic telepathy operators can be broadcast against their will to anyone the
synthetic telepathy torturers choose to broadcast to, and they also have the power to block or censor any emotions and words of their victims which they do not want to be broadcast. The synthetic telepathy spies can also place their own criminal or antisocial, negative emotions and words into their victims by means of subliminal, subconscious, remote control microwave brainwashing technology, and they can change the voice behind their words so as to make it appear that it is the targeted victim and not themselves who
are communicating by means of synthetic telepathy. They can also store emotions and silently thought words onto a supercomputer memory bank which they can rebroadcast at a later time. I believe that the synthetic telepathy operators, although having high I.Q.’s, are predisposed towards sociopathic behaviour because of a genetic defect or combination of genetic defects, and that the only way they can sustain enthusiasm in their lives is by engaging in an addictive pattern of sadomasochistic activities and fantasies.

If you do not believe that synthetic telepathy exists, then you should lookat these following web sites which reveal that part of
electromagnetic psychological warfare and mind control which today is declassified:

I urge the readers to print/save this column as well as the following link where the NSA and their PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPON ATTACKS and SADISTIC TORTURE of hundreds of thousands of innocent American and worldwide citizens (guinea pigs and victims) are explained in detail with diagrams and technology.

“Covert Operations of the U.S. National Security Agency” (link unknown).

Readers are advised to print the document in the link above and study the pictures and technology.

Important things from the above link for Americans and other people to educate and protect themselves and their loved ones from these secret, non-consensual and illegal psychopathic experiments, attacks and tortures by these 100,000 FBI and NSA secret psychopaths and spies.
1) The NSA has records on all US citizens. The NSA gathers information on US citizens with over 50,000 NSA agents and spies
2) NSA personnel in the community usually have cover identities such as social workers, priests, church leaders, lawyers and business owners.
3) NSA personnel can control the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the US by using the NSA’s domestic intelligence network and cover businesses.
4) This network (DOMINT) covers the entire US, involves tens of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons
simultaneously .
5) NSA DOMINT has the ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to
be diagnosed with ill mental health.
6) At the present time the NSA has nanotechnology computers that are fifteen years ahead of present computer technology.
7) SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY and other psycho-electronic weapon chips can be inserted into the victims’ bodies painlessly without their knowledge in a matter of minutes by FBI and NSA spies.
08) NSA computer generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all of the electrical activity in the brain continuously.
9) For electronic surveillance purposes, electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts.
10) NSA operatives can use this covertly to debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations, characteristic of
paranoid schizophrenia.
11) Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a
subject’s brain and show images from the subject’s brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject’s eyes are seeing.
12) Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this surreptitiously to put images into a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in REM sleep for brain-programming purposes.
13) The NSA, Ft Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and noninvasively monitor audio-visual information in their brains. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject.
RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence.
14) Speech, 3D sound and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject’s brain (bypassing the ears), and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject’s perceptions, moods and motor control. RNM can alter a subject’s perceptions, moods and motor control.
15) The NSA’s Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to monitor remotely and non-invasively information in the human brain
by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emissions from the brain.
16) Remote monitoring/tracking of individuals in any location, inside any building, continuously, anywhere in the country. RNM can electronically identify individuals and track them anywhere in the US.
17) Tens of thousands of persons in each area working as spotters and neighbourhood/business place spies (sometimes unwittingly) following and checking on subjects who have been identified for covert control by NSA personnel.

HOW FBI/NSA disables, cripples and murders its own innocent American citizens.
God only knows how many of the unsolved murders and diseases are actually committed and spread by these 100,000 FBI and NSA agents and spies.
18) Chemicals and Drugs into Residential Buildings with Hidden NSA Installed and Maintained Plastic Plumbing lines. The NSA has kits for running lines into residential tap water and air ducts of subjects for the delivery of drugs (such as sleeping gas or brainwashing-aiding drugs). This is an outgrowth of CIA pharmapsychology (psychopharmacology).
19) Victims experience daily break-ins in their homes by FBI and NSA secret society spies. Victims of this endless torture has no way to prove the break-ins and poisoning of food since FBI and NSA spies have technology that can easily disable the video surveillance systems, phone lines and security alarm systems of the torture victims.
20) FBI and NSA spies threaten hundreds of thousands of these innocent torture victims in America with accidents, bio-terrorism attacks in the form of measles, chicken pox, small pox and other forms of viruses, life threatening diseases AIDS, debilitating diseases cystic fibrosis, alzheimers etc. FBI and NSA spies post these threatening messages on internet only the mind control victims can understand and knew those threats were meant for the victims. In some cases, unfortunately these torture victims do not even know they are torture victims.


