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I voted for a drone killer for you to be happy


Not a recently released YouTube big score video. It does not predict any planet alignement for tomorrow the 21st. The 21 st was meant to be a cultural shift not an earthenly destruction. Yet some in the Bollywood profited from the people’s fear of the unknown.Shame on them. They made this chinese girl go into shock and stab ppl..So what do you really think of 2012 the tomorrow ?? the 21 st of december? the equinox? The everything and its theories?

Will tell you what to think: instead of building shelters and buying candles for the 3-days BS darkness you should be all be aware of the REAL darkness surrounding you and thats your and mine and everyone’s governments.So yes this is my top video. If it were yours too,this world would have been a better place

Never forget that whenever you throw the ballot in the darn slot you are voting for my future as well My kids future,your kids and everyones kids. Because I never wanted Obama to be re-elected nor i believed in Romney and all that  PR BS but you did


If tomorrow you were to die ,what would you say to your kids? That I voted for a drone killer for you to be happy??


My kindest regards and a happy new “fear”


Dichotomous, a short film -Greek Ultra-Nationalists

Short Film Summary


Dichotomous is, at it’s core, a post-modern tale of redemption. The film follows two strangers, Nick Dysmas and a character known only as the Chief. These two strangers with nothing in common but a love for a broken nation on the other side of the world, are both searching for the same thing; Redemption. Through a twist of fate, their roads converge leading them down a path which will test their beliefs and endanger everything they hold dear.


The ‘Golden Dawn’:

The film is set against  the, current and ongoing, spread of Greece’s Ultra-Nationalist, far- right party, the Golden Dawn. Being from Greek backgrounds, we realized that, nearly a year after their emergence in the Greek parliament, no one has truly adressed the dangers of such a group’s existence. Sure there have been countless hours of news coverage, but we felt someone needed to explore the spiritual repercutions of the group’s ideallogy being spread across the globe.

If you are not familiar with the party please consider the following sources:

  1. English version of the GD webbsite
  2. GD brings guns to parliament :
  3. GD on Wikipedia :
  4. Doctors with borders? :
  5. GD in the Big Apple :
  6. A very Golden Dawn Xmas in Montreal :
  7. GD coming soon to a city near you :

*Please keep in mind that we are not endorsing or encouraging any of the beliefs of this party.

special thanks to @Canada__Kat

Greeks protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza


A peaceful demonstration outside Israeli Embassy, took place this afternoon in Athens. Members of the Arab community along with Greeks demanded an end to the war, occupation of Gaza and freedom to Palestine.












Golden Dawn Immigrants-Fake NeoNazi’s

All those links were sent to me on Twitter and I am more than glad to post them,I do beleive I will find more on those people due time.No threats allowed according to the WP policy or the HR declaration. So please stay vigilant of what you are going to post :)I checked all blog categories so that the post can get the most views possible. Regards!

“##Spiros Macrozonaris## IMMIGRANT Golden Dawn Deputy leader in Montreal, Canada” :

Facebook profile :


His NON 100% PURE GREEK son’s Facebook :

1. Greek Immigrant who married a “foreigner” >>>>>French-Canadian Doris Morrissette, they bore a son, Nicolas Macrozonaris (World-Class Sprinter – CANADIAN Olympian 🙂 ..who unfortunately is not 100% Pure Greek…

2. Conversations with Nicolas on Twitter, lead to nothing, he is ‘pretending’ that he has NO knowledge of what Golden Dawn supports and believes YET he states that he does not condone his fathers “actions”

Twitter @Macrozonaris TWEETER CONVERSATIONS with Nicolas –>

###### MUST WATCH #####
Video from CBC Montreal, from week of Oct 12th – INTERVIEW with Spiros Macrozonaris – next to him sits LOOSER Ilias Hondronicolas :

#Ilias Hondronicolas ———> on PHOTO second guy from the left :




Deliver Into ‘Friendly” Hands: The report 2012/6 US-Led Abuse and Rendition of Opponents to Gaddafi’s Libya


September 6, 2012
This report is based on interviews conducted in Libya with 14 former detainees, most of whom belonged to an armed Islamist group that had worked to overthrow Gaddafi for 20 years. Many members of the group, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), joined the NATO-backed anti-Gaddafi rebels in the 2011 conflict. Some of those who were rendered and allegedly tortured in US custody now hold key leadership and political positions in the country.

New Evidence Of A Nuclear Coverup On San Francisco’s Treasure Island 8/2012


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“That amount of radium found to date cannot be explained by gauges, deck markers, and decontamination activities,” wrote Stephen Woods, an environmental cleanup manager at the California Department of Public Health.