Reading and broadcasting private thoughts.
Frequent break-ins and poisoning of food.
Frequent break-ins and enters at home and at work with clothing, furniture, business papers, computer files sabotaged, modified or stolen.
Frequent break-ins and movement of items from their original places, lights, tv and other electronic appliances turned on or off.
Controlled dreams.
Forced waking visions some synchronised with body motion.
Microwave hearing.
Transparent Eyelids.
Artificial Tinnitus.
Forced movement of Jaw and clacking of teeth.
Forced precision.
Manipulation of hands.
Forced memory blanking and induced erroneous actions.
Induced changes to hearing – both apparent direction and volume and sometimes even content.
Sudden violent itching inside eyelids.
Forced manipulation of airways, including externally controlled forced speech.
Wildly racing heart without cause.
Remotely induced violent no-rash itching often during delicate or messy work.
Forced nudging of arm during delicate or messy work causing spills or injury.
Intense general pain or hot needles pushed deep into flesh sensations.
Wild flailing sometimes followed by short periods of “rigor mortis”.
Sudden overheating, all body pain, sleep prevention.
Forced drop-in-your-tracks sleep inducement.
Irresistible “go here, go there” commands.
Microwave burns, electric shocks.


Impotency caused by secret poisoning of the food by FBI and NSA secret spies.
Usually alone in his/her torture.
Constant mental rape, insults and humiliation.
Has no privacy even for his/her private thoughts.
Cannot plan secretly nor hold trade secrets or intellectual property.
Is subject to vicious physical and psychological attacks.
Does not know how harassment is happening or by whom.
Does not know why harassment is happening.
May be accused of mentall illness, called delusional.
Cannot get away, no matter where he/she goes.
Mind raped thought streams.
Bugged conversations.
Gossip, Rumours, Social and Job connections broken.
Microwave voices, clicks, pops, brain zapping, direct harassment.
Death and disease threats via internet messages from undercover FBI and NSA spies.

Mind control means influencing the behaviour of an individual. And to creating or remolding victims personality towards desired state. The desired model human for the elite of the world, or, “the Illuminati” is: Easily steerable mass-human without personal characteristics. A stupefied, dumbed down person. This secures the interests of the elite of the world. So they can lead our lives through changing times the way they want.

Apparently growing out of earlier government mind control research programs such as MKULTRA, and government suppression of dissent programs such as COINTELPRO, today’s mind control is covert, finely crafted, around the clock harassment perpetrated against citizens living in their homes and communities.

Destruction of family and other relationships by way of lies, bribes, and threats is a goal of the phase of today’s mind control. The current day mind control program has been carefully engineered so that if the target complains, their own words will instantly cause them to be labeled as mentally ill.

The mind/body symptoms of current day mind control include: excruciating pain.
Exceptionally frequent blanking of recent memories, and truncation of new ideas.

– Impotency caused by secret poisoning of the food by FBI and NSA secret spies.
– Very unnatural inability to sleep, as if large amounts of caffeine have been consumed.
– Sudden forced awakening at precisely the same time in the middle of the night, continuing for at least months, and
right on a clock time such as 4 am, zero minutes, zero seconds.
– Sudden clumsiness, which can result in spills, spoilage of precise work, or injury .
– Attacks of extreme fatigue, sometimes almost to the point of paralysis, when there is no reason for such attacks.
– Frequent powerful itching without rash, and which may start as a small electric shock.
– Artificial “bee stings”, especially while trying to get to sleep.
– Wildly racing heart without any cause.
– Sudden overheating, without any cause.
– Frequent flailing of arms and legs as you try to sleep.
– Fake sounds such as alarm clock going off when it shouldn’t, telephone ringing when there is no incoming call, knocking on the door but no one is there.
– Voices, either very insulting, or telling you things that indicate you are under surveillance.
– Vibration of body parts when trying to sleep.
– High pitched tone in ears, which may change when switching electronic equipment on or off In some cases, statements by strangers indicating they know what you had for supper.

– In some cases, statements by strangers indicating they can read your thoughts.
– Artificial and powerful sexual stimulation.
– Artificial and powerful prevention of sexual stimulation.

FBI and NSA spies post messages anonymously on usenet to indicate to the torture victims how they made the victims impotent. Ignore the title in the thread and read the subtle threatening text from FBI and NSA spies.

One can imagine how many of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans are made impotent by these disgusting, horrifying and sadistic FBI and NSA psychopaths.

This is the exterior of mind control. The non-noticeable mind control is more dangerous one. That is the manipulation of our thoughts and emotions without our notice of things.

We think we lead our lives but we do not. We have to wake up to take notice on the situation. And try to change the course of history.

FBI and NSA secret society imposes us the New world order using mindcontrol. And we can`t shield ourselves from it, which makes us as puppets on strings.

“Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control”:
from CNN’s Special Assignment, about 1985, at http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/cnn-mc.htm , by Chuck De Caro, CNN Special Assignments, and “List of mind control symptoms, in “2005 update:
The convergence of the cold war history of mind control and electromagnetic weapons with new post cold war government neuroscience reserch programs,” by Cheryl Welsh, Director, Mind Justice, 2005, at http://www.mindjustice.org/2005update.htm and http://www.mindjustice.org/symptoms.htm

Also, there is an interesting article called “Brain wave technology could change lives: Imagine controlling a computer using only your thoughts.”
This technology already exists in the civilian economy as a means of playing video games, for example. See this link:
The article was written by Robert Bazell, correspondent for NBC News, and was updated at 7:31p.m., December 6, 2004. Another web site concerned with gaining information on the electrical activity of brainwaves, and by means of wireless technology, can be found in
the Sunday, 17 November, 2002, 00:41 GMT BBC NEWS World Edition article called “Remote control brain sensor”, at

“4 Elite Airborne commandos Return from a Special Operation in Afghanistan and suddenly torture and murder their wives”.

Friday, July 26, 2002 1:33 p.m. EDT FORT BRAGG, N.C. (Reuters)
– Four U.S. soldiers stationed at Fort Bragg, including three special operations servicemen who returned home this year after tours
of duty in Afghanistan, allegedly killed their wives recently, military officials said on Friday. In two of the cases, the soldiers killed themselves after shooting their spouses, officials said. In the other two, the servicemen have been arrested and are facing charges.
“There has been a recent series of instances where soldiers have either committed murder or murder-suicide against their wives,”
said Maj. Gary Kolb, a spokesman for the Army Special Operations Command.

I wonder how many of the murders and suicides in America were actually remotely manipulated, induced and orchestrated by these FBI and NSA secret mind control and mind manipulation experiments.


is one of the many names given to the Army’s classified clan of remote viewers. This project was hidden deeply within the government for close to two decades. The work of Harold Puthoff Ph.D., at SRI international …joined with the work of others at the Cognitive Science Laboratory … helped to supply the CIA with the framework of what was then known as Project GRILLFRAME. By 1978 America’s first remote viewers were at work. It is rumored the cold war was responsible for the government’s interest in remote viewing, because Russia had spies not dissimilar to our remote viewers.

Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.
Alex Constantine
(1995) Another bombshell from the fecund furnace of Feral House Press.
Constantine, a political researcher in the mold of Mae Brussell, has gathered together a well-documented survey. “Bombing minds rather than bodies is the warfare of the new millennium… Funded under the euphemism of Non-Lethal Technology, the Pentagon has developed the ability to transmit voices, and inflict pain, madness, even death, with the push of a button. Hard to believe? Believe it!
Official sources have publicly admitted to the existence of such technology.”
Topics covered: Telemetric mind control, hearing voices, false memory hoax, E. Howard Hunt’s Death Squads, The GOP’s Pink Triangle & the CIA, Johnny Carson and the S&L crisis, and let’s not forget the chapter on NutraSweet as crowd control.
221 pages,

The term “mind control” comes from former CIA director Allen Dulles.
In 1953, Dulles, speaking before a national meeting of Princeton alumni, distinguished two fronts in the then-current “battle for
men’s minds”: a “first front” of mass indoctrination through censorship and propaganda, and a “second front” of individual “brainwashing” and “brain changing.” Before an audience of fellow Ivy Leaguers, Dulles skipped the usual pieties about democracy. The same year, Dulles approved the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA project, and exempted it from normal CIA financial controls.

A partial list of aggressive promoters of this new technology includes Oak Ridge National Lab, Sandia National Laboratories, Science
Applications International Corporation, MITRE Corporation, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In 1996, the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board published a 14-volume study of future developments in weapons called New World Vistas. Tucked away on page 89 of an ancillary 15th volume are some hair-raising insights into the future ‘coupling’ of man and machine in a section dealing with ‘Biological Process Control’. The author refers to an ‘explosion’ of knowledge in the field of neuroscience, adding, ominously:

One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set.

Translating the words ‘experience set’ from military jargon into plain English, this means, simply, that they envisage the ability to erase your life’s memories and substitute a new, fictitious set.

By projecting such developments into the future, the authors of New Vistas are camouflaging present day capabilities. A similar futuristic scenario with many references to mind manipulation is described in The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War (US Army War College, 1994). Authors Steven Metz and James Kievit declare:
“Behaviour modification is a key component of peace enforcement” and “The advantage of [using] directed energy systems is deniability.” The authors ask: “Against whom is such deniability aimed?” The direct answer is “the American people”.

Edward Tilton, President of Silent Sounds Inc., says this about S-quad in a letter dated 13 December, 1996:

All schematics, however, have been classified by the US Government and we are not allowed to reveal the exact details. We make tapes and CDs for the German Government, even the former Soviet Union countries! All with the permission of the US State Department, of course. The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully.

By using these computer-enhanced EEGs, scientists can identify and isolate the brain’s low-amplitude “emotion signature clusters”, synthesize them and store them on another computer.
In other words, by studying the subtle characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a subject experiences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it. “These clusters are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being!”

Microwaves can also alter the permeability of the body’s blood-brain barrier,14 which can synergistically increase the effects of drugs, as the military is well aware. “Using relatively low-level RFR, it may be possible to sensitise large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological or chemical agents to which the unirradiated population would be immune.”15

Sound can be transmitted even easier through the use of implants -cochlear implants, implants that send electrical signals into the fluid of the inner ear, or implants that transmit sound vibrations via bone conduction, such as the cases of dental fillings picking up audible radio signals.

The stimoceiver, invented by Dr. Jose Delgado, consists of wires running from strategic points in the brain to a radio receiver/transmitter located entirely under the skin. Through this device, Delgado was able to stimulate raw emotions such as arousal, anxiety, and aggression with the turn of a knob.
Of course, secret research by the US Government into microwaves and synthetic telepathy has moved on considerably since the end of the Cold War … secret microwave radiation can be used to induce in unsuspecting victims: “Headache, fatigue, perspiring,dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, agitation, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and the lack of concentration.”

Naval Research Lab Attempts To Meld Neurons And Chips: Studies May Produce Army of ‘Zombies.’