Meet Treasure Island, the rectilinear speck of land in the San Francisco Bay two-and-a-half miles of white caps from our kitchen window.

Woods words summed up decades of U.S. Government efforts to bury nuclear sins under layers of ignorance.

The U.S. Government created Treasure Island from fill in 1937 and connected it to Yerba Buena Island, the overgrown rock in the middle of the Bay Bridge. After the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939/1940, it became a naval base.

In 1993, the Navy started the process of cleaning up the island so that the City of San Francisco, which had agreed to buy it for $105 million, would accept it—pending approval by state health officials.

Meanwhile, 2,800 people, oblivious to what was buried on the island, moved into the housing units they rented from the Navy. Developers are scheduled to break ground on a high-rise complex next year. The population could eventually swell to 20,000. Alas, in an excellent piece of reporting, The Bay Citizen, a nonprofit news organization, reveals a homegrown nuclear debacle kept out of public view by decades of deception.

After World War II, Treasure Island became a training center for nuclear decontamination. In a 2006 report on the cleanup, the Navy concluded that the locations of the USS Pandemonium, the mockup of a ship used for decontamination training, were free from radiation, and that a 170-acre area was ready to be transferred to San Francisco.

But contractors hired by the Navy kept running into radioactivity of such magnitude that one worker was exposed to the maximum radiation dosage allowed under Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines and was sent off the job.

In 2007, the Navy tried to mollify residents with a newsletter that stated that lingering radiation from the discarded glow-in-the-dark buttons handed out during the Golden Gate International Exposition was no worse than that of a smoke detector.

But on December 17, 2010, state public health official Peter Sapunor wrote in an email that “Navy contractors had dug up and hauled off 16,000 cubic yards of contaminated dirt, some with radiation levels 400 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s human exposure limits for topsoil.” And worse, radioactive material in the soil around those excavations exposed children at a Boys & Girls Club and a child development center to contaminated dust.

The Navy’s report wasn’t forthcoming on other issues, according to The Bay Citizen:

For one, the Navy had failed to fully detail what had happened to the remains of the USS Pandemonium, used to train sailors in “Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare,” according to a July 2011 health department review. The Navy contractor recently dumped debris from the two training sites into an undisclosed landfill, the report alleged, then declared the training site clean without testing for radiation. “The Navy has not responded to requests for the location of the landfill,” the review added.

In early 2011, Stephen Woods lambasted the Navy for still using the 2006 report to support its claims that parts of the island had been cleaned: “The large volume of radiological contaminated material, high number of radioactive commodities (individual items or sources), and high levels of radioactive contamination … have raised concerns with CDPH regarding the nature and extent of the radiological contamination present at Treasure Island.”

In June 2011, CDPH issued a notice of violation against the Navy’s chief cleanup contractor “for repeatedly digging, piling, spreading and transporting dirt from sites contaminated with toxic chemicals” without testing them for radioactivity, “potentially spreading radiation beyond its original location.”

Finally, these and many other actions and pressures induced the Navy to hire civilian researchers and do a new historical analysis. The Bay Citizen “obtained” a draft report, dated August 6, 2012. Turns out, Treasure Island was “ground zero for repairing, scrapping, recycling and incinerating material from ships that might have absorbed radiation from atomic bomb tests in the Pacific.”

After many decades of suppressing this information, it is now finally seeping to the surface, thanks to the Navy’s reluctant glasnost, worried state health officials, and investigative reporters at the The Bay Citizen. A bit late for the families who’ve lived on the island for years, and for some of the clean-up workers who weren’t always aware of what exactly they were dealing with.

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Personal Note: Before and After the Chemtrail spraying:evidence of how they destroy home gardening





My Garden in May.


My own seeds,My own plants.NOW I understand why my garden is cropless and looks like it had been hit by a nuclear bomb! Even tho I am on to all that. Even my peach trees have those leaf signs. I thought they were hit by a disease or something and I was spraying them with a home made soap-water solution. They recovered for a couple of weeks but the fruit were all ruined.Same as the tomatoes and the cucumbers and everything. Then ,thinking the earthenly way,I guessed it was due to the heatwave. Nah.. the heat subsided and nothing. All my crop is dieing.and not just mine.I live in Greece and we can’t find decent vegetables this summer(before nasty comments show up,we still have abundance in vegetables :D ) As we are quite abundant in chemtrails too… Two months of spraying May & June.The peach and pear trees were young and healthy so were the pumpkin plants and the bean ones. If you need more pics please send me an email,I cant upload the entire case.Thanks












My Garden Mid August  After a 2 month (May-June) Chemtrail Spraying (For Further info please visit and compare similarities on the leaves)