Future battles could be waged with genetically engineered organisms, such as rodents, whose minds are controlled by computer chips engineered with living brain cells…. The research, called Hippo-campal Neuron Patterning, grows live neurons on computer chips.
“This technology that alters neurons could potentially be used on people to create zombie armies,” Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said.

See also “National Security Agency” in

“Central Security Service” in

“ECHELON” in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON

“Defense Intelligence Agency” in

and “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” in

The following links explain secret MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs of FBI, CIA and NSA agencies.




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Illegal eavesdropping on American citizens by the NSA: An Old Story

The recent revelations about illegal eavesdropping on American citizens by the U.S. National Security Agency have raised many questions about just what the agency is doing. Although the facts are just beginning to emerge, information that has come to light about the NSA’s activities and capabilities over the years, as well as the recent reporting by the New York Times and others, allows us to discern the outlines of what they are likely doing and how they are doing it.

The NSA is not only the world’s largest spy agency (far larger than the CIA, for example), but it possesses the most advanced technology for intercepting communications. We know it has long had the ability to focus powerful surveillance capabilities on particular individuals or communications. But the current scandal has indicated two new and significant elements of the agency’s eavesdropping:

The NSA has gained direct access to the telecommunications infrastructure through some of America’s largest companies
The agency appears to be not only targeting individuals, but also using broad “data mining” systems that allow them to intercept and evaluate the communications of millions of people within the United States.

The ACLU has prepared a map (see below) illustrating how all this is believed to work. It shows how the military spying agency has extended its tentacles into much of the U.S. civilian communications infrastructure, including, it appears, the “switches” through which international and some domestic communications are routed, Internet exchange points, individual telephone company central facilities, and ISPs. While we cannot be certain about these secretive links, this chart shows a representation of what is, according to recent reports, the most likely picture of what is going on.
Corporate Bedfellows

One major new element of the NSA’s spying machinery is its ability to tap directly into the major communications switches, routing stations, or access points of the telecommunications system. For example, according to the New York Times , the NSA has worked with “the leading companies” in the telecommunications industry to collect communications patterns, and has gained access “to switches that act as gateways” at “some of the main arteries for moving voice and some Internet traffic into and out of the United States.



This new level of direct access apparently includes both some of the gateways through which phone calls are routed, as well as other key nodes through which a large proportion of Internet traffic passes. This new program also recognizes that today’s voice and Internet communications systems are increasingly converging, with a rising proportion of even voice phone calls moving to the Internet via VOIP, and parts of the old telephone transmission system being converted to fiber optic cable and used for both data and voice communications. While data and voice sometimes travel together and sometimes do not, and we do not know exactly which “switches” and other access points the NSA has tapped, what appears certain is that the NSA is looking at both.

And most significantly, access to these “switches” and other network hubs give the agency access to a direct feed of all the communications that pass through them, and the ability to filter, sift through, analyze, read, or share those communications as it sees fit.
Data Mining

The other major novelty in the NSA’s activities appears to be the exploitation of a new concept in surveillance that has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years: what is commonly called “data mining.” Unlike the agency’s longstanding practice of spying on specific individuals and communications based upon some source of suspicion, data mining involves formula-based searches through mountains of data for individuals whose behavior or profile is in some way suspiciously different from the norm.

Data mining is a broad dragnet. Instead of targeting you because you once received a telephone call from a person who received a telephone call from a person who is a suspected terrorist, you might be targeted because the NSA’s computers have analyzed your communications and have determined that they contain certain words or word combinations, addressing information, or other factors with a frequency that deviates from the average, and which they have decided might be an indication of suspiciousness. The NSA has no prior reason to suspect you, and you are in no way tied to any other suspicious individuals — you have just been plucked out of the crowd by a computer algorithm’s analysis of your behavior.

Use of these statistical fishing expeditions has been made possible by the access to communications streams granted by key corporations. The NSA may also be engaging in “geographic targeting,” in which they listen in on communications between the United States and a particular foreign country or region. More broadly, data mining has been greatly facilitated by underlying changes in technology that have taken place in the past few years (see below).

This dragnet approach is not only bad for civil liberties — it is also a bad use of our scarce security and law enforcement resources. In fact, the creation of large numbers of wasteful and distracting leads is one of the primary reasons that many security experts say data mining and other dragnet strategies are a poor way of preventing crime and terrorism. The New York Times confirmed that point, with its report that the NSA has sent the FBI a “flood” of tips generated by mass domestic eavesdropping and data mining, virtually all of which led to dead ends that wasted the FBI’s resources. “We’d chase a number, find it’s a schoolteacher with no indication they’ve ever been involved in international terrorism,” one former FBI agent told the Times . “After you get a thousand numbers and not one is turning up anything, you get some frustration.”
Combining Telecommunications and Other Private Data?

The NSA has historically been in the business of intercepting and analyzing communications data. One question is whether or not this communications data is being combined with other intimate details about our lives. A few years ago, the Pentagon began work on an breathtaking data mining program called Total Information Awareness, which envisioned programming computers to trawl through an extensive list of information on Americans (including, according to the program’s own materials, “Financial, Education, Travel, Medical, Veterinary, Country Entry, Place/Event Entry, Transportation, Housing, Critical Resources, Government, Communications”) in the hunt for “suspicious” patterns of activity. Congress decisively rejected this approach, voting to shut down the program, at least for domestic use — but we know Congress allowed elements of the program to be moved undercover, into the bowels of the Pentagon, while supposedly being restricted to non-Americans. We also know that the NSA is sharing its information with other security services. What we do not know is whether any of information from TIA-like enterprises is being combined with the NSA’s communications intercepts.
How the NSA searches for targets

There are a range of techniques that are probably used by the NSA to sift through the sea of communications it steals from the world’s cables and airwaves:

Keywords. In this longstanding technique, the agency maintains a watch list or “dictionary” of key words, individuals, telephone numbers and presumably now computer IP addresses. It uses that list to pick out potentially relevant communications from all the data that it gathers. These keywords are often provided to the NSA by other security agencies, and the NSA passes the resulting intelligence “take” back to the other agencies or officials. According to the law, the NSA must strip out the names and other identifying information of Americans captured inadvertently, a process called “minimization.” (According to published reports, those minimization procedures are not being properly observed.) In the 1990s, it was revealed that the NSA had used the word “Greenpeace” and “Amnesty” (as in the human rights group Amnesty International) as keywords as part of its “Echelon” program (see below).
Link analysis. It is believed that another manner in which individuals are now being added to the watch lists is through a process often called “link analysis.” Link analysis can work like this: the CIA captures a terrorist’s computer on the battlefield and finds a list of phone numbers, including some U.S. numbers. The NSA puts those numbers on their watch list. They add the people that are called from those numbers to their list. They could then in turn add the people called from those numbers to their list. How far they carry that process and what standards if any govern the process is unknown.
Other screening techniques. There may be other techniques that the NSA could be using to pluck out potential targets. One example is voice pattern analysis, in which computers listen for the sound of, say, Osama Bin Laden’s voice. No one knows how accurate the NSA’s computers may be at such tasks, but if commercial attempts at analogous activities such as face recognition are any guide, they would also be likely to generate enormous numbers of false hits.

A three-stage process

So how are all these new techniques and capabilities being put into practice? Presumably, “The Program” (as insiders reportedly refer to the illegal practices) continues to employ watch lists and dictionaries. We do not know how the newer and more sophisticated link analysis and statistical data mining techniques are being used.

But, a good guess is that the NSA is following a three-stage process for the broadest portion of its sweep through the communications infrastructure:

The Dragnet: a search for targets. In this stage, the NSA sifts through the data coursing through the arteries of our telecom systems, making use of such factors as keyword searches, telephone number and IP address targeting, and techniques such as link analysis, and “data mining.” At this stage, the communications of millions of people may be scrutinized.
Human review: making the target list. Communications and individuals that are flagged by the system for one reason or another are presumably then subject to human review. An analyst looks at the origin, destination and content of the communication and makes a determination as to whether further eavesdropping or investigation is desired. We have absolutely no idea what kind of numbers are involved at this stage.
The Microscope: targeting listed individuals. Finally, individuals determined to be suspicious in phase two are presumably placed on a target list so that they are placed under the full scrutiny of the NSA’s giant surveillance microscope, with all their communications captured and analyzed.

Expanding surveillance as technology changes

Today’s NSA spying is a response to, and has been made possible by, some of the fundamental technological changes that have taken place in recent years. Around the end of 1990s, the NSA began to complain privately — and occasionally publicly — that they were being overrun by technology as communications increasingly went digital. One change in particular was especially significant: electronic communications ranging from email to voice conversations were increasingly using the new and different protocols of the Internet.

The consequence of this change was that the NSA felt it was forced to change the points in the communications infrastructure that it targeted — but having done that, it gained the ability to analyze vastly more and richer communications.

The Internet and technologies that rely upon it (such as electronic mail, web surfing and Internet-based telephones known as Voice over IP or VOIP) works by breaking information into small “packets.” Each packet is then routed across the network of computers that make up the Internet according to the most efficient path at that moment, like a driver trying to avoid traffic jams as he makes his way across a city. Once all the packets — which are labeled with their origin, destination and other “header” information — have arrived, they are then reassembled.

An important result of this technology is that on the Internet, there is no longer a meaningful distinction between “domestic” and “international” routes of a communication. It was once relatively easy for the NSA, which by law is limited to “foreign intelligence,” to aim its interception technologies at purely “foreign” communications. But now, an e-mail sent from London to Paris, for example, might well be routed through the west coast of the United States (when, for example, it is a busy mid-morning in Europe but the middle of the night in California) along the same path traveled by mail between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

That system makes the NSA all the more eager to get access to centralized Internet exchange points operated by a few telecommunications giants. But because of the way this technology works, eavesdropping on an IP communication is a completely different ballgame from using an old-fashioned “wiretap” on a single line. The packets of interest to the eavesdropper are mixed in with all the other traffic that crosses through that pathway — domestic and international.

Much of what we know about the NSA’s spying prior to the recent revelations comes from the late 1990s, when a fair amount of information emerged about a system popularly referred to by the name “Echelon” — a codename the NSA had used at least at one time (although their continued use of the term, if at all, is unknown). Echelon was a system for mass eavesdropping on communications around the world by the NSA and its allies among the intelligence agencies of other nations. The best source of information on Echelon was two reports commissioned by the European Parliament (in part due to suspicions among Europeans that the NSA was carrying out economic espionage on behalf of American corporations). Other bits of information were gleaned from documents obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, as well as statements by foreign governments that were partners in the program (the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand).

As of the late 1990s/early 2000s, Echelon swept up global communications using two primary methods:

The interception of satellite and microwave signals. One way that telephone calls and other communications are sent from the United States to Europe and other destinations is via satellite and microwave transmissions. ECHELON was known to use numerous satellite receivers (“dishes”) — located on the east and west coasts of the United States, in England, Australia, Germany, and elsewhere around the globe — to vacuum up the “spillover” broadcasts from these satellite transmissions.
Transoceanic cable tapping. ECHELON’s other primary eavesdropping method was to tap into the transoceanic cables that also carry phone calls across the seas. According to published reports, American divers were able to install surveillance devices onto these cables. One of these taps was discovered in 1982, but other devices apparently continued to function undetected. It is more difficult to tap into fiber-optic cables (which unlike other cables do not “leak” radio signals that can be picked up by a device attached to the outside of the cable), but there is no reason to believe that that problem remained unsolved by the agency.

We do not know the extent to which these sources of data continue to be significant for the NSA, or the extent to which they have been superseded by the agency’s new direct access to the infrastructure, including the Internet itself, over which both voice and data communications travel.
Unanswered questions

The bottom line is that the NSA appears to be capable not only of intercepting the international communications of a relatively small number of targeted Americans, but also of intercepting a sweeping amount of U.S. communications (through corporate-granted access to communications “pipes” and “boxes”), and of performing mass analysis on those communications (through data mining and other techniques).

Despite the fuzzy picture of “The Program” that we now possess, the current spying scandal has highlighted many unanswered questions about the NSA’s current activities. They include:

Just what kinds of communications arteries has the NSA tapped into?
What kinds of filters or analysis is the NSA applying to the data that flows through those arteries? How are data mining and other new techniques are being used?
Which telecom providers are cooperating with the NSA?
How are subjects selected for targeted intercepts?
What kinds of information exchange are taking place between the NSA and other security agencies? We know they probably turn over to other agencies any data turned up by watch list entries submitted by those other agencies, and they are also apparently passing along data mining-generated “cold hits” to the FBI and perhaps other security agencies for further investigation. Does information flow the other way as well — are other agencies giving data to the NSA for help in that second phase of deciding who gets put under the microscope?
Is data that NSA collects, under whatever rubric, being merged with other data, either by NSA or another agency? Is communications data being merged with other transactional information, such as credit card, travel, and financial data, in the fashion of the infamous “Total Information Awareness” data mining program? (TIA, while prohibited by Congress from engaging in “domestic” activities, still exists within the Pentagon — and can be used for “foreign intelligence purposes.)
Just how many schoolteachers and other innocent Americans have been investigated as a result of “The Program”? And just how much privacy invasion are they subject to before the FBI can conclude they are not “involved in international terrorism”?

Rarely if ever in American history has a government agency possessed so much power subject to so little oversight. Given that situation, abuses were inevitable — and any limits to those abuses a matter of mere good fortune. If our generation of leaders and citizens does not rise to the occasion, we will prove ourselves to be unworthy of the heritage that we have been so fortunate to inherit from our Founders.

Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, “Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report,” New York Times , December 24, 2005; http://select.nytimes.com/search/restricted/article?res=FA0714F63E540C778EDDAB0994DD404482

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White House to answer: When is killing Americans okay?



ANAHEIM, Calif. — Anaheim city officials have agreed to ask the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate recent police shootings.

Tuesday’s move comes amid raucous protests over two deadly police shootings over the weekend, including one of an unarmed man running from officers.

Police stepped up patrols and some donned riot gear outside the doors of City Hall’s council chamber as hundreds demonstrated on the street.

The shooting of Manuel Diaz has sparked four nights of protests. On Saturday, angry demonstrators hurled rocks and bottles at officers who were securing the scene for investigators, and police responded by firing bean bags and pepper balls at the crowd.

The city council wants federal investigators to also look into police response to the protests.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

Dozens of protesters heckled police officers Tuesday as they denounced two deadly officer-involved shootings over the weekend, including one of an unarmed man who his family alleged was shot in the back of the head.

“Shame on you, you shot him nine times,” the raucous crowd shouted as motorcycle officers rode by.

Police stepped up patrols and some donned riot gear outside the doors of City Hall’s council chamber. The building was packed with people trying to get into the chamber, where the council was expected to discuss weekend shootings that have stoked anger over a spike in officer-involved shootings in the city.

Theresa Smith, whose son was killed on Dec. 11, 2009, by Anaheim police officers at a Walmart store, said she went by the scene of Saturday’s shooting of 25-year-old Manuel Diaz and was astounded by what she saw.

“There were pieces of brain on the God darn grass, in front of all these children, in front of all these people,” Smith said. “This traumatizes people and these people are angry.”

On Tuesday, Diaz’s family filed a civil rights lawsuit seeking $50 million in damages from the city of Anaheim and its police department, claiming he was wrongfully shot, said lawyer James Rumm.

The killing of Diaz and another man on Sunday have taken the tally of shootings by police officers to six so far this year in this Orange County city, up from four a year before, said police Sgt. Bob Dunn. Five of the incidents have been fatal.

Mayor Tom Tait said a description from court papers relayed to him by a reporter that Diaz had been shot in the leg and in the back of his head was “unsettling.”

The Anaheim police union on Tuesday issued a statement defending the officers involved in the shootings and said both men killed were gang members who had criminal records.

The union also said that just before Diaz turned toward officers during Saturday’s incident, he pulled an object from his waistband – a common place where gang members hide guns.

“I believe that the independent investigations by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office into both incidents will show no wrongdoing by these officers,” said Kerry Condon, the police association’s president.

Anaheim is a city of contrasts that ranges from upscale, hilltop homes to packed, gritty apartment complexes. The city 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles is known as home to the Angels baseball team, and above all, to world-famous Disneyland.

As California’s Hispanic population has grown, so has the city’s, hitting nearly 53 percent in 2010, census figures show.

Residents’ concerns about the use of police force in the Orange County city aren’t new. Last month, Anaheim decided to look into hiring an independent investigator to review shootings by police amid protests by relatives of those killed in officers’ gunfire.

But Latino activists say that isn’t enough and want federal officials to probe the Saturday shooting of an unarmed man in broad daylight who police say was a gang member.

Benny Diaz, state director of the League of United Latin American Citizens in California, said he wants a citizen review commission to keep tabs on the police department, officers to undergo sensitivity training and federal officials to investigate.

“People are saying, `you know what? We have to stop this,'” said Diaz, adding that residents’ past requests for a probe of officer shootings have gone nowhere. “As an organization we are trying to find peace but there comes a point where you have to stand up strong.”

Tait, who has called for state and federal agencies to investigate the shooting, urged the community to remain calm and said he wanted to address any concerns in the Latino community.

“If the Latino community is saying there is a rift, then there is rift, and we need to address that,” he said.

Diaz’s death sparked three nights of protests. On Saturday, angry demonstrators hurled rocks and bottles at officers who were securing the scene for investigators, and police responded by firing bean bags and pepper balls at the crowd.

On Sunday, protesters swarmed police headquarters during a morning news conference and later set fire to a trash bin and pushed it into the street outside the apartment complex. On Monday night, Diaz’s mother was joined by the relatives of others killed in police shootings in a march near where her son was shot.

Police Chief John Welter said Saturday’s incident occurred after two officers approached three men who were acting suspiciously in an alleyway before running away. One of the officers chased Diaz to the front of the apartment complex.

The chief would not say what exactly led the officer to shoot Diaz. But he failed to heed police orders to stop and threw something on the roof of the complex that contained what officers believe to be heroin, Welter said.

Both officers were placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

The second shooting occurred Sunday when anti-gang officers spotted a suspected gang member in a stolen sport utility vehicle. A brief pursuit ended when three people jumped from the vehicle and ran. One suspect fired at an officer and the officer fired back, killing the gunman, who was identified as 21-year-old Joel Mathew Acevedo, authorities said.

Both incidents were under investigation by the county’s district attorney office, which asked witnesses to come forward with information or video footage of Saturday’s shooting.

The FBI is conducting a review to determine whether a civil rights investigation is warranted, said agency spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.Source


How exactly can the Obama administration get away with killing American citizens? The answer to that question and many more may be revealed Monday afternoon by United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

Attorney General Holder is expected to deliver a speech at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, and an official close to the Obama-appointee say that the legal justification for the targeted killings of twp Americans will finally be addressed, months after the US assassinated two of its own overseas.

Two US-born citizens with alleged terrorist ties were executed in a “targeted kill” carried out by the CIA last year in Yemen. Despite never formally filing charges or bringing the men to court, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan were struck dead by a planned drone strike in September. Since then, the White House has defended the assassinations but has done little to formally address how, when or why the federal government is given the power to single out and kill its own citizens. Holder is expected to finally footnote those killings with an explanation Monday afternoon.

A source close to Mr. Holder tells the media that the top-secret “targeted kill” program will be a matter of discussion at Monday’s address in Chicago, although only offered that confirmation on condition of anonymity because the contents of the speech have not officially been publicized ahead of time.

The source adds that Holder will say the extrajudicial killings are allowed under the Authorization for Use of Military Force, a joint congressional resolution that was drafted only a week after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The same legislation has received added notoriety in recent months, as it is cited by Congress on the pages of the controversial National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. In a provision approved within the pages of the NDAA, the Authorization for Use of Military Force is used as reasoning to justify the indefinite detention of Americans believed to be aligned with hostile forces. Holder is expected to say that the same post-9/11 legislation allows for the killing of those alleged enemies, such al al-Awlaki, as well. President Obama signed the NDAA into law on December 31, 2011, granting himself the power to indefinitely detain Americans without charge.

Last month, Defense Department lawyer Jeh Johnson told an audience at Yale Law School that that Authorization for Use of Military Force does indeed allow for the killing of Americans, but tried to downplay that nasty “a-word” in his reasoning.

“Under well-settled legal principles, lethal force against a valid military objective, in an armed conflict, is consistent with the law of war and does not, by definition, constitute an ‘assassination,’” said Johnson. Attorney General Holder is expected to extrapolate on that from the Windy City.

If the killings of al-Awlaki and Khan are not constituted as a by-the-books definition of “assassination,” it opens up an unusual question: What exactly did the US do to the two alleged al-Qaeda members if it wasn’t an assassination? President Barack Obama approved for al-Awlaki to be added to a “kill or capture” list maintained by the CIA in April 2010, and the agency carried out the execution a little over a year later. Critics have since become concerned over not necessarily why such a list exists, but what legal justification the US has for adding the name of any American to it.

Following the September killing, then-presidential candidate Gary Johnson offered a statement asking Americans to concern the consequences of the assassination. “[O]ur government targeted a US citizen for death, and carried out that sentence on foreign soil. To my knowledge, that is a first, and a precedent that raises serious questions,” said Johnson, who formerly served as Governor of New Mexico — al-Awlaki’s home state.

Currently Republican Party contender, Congressman Ron Paul, was similarly suspicious of Obama adding al-Awlaki to a list that would eventually lead to a plotted execution. “Nobody knows if he ever killed anybody,” Paul responded at the time. “If the American people accept this blindly and casually…I think that’s sad.”

Congressman Paul has repeatedly reintroduced what he says is a dangerous reality established under the kill-order during televised GOP debates. United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has remained mostly mum on the manner, but told CBS’ 60 Minutes program last year that “the President of the United States has to sign off, and he should,” for the killings of Americans.

At least three lawsuits have been lobbed at the Obama White House since the targeted killings in hopes of seeing the internal memos that discuss the details. The justification for the executions is believed to be contained in a secret Justice Department memo, reports the Associated Press, but despite repeated requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act, the Obama administration has not released the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel memorandum that allegedly explains the legal grounds on which the al-Awlaki assassination was allowed.

Last month the American Civil Liberties Union added itself to the list of critics that was taking Obama to court over the matter. In a post on their site published early February, the ACLU wrote that “the Obama administration has released very little information about the practice — its official position is that the targeted killing program is a state secret — and some of the information it has released has been misleading.”

“The government’s self-serving attitude toward transparency and disclosure is unacceptable,” the ACLU added. “Officials cannot be allowed to release bits of information about the targeted killing program when they think it will bolster their position, but refuse even to confirm [its] existence” when asked for information “in the service of real transparency and accountability.”

“It has not explained whether Samir Khan and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki were killed ‘collaterally’ or were targeted themselves. It has not said what measures, if any, it took to minimize the possibility that individuals not targeted would be killed incidentally,” the group wrote in their complaint.

Federal investigators have linked al-Awlaki to US Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the serviceman who opened fire at Fort Hood in 2009, as well as at least two other planned terrorist attacks on American soil.

Samir Khan, a Pakistani born in North Carolina, was also suspected of links to al-Qaeda. He started an online magazine connected to the group and wrote in the first issue that he had relocated to Yemen to “wage jihad for the rest of our lives.”RT


FBI Can Go Through Your Trash


New rules are to be introduced allowing FBI agents to turn up the pressure on potential informants and delve into the backgrounds of more Americans.

Most significant are changes that will allow agents to search through trash and administer more lie detector tests as a way to tighten the screws on potential informants, reports The New York Times.

FBI, trash, surveillanceUnder rules now in place, agents can use those techniques only on suspects, but the new regulations mean can use such tactics to gather information that could then be used to persuade people to help the bureau investigate others.

Other changes to be detailed in a new edition of the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide will allow agents to use more surveillance squads to follow targets and to search commercial and law enforcement databases without making a record of their investigations.

The bureau does not need permission to alter its manual so long as the changes fit within guidelines, FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni told The Times. She described the new rules as “more like fine-tuning than major changes.”

Information gathered through a trash trawl could be useful for many reasons, such as determining whether the subject could pose a threat to agents, she said.

One change will tighten the FBI’s rules. The decision to approve sending an informant to a religious service now will have to be authorized by a special agent in the field, rather than be delegated down the chain of command.

Michael German, a former FBI agent who now works as a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the new rules will make it harder to detect abuse.

Read more on Newsmax.com: FBI Can Go Through Your Trash


China Tried to Steal Secret of Titanium Dioxide

Mar 9, 2012 Spies aren’t just after government secrets these days: An indictment unsealed last month spotlights US efforts to crack down on corporate spying. The government has filed criminal espionage charges against a China-owned firm, saying Pangang Group was after DuPont chemical secrets—specifically, its efficient method for producing the white pigment titanium dioxide, the Wall Street Journal reports. It’s the first time such charges have been lodged against a state-owned foreign firm, the Justice Department says, as federal agents crack down on foreign governments’ attempts to pilfer US intellectual property.

A couple living in California has been charged with trying to steal and sell secrets about the 50-year-old DuPont technology to Pangang, and the Journal relates how the Liews were busted: After DuPont filed a civil suit against them last year, the FBI got a search warrant for their home. While there, it found a safe deposit box key—and an agent who speaks Mandarin overheard Walter Liew tell his wife in Chinese to say that she didn’t know about the bank … which is where she drove right after the agents left. Prosecutors say the couple’s box housed documents related to the plot. China says accusations that the state-owned company asked businessmen to obtain DuPont trade secrets are “groundless.” But “what we’ve learned since the end of the Cold War is that when it comes to the economy, our adversaries and even our allies will spy on us when it’s in their economic interest,” says an FBI director.Source

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